Thursday 16 May 2024

2024 Topic 3 : Vintage PaperArtsy Stamps {by Liesbeth Fidder-de Vos} on the PaperArtsy Blog

Hi everyone,

Liesbeth here with you today. At this  topic Vintage PaperArtsy Stamps we focus on the beautiful vintage style PaperArtsy collections! Read everything about the history here at the Blog. When I first started stamping about 18 years ago one of my first stamps was PaperArtsy Ink&The Dog Buttons, because I also like sewing very much. After that I bought more and more of them and I still love them very much! The vintage designs never age! 

The size of most Ink&The Dog stamps are small, perfect for small cards, ATC's and ...this tiny houses. And perfect to unleash your imagination!

When I made this picture I didn`t know yet what I would end up always. But some ideas were already there: For our current quarter theme ,Glazed' I used some natural mica sheets, a nice, glossy and vintage product. I also used some PaperArtsy Fresco Paints and Mattints, and more I guess. For the houses I used a Sizzix-Tim Holtz die, called Tiny Houses. And the main material this time of course is the PaperArtsy Ink&The Dog stamp sets! Wings plate 1 (WGS1)Wings plate 2 (WGS2)Wings plate 3 (WGS3)Wings plate 4 (WGS4)

To keep everything clear of how I made the 5 houses I show you the first two houses I made. First I cut out a small one and a big one out of white cardstock. If you don't have a die you probably can drew them yourself. 

To create some texture, vintage feel and colour I tore out some small pieces of old bookpaper, music sheet and an old map and glued them on the cut out houses. I covered the two roofs with sheet music paper. I softened the tone a bit by adding some white Fresco paint here and there: PaperArtsy Fresco Finish- Snowflake.

Stamping, yesss! My goal was to use almost every stamp of the stamp sets! I used PaperArtsy Ink&the Dog Wings 3 for the small house and PaperArtsy Ink&the Dog Wings 4 for the bigger house. The ink I used was Ranger Archival: Jet Black, Sepia and Coffee. I also used Tsukineko Memento Luxe: Pistachio, the beige ink. It's not in the picture.

It needed a bit more, some extra texture.., so I made some beautiful stars here and there with PaperArtsy Grunge Paste and a stencil (173 PA Stencil).

This is what I did so far. I think the different images need a kind of connection..and colour of course!

My idea for connecting the different images was using some paint: PaperArtsy Fresco Finish: Sand.  Using my finger I added a bit here and there on the houses.

I used the amazing PaperArtsy Mattints as a paint this time! A great vintage and transparent look is guaranteed! I painted bigger pieces with Mattints: Glow and Nutty, and some small details with the blue Dragonfly. I coloured faces and skin with a pale pink marker and cheeks with a red colour pencil.

Almost time to put the houses together! First I used some Distress Ink: Walnut Stain to sponge the edges of every piece brown.  With pieces of mica and strong glue (Glossy Accents) I covered the roofs. After that I built the housed by sticking the glue strips together.

And..I glued the roofs onto the tiny houses with tacky glue.

And here both houses pose in front of ,their own' stamps, the stamps  they are made from!

In total I made five tiny houses as you can see on some pictures. Also this special one with a niche!

Therefore I cut  an arch out of the front of the house as shown here. I stamped the woman two times on a seperate piece of white cardstock with black ink, one to cut out the woman, and one to cut out the extra butterfly. I also coloured and stamped the inside of the niche/house before putting things together.

The final finishing touches I did was adding a tiny bit of gold wax, I rubbed a bit onto the stars and at the edges, and dots with a white gel pen on the very tiny branches.

And this is the result: the five tiny houses in a row! 

A detail. Here you can see how beautiful detailed the Ink&TheDog stamps are, with delicately lines!

A glimpse between two houses!

One of the mica roofs.... GLAZED!

Creating this kind of vintage project is always so much fun! I love to make new things old, and the amazing vintage style PaperArtsy Ink&TheDog stamps  are working so well for a good result! It was the first time I used Mattints just as a paint and I'm very happy with the way it turned out. 

Hope you like it to and give the vintage style a try yourself! Enjoy!

See you next time,


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Monday 13 May 2024

2024 Topic 3 : Vintage PaperArtsy Stamps {by Autumn Clark} on the PaperArtsy Blog

Hi everyone!  It's Autumn Clark from SewPaperPaint here with you today.  
I've been super excited about the Vintage Topic, as it's by far my favorite of creative styles.  With our underlying theme for the quarter being Glazed, I began thinking about how to incorporate a little "trash to treasure" in with a vintage glaze concoction using the new PaperArtsy Mattints...

The reason I'm enamored with Mattints is their gentle ability to transform the color of the surface on which they are placed, especially tissue paper.  It's magic to see the tint and glue abilities work simultaneously!  

I thought long and hard about a mash up of designers and chose to work with PaperArtsy Hot Picks 1507 (HP1507) as my focal imagery and a beautiful background Eclectica stamp set 03 by Courtney Franich (ECF03) to compliment.  

