Saturday 20 February 2016

MORE NEW PA Products {March 2016} Hot Picks, and something a bit different

Hi Everyone, Leandra here with some amazing new stamps by Mark... he has added to the {Hot Picks} Collection with some stunners...

Hot Picks always hark back to the core roots of PaperArtsy as a company, the Vintage Style we have been recognised for since 2004. Mark has his own design style, and these stamps have some of those quirky elements he always likes to add.

Here's a video introduction and some samples using these new stamps for you to check out! A huge thanks to our fabulous sample makers!

So lets take a closer look at the actual stamps...

As ever, we always have some super talented crafts who volunteer to help us work with our newest stamps. These guys, as ever, have done a fabulous job! Enjoy ~Leandra
First up we have Lin Brown.
Lin has always enjoyed working with Hot Picks, and I can tell she really had fun doing these! It is always so cool to see what she comes up with, and these are stunning!!

'Art' using HP1605 by Lin Brown

I love Hot Picks stamps and I'm usually drawn to the collage ones. This image has many elements, so I decided that a simple background was all that was needed to showcase this fabulous stamp. Next time I use it, I think I'll cut all the little squares out, it will be fantastic for a mosaic style project.

'Lest We Forget' using HP1606 by Lin Brown

A simple poppy speaks volumes, symbolising our fallen hero's. Poppies are one of my favourite flowers, the intense colour and shape are so beautiful. Of course this poppy does not have to be used as a symbol of remembrance, it will make a fabulous feature on any project.

Home Sweet Home using HP1601 by Lin Brown

I had so many ideas for this stamp plate, too many fabulous houses to choose from!!! For me, old doors are intriguing, makes me wonder what is hiding behind them. A masterboard background is the perfect backdrop for this feature door. You could of course make opening doors, to reveal a hidden secret! 

Fabric Collage using HP1602 by Lin Brown

As soon as I saw this set of stamps, I knew that my first project would be a fabric one, The flowers and the butterfly are great for injecting some bright colours into a more subtle background. I kind of wish I had made a padded butterfly now, embellished with beads. Never mind, I'll do that next time.

Queen of Springs using HP1604

I saved my favourite set of stamps till last. I do love stamps with numbers on and there is a great choice of number stamps in this set for making fantastic backgrounds, but I'm totally in love with this quirky character. As soon as I saw her, I knew she needed some springs for arms and legs. Actually, it's only one leg really....kind of jack-in-the-box style!! Oh my, as soon as I typed jack-in-the-box my head starting buzzing......she would be fabulous jumping out of a box on a spring.

Next it's Helen. Helen Chilton is always keen to do anything with Hot Picks, and this time it was hard to stop her! I requested bright and cheery colours, which are her go-to anyway, so she was really a very happy craft-piggie in mud on this challenge!

'Number Doll' using HP1604 by Helen Chilton

How can you not love this Art Doll image? I've put her on a number catwalk, but you could also make her out of fabric and stuff her to make her 3D. The images are bold and stamp beautifully.
 'Home Sweet Home' using HP1601 by Helen Chilton

I just love these Dutch style gable houses, ideal for masking and stamping row on row to fill the background. The detail is incredible. I'm planning on stamping a never ending street to go round the wall.

'Lest We Forget Arch' using HP1606 by Helen Chilton

Those big, bright and beautiful poppies tie in with the Poppy stencil ELB004. I love the poem 'In Flanders Fields' and have cut it up to go round the arch. This set also links up with HP1505.

Art in the Round using HP1605 by Helen Chilton

This set has got everything: the wonderful collaged focal image and that great collage background which is so full of detail, the words, the numbers and the doors. I've stamped it to the full in this sample and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

'Signs of Spring' using HP1602 by Helen Chilton

I've used the text and numbers to cut out extra leaves for my Spring flowers. Some really useful stamps in this set: patterns, text, numbers etc. I've stamped nearly all of them to build up my background.

'Butterfly Dreams' using HP1602 by Helen Chilton

Same stamps but a different look: the stamping is rubbed out on the darker background to give a 'ghosting' effect.

Our third contributor tonight is the beautiful Kaz Hall .

Kaz is a Vintage Queen. She has been on hiatus for a while, and I recently coaxed her out of her slumber and threw some Hot Picks her way in the hope she might make something! I've missed her not blogging dreadfully, and I for one am utterly thrilled to see her back in action. Give her some love!

'Doorway' using HP1601 by Kaz Hall

Kaz says: I adore the shabbiness of this stamp set, I couldn’t wait to get it inked up!  I love the worn look to the door, it’s perfect for new home or new beginnings card. I also want to use it for a journal page about new openings….

'If the crown fits' using HP1604 by Kaz Hall

Kaz says: This stamp set is so much fun! I really love vintage but I also like to challenge myself and to try something that I’m not used to using, this stamp gives you so many possibilities, you can stamp it out several times, cut it up and use all the different elements.

'Lost' using HP1606 by Kaz Hall

Kaz says: This stamp set is just beautiful, the poppy stamp can be adapted to be used with or without the soldiers, the words can also be stamped and cut up individually….perfect for journaling.

'Vintage Art' using HP1602 by Kaz Hall

Kaz says: There’s so many different elements to this stamp set….The butterfly is my favourite, it’s a perfect addition to create any vintage project.

Last up, we have Lauren Hatwell . I think Lauren has become recognised for her attention to detail, ability to think outside the box, an her complete versatility to work within various genres. She is very clever....take a look!

