Thursday 15 January 2009

Botanical Twig Hanging

Oh you are patient waiting for me to get the project I mentioned at the start of the month up online! We have had a lot of problems with the cold weather making our wireless internet antannae malfunction on more than one occasion - we know now that it doesn't like fog, snow, ice, freezing fog or negative temperatures! Just the kind of weather we have had since Christmas! So when the line is working we are like little beavers downloading orders ASAP!

So last time when I blogged, I put up this image of what you need to make this project....and the good news is that if you buy the current issue of Craft Stamper on sale now (February, CS105) , we are offerning a great deal for the following bundle of items:

  • 5 stamps (Nature 1-4, At Home 6),
  • twill tape,
  • a picture pack image,
  • mini jewellery tags, and
  • a pack of Vintage papers, that's 5 different A5 size double sided papers which feature many PaperARtsy stamps on the designs of the papers.
You can go straight here to buy this items as a bundle or individually. This fun interior design project is a great piece to adorn a wall in your home, and its really quick too. Love that!

Extra Materials:

In addition to the PA bundle you will need the following:

Square manila tags (5.5 “square) are the substrate, but you also could cut regular heavy card to this size. Sandpaper, inks, cut 'n' dry foam, gesso,Tim Holtz fragments, scissors and scratchy tool, acrylic blocks and stamps, glue stick and glossy accents, plus a craft sheet.

Step One:

Use a glue-stick and stick a different Vintage Papers to each tag. Sand edges with sandpaper, add extra gouged lines with a Tim Holtz scratchy tool. Apply ink, one or two colours, to the edges with an applicator tool.

Step Two:

Apply a thin wash of gesso on each panel for the quote. Dry. Stamp a quote in black ink from each of the 4 Nature Stamp plates onto each panel.

Step Three:

Sponge a couple of distress ink colours onto a blank tag. Apply in soft gentle circles, start on the craft sheet and then pull colour onto the tag. Stamp a selection of images in black over the background.

Step Four:

Apply glossy accents glue to fragments and press in position. Leave to dry. Cut out each image. Sand the card edges from behind to soften the sharp bits.

Step Five: Arrange all fragments on the various panels until you have the balance you prefer when you arrange all 4 panels together.

Step Six: Set eyelets in the positions around the panels where you wish to join them together.

Step Seven: Don't forget to put some eyelets at the top too so you can wire to the dead twig supplied by your garden or local park. I find it works well to wrap the wire 3 times through both holes, then the loose ends wrap in the centre and cinch together.

If you liked this project, then you'll also like the mini book (pictured at the top of this post). The full colour 2 page instructions with step outs for both projects will be sent with you order for this bundle offer from PaperArtsy.

Have a great weekend and don't forget that our January sale is on now!


Friday 2 January 2009

PaperArtsy Sale on NOW !

Helllloooooo and Happy New Year Bloggers!

I hope you have lots of cool exciting thing on your NEw Year to do list! You should not put those boring negative things on your lists, just cool fun stuff! Enjoy every day, have a bit of a laugh, and she'll be right mate. (Kiwi wisdom! LOL)

You may have had an email if you are on our mailing list about this awesome sale idea we've got, but I though I should let blog-land people know about this too, just in case you haven't heard - here's the low-down!

Because we are ocassionally a bit in divvy-dizzy land, we only just realised that we actually forgot to have a sale in 2008 as we were too busy in August when we usually do that kind of thing. OMG, and you guys didn't remind us! So we are having a sale now, and to make up for the omission, we are offering 30% off all orders over £50.00 (GBP).

Once the subtotal in your shopping cart hits
£50 pounds, then the discount will automatically be activated.

So that should put a nice big smile on your all you need to do is pop over to the website when you get a mo and stock up on some stuff!

Have a great weekend!


NB. The offer expires on Feb 15th, and cannot be used in combination with any other offers.

Oh, hmmmmm, here's a question for you.....what could you make with all this lot????? Well I've got some ideas, and I'll be sharing those with you in detail next week......