Monday 30 November 2015

2015 #22 Every minute is a Possibility {by Jennie Atkinson}

 2015 Topic 22: Masterboards

Hi everyone Jennie (Live The Dream)  here, joining you this evening with a post sharing a mixed media scrapbook layout using papers created using the Masterboard technique. I chose this technique as I thought it would really suit a layout as I love to create a simple textured or stamped background and then use papers which subtly support the photograph. 

Step One: I created my master board using Leandra's brayering technique and Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paints Professor Plum, Nougat and Snowflake.  Both the technique and the Acrylics work fabulously on the super Smoothy Cardstock (340gms)

I overstamped with Lin Brown's EclecTica ELB22 and Watering Can Archival Ink. My stamping is all second generation, stamping off first onto a piece of scrap paper to get a softer look.

I enjoyed the process so much I made a second piece, this time stamping with Snowflake

Step Two: As I was using a black and white photograph of my granddaughter, I had in mind to create a patchwork quilt feel to the layout. I used a die to cut my hexagons and cut a larger piece of the master board as a matt for the photograph. I also chose the grey spot paper to add a little contrast, but not to overpower my master board papers.

Once I had the bare bones of a design I created my background paper by inking some white  12 x 12 cardstock with a water based grey ink: a little layering through a stencil, some text overstamping and stamped ink splodges. I decided to keep it really simple.

Step 3: The sewing was a labour of love ! but worth it in the end as it does create a further layer of texture.

Step 4: Once I get to this stage I play around with different embellishments until I am happy with the layering and design. I generally always keep them to a single colour, in this case white, in order not to compete with the papers or the photograph. I used Snowflake to colour the chipboard and also cut a little die frame from the remaining master board paper. Lin's stamp set provided a perfect piece of text which sums up my photograph beautifully.

Step 5: Once everything is stuck down I generally go back in with some white gesso over the metal and buttons, just to tone everything down a bit. A little gold paint here and there also helps to tie everything in together.

I really enjoyed using Lin's stamps as part of a scrapbook layout and I hope creating a masterboard might inspire you to use your stamps for background papers for either cards, layouts or journals. How often do we not have the right colour, yet this technique provides an opportunity to create exactly what you need to support your design and photograph.

OMG Jennie I adore this layout. The colour palette is simply delightful and WOW love the composition incorporating the different textures and stitching ... indeed a labour of love! The simple use of the embellishments compliments this C&S layout. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. ~Gillian

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Sunday 29 November 2015

2015 #22 Winter Wishes {by designer Liz Borer}

2015 Topic 22: Masterboards

Hi there everyone, Liz here to share with you my winter masterboard. I have used paint, stencils and stamps to create a background to use as a base for a piece of Christmas home decor and some cards. In a very ditsy moment I forgot to photo the final masterboard ( please forgive me ) but I will show you a photo to show it after I started cutting it up!

I used an A3 piece of card and painted the whole piece using Sage. Once this was dry I started decorating it with Eggplant. I used a screwed up wet wipe, picked up a little paint , as wiped the paint over the card in a swirling motion. Some places have a very light amount of paint on them and some a lot more. I left some places where the base coat shone through. Using a clean wet wipe I applied some Bora Bora in the same way. Try to keep the placement of the colours random. Again using clean wet wipes I added Honeydew and then Nougat. This added some lighter colours and also a little warmth to the background .

I then used a stencil with words on it to add some random words all over the card. I used Space Cadet .Using a stencil of bare trees and a mix of Space Cadet and Purple Rain l added trees to the left and near the right of the card. I have extended the trees all the way up the card by drying the first area of paint and then moving the stencil so that the tree trunks match up with the top of the first stencilled areas .

Next I mixed Sage and Hyde Park to stencil holly leaves randomly over the whole card. Finally I used the ivy stamps from EEB01 and EEB02 using Archival InkFern Green to stamp the ivy randomly over the card. I also stamped the ivy around the tree trunks.

I wanted to add a little dimension to the masterboard so I stencilled Grunge Paste through a snowflake stencil. Grunge Paste is not a bright white colour so l added some Snowflake paint and a tiny amount of Bora Bora to the paste and mixed it thoroughly before using it. At this point I had a very ditsy moment because I cut out a shape from the masterboard and started stamping on it before photographing it to show the finished masterboard ... Oops! Any way this picture will give you an idea of the finished product!