'Home Sweet Home' using HP1601/0505 by Lauren Hatwell

I know you shouldn't have favourites but sometimes you just can't help it and this is one of my favourite sets from this release. I've teamed one of the stamps from HP1605 (the row of doors) with the gorgeous row of houses from HP1601. I love the little square "home sweet home" stamp in the set. It's going to be SO useful! 

'Little Boxes' using HP1601 by Lauren Hatwell

I loved making this little box frame. A few fabulous stamped elements brought together to create a little piece of home decor heaven. 

'Butterfly' using HP1602 by Lauren Hatwell

This is an "everything you need right there on a plate" set of stamps. So many great elements to make really beautiful projects with. My particular favourites in this set are the gorgeous butterfly and those really cool Washi Tape strips. Just great!

'Expert Advice' using HP1604 by Lauren Hatwell

Well you just knew I would LOVE this little lady didn't you. There are so many great things you could do with her, but she looks just fine on a fairly simple background with one of those lovely large statements as a soap box to stand on. Imagine the possibilities....

Flanders Fields using HP1605/06 by Lauren Hatwell

The poppy is such a potent symbol of Remembrance and I love the images Mark has used in this set and HP1605. They are so beautifully drawn that they work well in black and white or in colour.

Thank you so much to these wonderful wingmen, they managed to turn these samples around for me rickety split, and I cannot believe what they did so fast! They MUST love those stamps!! 

So, it's not quite over yet!

The last surprise I have for you is that we are also releasing some substrates for you to work on.

I wanted things that could be stand alone OR perhaps used on the front of a journal cover.

We have partnered with Clare Charvill who designed these chipboard substrates specially for us. Clare is a very talented teacher, demonstrator

Clare is one busy lady, you may have seen her presenting on the TV for a variety of companies, but she also teachers her own retreats, and workshops regularly, often with papers like G45, but now also Fresco and she is rather partial to a JoFY stamp too!

The idea is you can make these into a niche type box to decorate as you can see, with papers, or maybe in a more mixed media way with paints and doodling, or maybe a combinations, as Clare has done here, with stamps involved too. The variations are endless!

These won't be shipping until April, but check out what you can do, for now I am showing you a couple of samples Clare made... aren't they fab! 

...OK, so we might have ONE more major thing...but that I am saving to tell you about in full after Stitches! You might want to keep your eyes tuned to Periscope over the coming few days too!

All tonight's wing-men have detailed step out's explaining how they made their samples on their own blogs tonight, so do drop by and take a look by following the links.

The stamps will start shipping to your favourite PaperArtsy stockist after March 1st, 2016, the substrates in April. As you know,  we urge you to support your local independent retailer by supporting them.




Helen said...

ooh so much gorgeousness - really fabulous stamps and incredible samples from everyone - I agree, it's fantastic to see Kaz back creating again. Love the new substrates too... they look lots of fun!!

Hazel Agnew said...

Brilliant samples, brilliant stamps....need them all! Xx

Ruth said...

ooh, ooh, spoilt for choice, love the new Hot Picks and the new substrates. What a fantastic collection of stamp sets you've launched this month PA! These samples are just stunning. Ruth x

craftytrog said...

Wow! Sunning stamps and samples! Love Shrek Girl! And those new substrates look amazing!
Well done everyone! xx

Craftyfield said...

Oh no doors... I'm a sucker for them! And the Amsterdam houses... I feel another disagreement with my bank manager coming on! Beautiful samples from everyone!

Unknown said...

Love, love these hot picks, Mark has out done himself and the samples are stunning. Can't wait to see them in person tomorrow, and yet something else to come? How do you do it all, amazing xx

massofhair said...

Loving HP1604, my favourite from all your HP releases. Mark has once again designed amazing sets. Your wingmen have done an amazing job so many wonderful samples.

Have a fab time at Stitches, will keep a look out for your very entertaining scopes:-) xxx

Annie60 said...

Some more lovely stamps and samples ,,xx

ginny c said...

Love the poppy one beautiful,samples , a trip to. Birds in the Barn soon

craftimamma said...

Wow, talk about a Grand Finale!!! These stamps from Mark and samples from everyone are absolutely amazing! I know I will never be able to make anything to equal the gorgeous creations on show for us here but I am going to be so impatient while I'm saving up to buy these beauties.

Well done, team PaperArtsy, you have surpassed yourselves!

Lesley Xx

Marci said...

Great stamps and brilliant samples!

Marci said...

Great stamps and brilliant samples!

Deborah Wainwright said...

Love these stamps and fabulous samples. Well done Mark, and your wingman.

momelisse said...

Hot Picks are quintessential Paper Artsy to me and I'm itching to get my hands on this latest release. I'll be stalking the few US online retailers until someone gets them in. Thanks for the lovely inspiration from all!

Liesbeth Fidder said...

Ooooh wonderful samples ! And the HP stamps... I need them all !! :-D

Julia said...

A great set of new Hot Picks, especially the houses. Love all the fabulous examples using these stamps.

Anonymous said...

An incredibly busy time and then I read that there is more to come!!!
The house stamps are fabulous and I absolutely love the art doll and the sentiment on that set. Brilliant designs and such inspirational samples.

Kirsten said...

You really have excelled yourselves with this year's new releases. They have all been wonderful & these are no exception. Fantastic samples from everyone too, I'm another who is thrilled to see Kaz blogging again. I love the new substrates.

Keren Baker said...

These are awesome stamp sets and I love all the samples!! Some of those are on my wish list! Well done you two!