I pulled together a super simple palette of PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics in Calypso and Mulled Wine with Stone as my neutral.  My goal was to create an earthy brown glaze from Mattints in opposing colors: Squeezed and Dragonfly and I hoped to add some Just Walnut Infusions for good measure, since this is a Vintage Topic after all.  

You might tilt your head a bit when you see this color palette.  As beautifully styled as the photo is, the colors just don't go together do they?  I really had fun with this experiment and hope you will enjoy it just the same.

We've shown a lot of tissue paper techniques lately with the gorgeous range of PaperArtsy Printed Tissue evolving to include designs by Jofy, Tracy Scott, Alison Bomber, Seth Apter, Scrapcosy, Hot Picks and even Frames.  I decided to go old school and make my own Hot Picks tissue by stamping stamp set 1507 (HP1507) onto plain white upcycled gift tissue.  

Some tips on stamping your own tissue: always stamp over scrap paper to absorb the excess ink and always use permanent ink, which you heat set. The fun thing about working with tissue, whether stamped or printed, is having the ability to paint the reverse side for unusual effects.  I colored my tulips and butterflies with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics in Calypso and Mulled Wine with a detail paint brush over scrap paper.  I did make the mistake of painting the front of some of my images, so I learned to tape down the tissue as not to confuse the front/back along the painting process.

A couple of years ago I shared another Hot Picks post, found HERE, where I showcased stamped tissue.  With the addition of Mattints to the PaperArtsy line, I've since posted on the beautiful stain/glaze facet of Mattints on THIS post and fallen in love with the tintability concept of glazes, which previously I had used untinted (i.e. ModPodge of matte medium).  I saw a post by our Mags Woodcock on the PaperArtsy People FB group mixing the various colors to create an unlimited array of tints.  Thanks for the inspo Mags!  I wanted to create an earthy brown, so I picked Dragonfly and its opposite on the color wheel, Squeezed, knowing that blue mixed with orange creates brown.  

Next, I tore the flap off of a cardboard package and used my mix to adhere my painted stamped tissue.  Waste not, want not, right?  If this was a total failure, what had I lost?  I did an equal mix of each color for this first test and found the Dragonfly was more dominant in pigment.

I thought some 3D embellishment would work well on the panel, so I fussy cut the butterflies, which I had colored with pencils on kraft card and given the same coat of mixed Mattints.  I stapled them over some sisal fibers.  Then I used the pencils to add a bit of highlight to the coloring work on the dried glazed tissue and edged the panel with Colorbox Chalk Ink in brown and black.

To add the final vintage touch, I dipped the panel in watered Infusions in Just Walnut for some good splotches of deep brown.  The sentiment is from a piece of printed music I found in the recycle bin at the church where I work.  :)

I wanted to use the other two pieces of painted stamped tissue I had created earlier, but was at a loss for a different type of substrate.  While procrastinating, I looked through my own blog posts labeled "vintage" and found a cool post from when Distress Oxides had just been introduced.  In the post, found HERE, I created an unusual effect by dipping my card into Oxide, then brayering over it with Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics.  The result was the Oxide bled up into the painted layers.  I thought this would be fun to recreate.  I dipped a couple of kraft panels (to tie in with the brown from the cardboard) in Distress Oxide in Vintage Photo, then brayered with Fresco Acrylics in Stone.  After the paint dries, you can mist the panel and the Oxide will bleed up.  What a fun, mesmerizing process!

Now, in all honesty, during my procrastination a day had gone by and my Mattints mixture had dried up completely.  I thought it was a good chance to even out the brownness of the color and remixed using one part Dragonfly and two parts Squeezed.  You can see below how much warmer this mixture is and hopefully notice how the Oxide blends up into the glaze.  Now the cool part to me was that the Mattints glaze sealed in the Oxide.  When I misted these dried panels the Oxide did not bleed through.  And as I said in my last post, the paper like texture of the dried Mattints is AMAZING!  It's as if there is nothing on the surface, no glaze at all.  100% totally matte!  

I decided to add some embossing to all of these projects using the peeled paint texture stamp from PaperArtsy stamp set 03 by Courtney Franich (ECF03).  I used an old PSX brass embossing powder for this and love this color for a vintage vibe.  I added some sticker sentiments and sewn crinkle kraft paper.  

This one of those play by ear projects where I learned a lot.  The thing about playing this way is that the outcome may not always be our favorite work, but the techniques discovered usually become favorites indeed.  

These simple projects showcase some of my very favorite Hot Picks stamps and I hope the simplicity will inspire you to play with similar imagery, even if these stamps aren't part of your collection.  And I hope you will experiment with your own mixed glazes and paint combos.  After all, don't we all have a cardboard box lying around these days?  :)

It's always a pleasure to join you on the PaperArtsy blog.  Until next time...


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