To create this Winter picture I painted a square frame with Bora Bora before sticking the masterboard to it. I then cut carefully around the frame to remove the excess. Using Black Archival Ink I stamped some trees and the curly garland from JOFY40.

I painted a piece of card to fit the aperture of the frame with a mix of Space Cadet and Purple Rain. I then stamped the same trees onto the frame and insert and embossed them with opaque white embossing powder. The star is from JOFY39 . I stamped the scarecrow snowman also from JOFY39 four times onto white card, painted him and then cut him out. 

I used two images for each scarecrow and decoupled the head and scarf over the main image using dimensional glue. The scarf and hat were painted using Hyde Park and South Pacific. The little birds were made by stamping and embossing in white the bird from ECL02 onto scraps of the masterboard before cutting them out.


Finally I cut up the rest of the masterboard to create four cards using the same two sets of JOFY stamps.

I found that making a masterboard was really inspirational particularly when using it to create items that were different singly but all together were part of a group that fitted together . I hope you enjoyed this winter themed masterboard and I'll be back soon .


Great stenciling effect to create a gorgeous wintery background Liz. The colours also lend themselves nicely and the embossed detailing adds the perfect finishing touch. Thank you for sharing your masterboard creativity with us. ~Gillian

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Saturday 28 November 2015

2015 #22 A Sticky kind of Masterboard {by designer Jo Firth-Young}

 2015 Topic 22: Masterboards

Hi everyone, Jo Firth-Young here, joining you this evening with a post about creating a masterboard with Gelli®* plate printing and stickers.  I love creating masterboards (they're so useful!) and I'm enjoying using my Gelli® plate so I thought I'd combine the two. I had fun with this - I'm pleased that I have a 'group' of items at the end.

Step One:
I created my masterboard on a sheet of labels (I purchased a pack of 8 sheets for under £2.00 at my local stationers) - the sheets contains 8 labels.  I attached the sheet to desk with masking tape - this creates an added bonus (more about that later).  I find the sheets of stickers needs to be stuck down because the pressure/suction of lifting the 
Gelli® plate can pull stickers off their backing.

Gelli® printing works well on stickers because the paint is printed not painted onto the surface - so is dryer which means the labels don't get too wet and lose their stability and stickiness.

Step Two: Here are the Fresco Finish colours I used for the masterboard.  These are some of my favourite colours and I find work really nicely together - they're on the fresh side of pastel.

To create the masterboard I printed using a 3x5 in Gelli® plate - but you can print using other sizes (though I would avoid a very large plate as you need a certain amount of printed detail) - a circle plate would produce interesting patterns.

When I'm printing a masterboard or page of design I take the plate to the page, rather than the page to the plate, and I mount it onto an acrylic block to give it stability.

Step Three: I started off with a layer of prints using Blue Oyster and bubble wrap (I really like the print that bubble wrap gives you - could get a similar effect with Ellen Vargo's EEV06 stamp set).  I used prints of the bubble wrap pressed onto the Gelli® plate, prints of the bubble wrap itself and 2nd generation prints.

Step Four: The next layer was created with Guacamole and the Crafter's Workshop Stianed Glass Doily stencil laid onto the Gelli® plate and then both pressed down onto the label sheet. 

With each impression I try to get each colour in different areas of the sheet, and go over the edges to avoid blocks of 'white space'.

Step Five: Next up was a Sherbert layer - this time using big bubble wrap - again onto the Gelli® plate and printing from the bubbles directly.

Step Six: I thought the sheet above looked 'cold' at this point, and so I warmed it up with a layer of brayered bubble wrap - this seemed to disguise the obvious lines of the Gelli prints and tie everything together.  I love Dusty Teal paint - it's one of my favourite colours and as its no longer available I use it sparingly - Gelli print is great for that because a little bit of colour goes a long way.

Step Seven:   I am happy that you still see little areas of the original white sheet - looks lovely and fresh. And you can see I added some large Candy Floss Circles from JOFY31

Here is the finished masterboard...

Working with a sheet of labels means the "where do I cut it ?" decision has been can just peel, stick, and use as required, directly onto card fronts!!

After I had used the first two labels I thought maybe the masterboard needed something else - some detail... so I stamped the large flower from JOFY32 ...

