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2024 Topic 3 : Vintage PaperArtsy Stamps on the PaperArtsy Blog

Hi everyone, Leandra here

It is time for a new topic on the PaperArtsy Blog and for our designer focus, we are looking back at  some of the numerous PaperArtsy in-house/ older design lines. As we have evolved over the years, so have the collections we offer, but there is still a vintage undercurrent throughout. Hopefully after this post, you will have a better insight into some of these collections.

You may not be aware that as a brand, we launched in 2004 with the Ink and the Dog Collection, which was designed by Finnish designer Nea Nygard, in collaboration with Leandra. We came up with themes, and developed a series of 4-6 stamp sets within each theme. For example, Femme, Vintage Nudes, Man of Numbers, Words.... many of the stamp designs in these series were elements sourced from old ephemera that both Nea and Leandra had collected, and we then arranged these into 'collage style' designs. 

The Ink and the Dog collection were A6 stamps (1/4 plates) because back in 2003/4, ATC's were exceedingly popular, and so the stamp sets were small. As we never discontinue any product, those items are still available from PaperArtsy today. Vintage designs never age!

In 2004 we introduced Hot Picks. These are predominantly designed by Mark Franich, with some Leandra input, and as we had moved into journalling sized creativity, it was time to offer larger designs, and so the A5 stamp sets were offered.

Over the course of this topic, you might also be introduced to other stamp series in the PaperArtsy range, because there are many!

A reminder that the current theme is GLAZED. Glazing is an idea which can be explored in so many directions, here are just a few ideas for you, our bloggers will ensure this topic overarches their creations for this topic.

From Alison, some classic ATC sized art pieces using Ink and the Dog stamps, the eagle eyed will remember we also used to sell a gilded product called 'German Scrap' for many years, making the perfect trim with a bit of bling. Kids 6 (K6)

This, by Corrie showcases the Pierrot series, with a playful, humourous touch, although our vintage girls have that serious touch often seen in vintage photos. Pierrot 2 (PT2)

Jennie Atkinson

A beautifully decorated bottle by Jennie using some of her favourite stamps from Ink and the Dog. Ancestors 1 (ANC1)

Alison Hall

What better way to use your old paintbrushes than making them the focal point of your art! Man of Numbers 5 (MON5)

Leandra Franich

Ephemera is another of the Ink and the Dog stamp series, this has within it plenty of tickets, postmarks and scripty elements. Backgrounds 3(BG3), Words 4 (W4), Ephemera 3 (EA3). Ephemera 2 (EA2).

Looking for something for a masculine theme, the rugby boys might fit the bill in their wonderful striped rugby jerseys! Gentlemen 6 (G6)

Buttons is another of the stamp topics, and the theme is filled with sewing elements, mannequins and more. Buttons 6 (B6)

Kate Yetter

There are over 100 minis in the Ink and the Dog 'minis' collection, Kate used one to great effect on this piece. Travel 2 (T2)

Etsuko Noguchi

More Pierrot from Etsuko! Pierrot 3 (PT3)

Pam Thornburn

Within the Hot Picks there are a few called 'xtras' and the words on this plate can be found there. The cogs and wheels feature in Hot Picks, but also in the 'Time' series of Ink and the Dog. Clocks 5 (C5)

Amanda Pink

One of the more popular Femme stamp sets holds these piercing eyes. Femme 1 (F1)

Designed by Australian, Julie Harrington, the Urban Snapshots series of stamps was a response to her love of photography not just in her hometown of Brisbane, but also shares snapshots from her global travels.

Leandra Franich

This series has a romantic feel with the cottage gardens and Ivy coated buildings. Young Love 1 (USYL1)

The Nature series offers eggs and more. Nature 3 (USNT3)

But you will also find doorways, arches and architectural features too among Urban Snapshots stamps. Stage Lights 1 (USSL1), USNT3 (as above), Arched Apertures 2 (USAA2).

Julie Harrington

The 'Passing Time' series features urban youth, rocking a goth vibe which seems to be a thing that captures many generations beyond the 1970's/ 80's punk scene. Passing TIme 4 (USPT4)

Alison Bomber

Alison has always had a penchant for the Nature series within Urban Snapshots, there are a few Hot Picks in the mix too, but you can see how these would be part of her go-to stamps now that she is also a designer of botanical images. Nature2 & 4 (USNT2, USNT4).

