Monday 30 October 2017

2017 #16 Rust: Gorgeous Foliage with ELB {by Ellie Knol}

2017 Topic 16: Rustification

I love how Ellie has created a lovely project using all kinds of interesting ideas, she even manages to get a tricky surface to go rusty too which looks amazing!

Hi everyone, it's Ellie Knol from PAPER-STAMPS-COLOR here with you today, and I'd like to share with you a rusty project, which could easily also be an autumnly project. 

As soon as I heard the theme RUST, I thought: that's for me! I LOVE the color of rust. It also made we want to try the Rusting Powder from Paper Artsy!!

I did make some mistakes with the Rusting Powder. My first try went (partially) into the waste bin; I sprayed too much water, so the powder colored it rusty around the stamped image as well; yes I actually tried to use it on a stamped image. I could save only a part of it to make some ATC'S from. 

Rust = metal? No.. the rusting powder can be used on any surface, even on fabric. You'll discover where I have used the powder when you read on. 

YES, some home decor, A4 size. The chicken wire has been patiently waiting in my stash for several years.... 

I started the project on a piece of fabric, cotton, covered partially with white gesso. I left some edges, so it would create a frame around the main part. When dry, I added the stamping with black StazOn (on the wrong side!!) with a stampng tool.  I could not understand why it was so difficult to stamp a dark image on it, even after the third try, until I realized that I stamped on the backside.....

....BUT that's a happy accident as far as I am concerned, as I could add color more easily to the beautiful foliage stamps from Lin Brown. I used some watered-down Brown Shed Fresco Chalk Paint to color it. The outlines of the stamped image were done with a black marker. The gesso at the back kept it from bleeding too much!

 A close-up of the sponging in the background with PS074

and PS021

...just to add some interest to the background, Do you see the structure paste on the base board with PS021? These were 'colored' with Rusting Powder, too. 

Maybe you can see the rust better on these:    

As you might have guessed: I also rusted the chicken wire by applying black structure paste to it, and make the powder stick to it before it had dried ... I sprayed it only after the paste was dry, to make sure the powder wouldn't run off from the moist. It really is like magic, it's real rust, and you wouldn't want this on metal that should not get rust on them; it smells like rust too! I sprayed it with a fixative after I was happy with the rusting effect. 

The edges around the frame is where there was no gesso at the back, and I could easily color that with wetting it, and adding distress inks. 


I particularly like the way the foliage has turned out!!

AND the rust! 

I really hope you are inspired to go create !!

I had fun making it, although it was a bit time consuming for the rust to do it's job, and paints (Snowflake Fresco Chalk Paint  on the base MDF board, and Mud Splat 
Fresco Chalk Paint on the edges of it) to dry. To be honest, also because I had to start all over after I had done the stamping with a non-permanent ink, grrrr. 
I learned a lot from this project... I plan to do more !  

Believe it or not, I wanted to make a home decor piece with an embroidery ring as the frame, but then thought of the chicken wire, and knew what to do.

All that thinking on how to proceed takes time, grin.... 

See you next time! 

Ellie Knol 

Owner of : 

Wow it sounds like you created a challenge for yourself, but your accidental stamping on the back turned out to be a winning thing! I love how the foliage is outlined in black and a different colour on the inside! I don't think that would have happened if you hadn't stamped on the back by accident!Gorgeous effects! ~Leandra

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Sunday 29 October 2017

2017 Topic 16: Rustification {Intro and Challenge}

 2017 Topic 16: Rustification

Hello everyone, it's Leandra here with you tonight, before we launch into the new topic, which I sense you are all going to LOVE! Let's see who won the last challenge for the Pearlescent topic!

The winner is: Craftyfield from Crafty Endeavours 
She got on a bit of a roll with challenge entries over the last 2 weeks, and even snuck an entry in at the 11th hour of the challenge deadline! The random number fell on her black and white entry, but all of them were quite different with a touch of pearlescent about them all! Congratulations!
Email Darcy to claim your prize.

So we had no shortage of bloggers wanting to play with rust for the new topic, and that doesn't surprise me, as the whole concept of making things look rusty has been super popular in mixed media circles for the last few years. Whether you are working onto fabrics, wood, metal, even glass, creating a rust patina can be done in all kinds of ways, and in this post I'm going to share a few with you. Please feel free to join in the blog challenge by linking your own creativity at the foot of this post to any of you online social media links.

Experiments from Alice Fox onto fabric with objects that can be rusted. 

There are loads of photos from Alice on Pinterest, it is a good way to get some inspirational ideas of how you could rust fabric...

I particularly loved the blog post she shared of an exhibition, the piece below was one on show. 

It is fascinating how rusty fabric is so popular, yet lots of Artists create their own take and pull together the inspirations in different ways and methods.

Jennifer Coyne has created a rust effect by printing onto teabags. You can see the process in this link here, where she took a photo and then extrapolated that onto teabags. She explains on her blog how she stitched it all together to create a much larger print. You will need to follow a few posts on her blog to understand how it all came together! Amazing! As below a work in progress...

And then here is the finished piece being exhibited. See here

I also loved discovering about Jule Mallet

She also uses her fabrics rusted in all kinds of ways to create a wide range of objects, dimensional and flat!

and she makes prints...

Even displaying rusty fabric can be done simplistically to great effect.