...over the sheet - unfortunately I don't have a photo of that but you can see the flowers on the cards and projects below - the flowers gave the board a feature motif. On some projects I painted them and others I left them as simple line image.

Here are my numerous creations using the labels.  Journal pages, a small decorated picture frame, 2 cards...

... and more cards..

I'd like to show you more detail on a couple of the cards - first up is this simple card with bands of Gelli® printed tape - yes! This is the tape that held down the sheet of labels so it also became printed - seemed a shame to waste it!  Too nice to throw away so I tore it into lengths and attached it to a 10x15cm card blank (NB because masking tape is designed to be low tack I added glue to back of the tape to ensure it remained adhered to the surface)

On the card below I used 2 labels (spaced as they were on the main sheet).  I painted the feature flowers, added a small die-cut 'doily' and sentiment - both those items help disguise the join between the two labels that were used on the card (10x15cm). I like this card because its not as 'less is more' than the other.

Another project was a journal page, using a label and a length of the tape (I've smudged out the journaling words - hope you don't mind). The painted background of the page was created when I ran my brayer over the surface of the journal to clean the paint off. I didn't paint the flowers on this page because the line of my written words tied in nicely with the pen line of the stamped images.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my Gelli® printed masterboard and tape, and I hope it's inspired you to work on labels - it doesn't have to be an A4 sheet of labels as I've used here - you could use labels on rolls instead, and think or all the different sizes that label are available in - so many possibilities.

You can find my blog at, on twitter and instagram @jofyjo and on Facebook at

Over on my blog this evening you'll find a post about the pros and cons I encountered while creating the framed panel shown in the photos above.

Thanks for reading - and I look forward to seeing your creations!


How pretty are all your labels Jo ! Small detail, but I really like how those labels have rounded corners ! I guess now that I think of it, labels usually do, but it's a cool look! Creating your own masking tape by accident was a fabulous bonus! I can imagine that was a very excited JoFY at that point!!! Thanks for showing us so many samples that you got from just one sheet of labels! ~Leandra

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Friday 27 November 2015

2015 #22 With Brave Wings {by Sue Carrington}

 2015 Topic 22: Masterboards

Hi everyone Sue here, joining you this evening with a post about Masterboards. I love making backgrounds and Masterboards are just another way of doing this. They also come in really handy when you need to create multiple items, such as Christmas cards.

Step One: For my masterboard I decided to use a 12 x 12 piece of tissue paper. Using Granny Smith Fresco Finish from the limited edition set I brushed on the paint in a zig zag pattern.

Step Two: I then started to add to the design using Green Olives Fresco Finish with a smaller paint brush. 

Step Three: I carried on adding more paint to the tissue paper using some sequin waste and the edge of a plastic card. Then I stamped the butterflies from Hotpick 1506 using Leaf Green and Forget me Not Archival ink and the text from the same set using black Archival ink. 

Hotpick 1506 

Step Four: To use the masterboard on my journal page I tore it into strips and glued it onto the page that I'd blended Granny Smith and Captain Peacock over.

Step Six: The leaves were stencilled using ELB 002 and Granny Smith then I drew around them using a Stabilo pencil and then with a damp paint brush went over the pencil lines. Using the same stencil I used ArtBasics White Crackle. I then created a glaze using Captain Peacock and brushed it all over the page except over the Stabilo pencil and after a couple of minutes wiped it back using a baby wipe. 

Step Seven: I used the panel stamp from HotPick 1506 with Versamark ink then white embossed it. To create the white lines I used the edge of Flexi Block dipped in Snowflake Fresco Finish. I stamped more butterflies from the HotPick 1506 set onto some scraps of the tissue Masterboard, cut them out and glued them on to the page. The sentiment from HotPick 1506 was stamped onto the journal page using black Archival ink.

I've included one last close up shot to show the crackle of the leaves and the fabulous detail of the butterfly stamps.

Masterboards are so enjoyable to make and can be created so quickly, you then have plenty of your own handmade paper or card to use in future projects. Hope you feel inspired to have a go !


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Fabulous use of the new paint colours Sue . the torn strips are a brilliant base layer for a journal page; immediate dimension that can be built upon. Lots going on here but the complimentary colours keep it all consistent, as do the stencilled shapes, one echoing the other. ~Darcy 

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