Established late 2003, we manufacture from our workshop in France our own amazing rubber stamps. We work with a dozen stamp designers, each who brings something unique to our existing in-house Vintage collections. We partner with wonderful local companies to bring to you our super smooth 12x12 and A4 mixed media card stock. And, of course, we are so proud of versatile Fresco Chalk Acrylic Paint (since 2011). 

In addition to the items we design in house, we work with several independent artists to bring their designs to market in the form of stamps, stencils and bespoke boxed paint sets.  90% of our work is making stamps, bottling paint and infusions and selling those and other PaperArtsy branded items to craft and art stores around the world. We have exported our brand since 2004. We do not have a physical store; our address is our manufacturing workshop.
Our product development, quality and integrity 
For almost 20 years we have put our heart and soul into bringing you the best products we possibly can. The PaperArtsy brand represents innovation, top quality, cutting edge creativity, unique ideas and fabulous 'enabler' education. We are passionate about what we make, who we partner with and what we teach. We won't scrimp on quality, we invest more to bring you the absolute best we can.

We hand pick our suppliers. The local printer we partner with is outstanding, our paint chemists have decades of experience and innovation behind them, our artists and designers are truly unique. This is a creative industry we work in, we are crafters ourselves and ideas flow from that position. We pride ourselves on our ability to source, create, develop and work with unseen, new and innovative people and supplies. PaperArtsy is long known and recognised every year for bringing numerous new products, interesting ideas, and concepts to the craft market.

We appreciate our customers and  stockists world wide! Thank you for your support, now and in the future. It's a pleasure to bring so many new concepts, products and ideas to you, the wider PaperArtsy family who love and promote our products as much as we do.


PaperArtsy  42A Toutifaud, Couze-et-Saint-Front, 24150 FRANCE +33 (0)5 64 34 01 58
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sales@paperartsy.com (Leandra) English speaker
dounia@paperartsy.com (Dounia) French speaker

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