Eli Persson

This Eiffel Tower stamp has to be one of the most popular designs in the range, timeless, elegant and the eroded script is perfect! Wrought Iron 3 (USWI3)

Autumn Clark

This tree was a feature on the farm we lived on in the UK, and we have many pictures of it through the seasons as a reminder of our time there. Nature 1 (USNT1)

Jenny Marples

Various pages from one of Jenny's books showcase stamps from the Architecture series of Urban Snapshots stamps. Arched Apertures 2 (USAA2), 3 (USAA3),  Structures 2 (USST2)

With over 100 Ink and the Dog minis to choose from, you have everything from scripty layers to bold fonts and focal images, there are some minis that to this day are my go-to stamps. 

These stamps are some of the first in the minis range, and are still well used by our bloggers. Mini 03, Mini 04, Mini 11, Mini 12

Alison Bomber

I love these skeleton fish, and how well do they work in white, really highlighting their 'bones'! Mini100, Mini101.

Etsuko Noguchi

Just the head from this design, and a new body was created by Etsuko - she has a Hawaiian Angel vibe to her with the grassy trim. Mini 10

The peek-through layers on this more recent mini release are arranged beautifully by Liesbeth. Mini110, Mini111, Mini124, Mini 125.

It might look simple, but see the pile of index sheets in the photo above, and you will realise that many minis were used in the making of this project by Amanda. MN23 (numbers) is a very popular stamp to this day. Mini 23, Mini72, Mini87, Mini108.


Jennie used many mini stamps when making this journal spread too, varius scripts, postal tickets and more came in handy. Mini 45 Mini 48, Mini79, Mini 75.

Leandra Franich

From the more recent releases, we had a series of postage inspired designs designed to layer and work as both background stamps or layers. Mini 129, Mini131, Mini132.

We reached a point where we decided to make available some of the Ink and the dog stamps in a larger size - tadaaa Vintage I&D was the result, A5 stamp sets of some of the most popular I&D imagery.
His piercing eyes might eb wise, but they also look like he will not tolerate fools! ID02

Kirsten Sheridan

Kirsten made this gorgeous sewing trunk with so many details within based around the tailor in the centre. A delightful creation. ID03

Lynne Moncrieff

This stamp was originally from the 'At Home' Ink & the Dog series and the larger version is within the vintage I&D series. Lynne used a snippet of the collaged tag, and it is a design that will always work in numerous circumstances. ID06

The 'Dream' lady is available in 3 sizes, Mini, Ink & the Dog and VIntage I&D size. Of all the Ink and the Dog originals, I think this design still stands out as one of my absolute favourites! ID02, OP2, MN09.

Liesbeth Fidder-de Vos

Again, this Mystery stamp comes from the Original 'Mystery' I&D Series .... but here again, in another size. ID05 

As I mentioned in the introduction, Hot Picks have been around for 10years now, and like all Vintage inspired designs, stand the test of time, not going out of style whatsoever!

ArtsyCrafts 2010

This layered frame was a class from ArtsyCrafts retreats we offered 2005-2011, and we created layers in the doorway using Ten Seconds Studio metal working techniques mixed in with canvas and painted layers. HP1011

This stunning arch frame makes a great focal or layering element. HP1601

She's a bit shrek-like, maybe not the right colour on this occasion, but a super-fun creation by Lauren HP1604

A fabulous stamp set fropm the Hot Pick extras range, dates and numbers galore!

There are so many gorgeous flowers in the Hot Picks range, and this arrangement by Corrie is so effective. HP1109

I adore this fishy little number. HP2001

From one of the first HP stamp sets, and still stunning today! HP1009

I love these scientists, and Etsuko made a fabulous box of goodies for this! HP2101

Our celestial lady is such a fabulous design HP2102

Well that was a pretty amazing look back at some highlights from PaperArtsy stamp designs over the past 20 years, and in the next few weeks our bloggers will be using their picks from a range of these older stamp collections to bring you even more inspiration and creativity. 

Perhaps you'll get to play along with us! We would love to see what you get up to! 

You could tag us on Facebook, Instagram @paperartsy , Twitter, or post in PaperArtsy People Group on Facebook. We really love to hear about how the blog topics have inspired you, so don't be shy!!


Helen said...

That was like a history lesson in Paperartsy! Time to dig out some favourite stamp plates and play! Helen x

Miriam said...

I adore ink and Dog stamps, they got me hooked. Followed by Hotpicks. It's fascinating to remember how far the brand has come and how you are still releasing such amazing collections.

A Pink said...

A terrific blog topic looking back on your 'in house ' stamp collections that I'm sure are still real faves today. I've always enjoyed creating with them. Thanks for including some of my makes amongst so many fabulous makes. Really great post . Looking forward to folowing the topic unfold x