And one of our own designers, Lin Brown, is also a dab hand at rusty fabric too, here is just one photo from her blog, but there are more if you follow the link. I adore how she brings her layers together so perfectly!

Charlotte Hupfield, a ceramicist, is inspired by pieces like this rusty panel....

... to inspire her when creating her ceramic art such as the samples below. Cracks, layers, light and dark. Beautiful!

and how amazing is this! Take a bureau, add some paint, tadaaa.

Here is our own mixed media specialist at rusting things...or at least, using Frescos to make something look rusty! Nikki Acton is a genius at this, see the details here on her blog. She has many posts using paints to create rusty effects, and the example below is gogeous with thos classic colours of patina and rust! The textured heart allows for shades to play in the light. Totally gorgeous, love the crackles too! Plus she gets loads of Seth Apter stamps and dies in the mix so cleverly!

Deb blogged this piece over at Paxton Valley Folk Art , such a beaut using all kinds of products, including metal tape, embossed and coloured, die-cut shapes painted, and the whole frame ebellished.

And here is Finnabair with one of her typical layered compositions. The cool thing about this idea, layers of textured objects,  is you can apply any colour of paint to your base layer, then create a rust effect from there. This could be purely with paints and stippled layers, tickled with Treasure Gold waxes, or (and I've been wanting to try this for ages) about painting shades of patina blue/greens onto the base, and then applying Rusting Powder??  I'm thinking a base in shades of turquoise-green patina, then you could apply a layer of gel medium, sprinkle all over liberally with rusting powder, tip off the excess. Once the gel is dry, you are then ready to rust the powder by keeping the powder damp for at least one and probably more like 2-3 hours, and of course, the rusty effect will develop. If you add a bit of acid (vinegar) to your water it will speed up the effect, or you could just put the canvas outside and let the natural elements do the work for you over a period of days or even weeks!

Another rusty mixed media guru is Laura Bomber. If you check out this blog post she shares how she created all these frames using different painterly techniques.

Brenda Brown created another gorgeous piece here with paints, and there are wonderful photos on her blog explaining how she created this.

Ruth Mescall is another rust addicted crafter. Check out this post for more ideas.

And how cool is this from Sally Mankus!! An acrylic skin with embedded rusty stuff! See here for details!
OK, so I could go on and on sharing mixed media rusty things, so let's move on.

What about rusted objects? What can you find in a local dump, on the side of the road or have you got a stash of hidden objects in the corner of your garden with some rusted treasures?

Not sure you will have any of these to hand, but they are nice to look at! A typesetter...

Corrugated iron always rusts to perfection!

We actually have one of these rusting here on the farm...a newer version though, so not quite as 'pretty' as this! 

Old train...

A sewing machine! (*shocked face*)

or maybe you have loads of these lying about??

Finally some art, the layers of peeling and cracked paint always has massive appeal to me, I could fill any room with this type of creation, I love the colours and this style of abstract art. How hard can it be to do something like this ..worth a go I reckon! 

So as I said at the outset, no shortage of ideas for this topic! I think you're going to enjoy yourselves! I know our bloggers have! Wait to you see what they have been up to ober the coming 2 weeks!....  Have fun! 


Don't forget to follow Darcy and Leandra's Pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! 
I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!

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Saturday 28 October 2017

2017 #15 Pearlescent: A Pearly Gift Bag with JoFY {by Kate Yetter}

2017 Topic 15: Pearlescent

Kate is back! I really like her way of creating, she is very organic, and there is a hint of scrapbooker to her method of composing layers, and I super-love the dimension she always achieves too! Check out the photos below, lots of details. A lovely way to enjoy the weekend. And relax.....

Kate here, sharing a holiday themed gift bag featuring pearls. I love working with products that lend a pearlescent effect so I chose to work with liquid pearls for this project. I find that I don’t often reach for liquid pearls when creating a project because it is one of those more forgotten embellishments. But a little bit of shine and dimension can go a long way in creating an eye catching creation.

I started out by stenciling with grunge paste on a grocery bag. I covered it in gesso and allowed it to dry. My favorite part of this whole project was sprinkling Golden Sands Infusions over the stenciled area and spraying with water. This was my first time working with Infusions and I couldn’t get over the variety of colors that presented upon spraying with water. Usually, I add 2-3 colors in my background because I like variety but that was unnecessary with the Infusions.

I stamped on my colored background and many of the embellishments with JoFY 40.

After I created the background, I glued it to a plain kraft gift bag before adding embellishments. I rolled up paper and tied them together with muslin that has been stamped and dyed with Infusions. 

The JOFY stamp set was perfect for this topic. I used the liquid pearls to create the pearls underneath the baubles in the cloche, as well as to accent the lines of my background stencil and to fill in the string of lights.

I added some chipboard, fibers and string to embellish as well.

This piece is full of dimension that the pearls and stamps together have created

I hope you enjoyed this project and are inspired to create your own packaging as the holidays are approaching.  Don’t be afraid to make your packages a work of art! At first I was a little worried about how this was going to turn out but once I started creating, I couldn’t stop adding more! 

Kate Yetter


What a stunning gift bag this is! I totally adore the infusions spritzed into the texture paste and then the fibres and stamped layers are just so much fun. Anyone receiving that would be totally blown away! Great project, thanks Kate! ~ Leandra

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