Sunday 1 September 2013

3 UP Night Two: Vintage Ink and the Dog

Hi everyone, Leandra back again to introduce you to tonight's #3UP theme, colours and players.
by Lin Brown
The mystery #3UP challenge continues tonight with a similar theme to last night , but this time the 3Upsters are using the Vintage Collection sourced from the original Ink and the Dog Stamps.

by Leandra Franich
The Ink and the Dog Collection grew so large (to 130 A6 size sets), that by 2011 we decided to select some of our favourite images, and present them in a larger size, on larger A5 index sheets. Ten years ago, when we first started PaperArtsy, the prominent trend in England was card making. Scrapbooking was slow to take off here, and stampers certainly tended towards small format art such as ATC's (Artist Trading Cards), deco books (small books that rotated around a group of players), inchies (1 inch square art), twinchies (2 inch square art) and all the other small format such as cards and tags.

by Leandra Franich
However, by 2011, with the industry booming for several years, people were more confident in their crafting, not only having adopted so many new techniques and products the market now offered, they were looking to extend into larger format art suitable for interior decor. 
12 x 12 papers were now far more commonly used by stampers as are Journals, canvases and so forth. So it seemed to make sense to enlarge some of the Ink and the Dog designs to suit 'bigger' creative options. Vintage Ink and the Dog with a vast back catalogue to draw on filled that opportunity perfectly. 

The images are still in very much in vogue today, as the Vintage category has certainly had 'legs' for the last 10 years, and is considered a mainstream style in 2013  I think every year for the last 10 years I have read in numerous crafty trade publications and magazines that 'Vintage' is the new 'trend'. For me, Vintage is a genre that has historically, and always will be here, it is certainly not a 'new, emerging trend'. More like the magazine editors are the new kids on the block who haven't actually read their own title's 'emerging trend' statements year on year for the last 10! LOL

Within our Vintage Collection there are currently 10 different A5 plates available both un-mounted £15.50 (incl 20% sales tax) or EZ mounted (£20.50 incl 20% sales tax).

by Leandra Franich
So as you know from last night, a month ago we sent out 3 mystery items. The #3Upsters had to somehow utilise those items to create a project to share with you tonight. The stamps we allocated randomly, so no thought was given to the preferred stamping style of each 3UP-ster Some people are in their element, and others are right out of their comfort zone. However, this is a challenge, and so challenge and tease you is only our most favourite thing to do, of course!

by Lin Brown
The people playing along tonight have one thing in common, they were all sent stamps from the Vintage Ink and the Dog Collection, and they all used a chocolate/ blue combination for their palette.

So who is up tonight? Another fabulous bunch of #PATwits of course!

Who: Jacqui's Crafts
Twitter: @jax1369

stamps Jax used: 
Vintage Collection 09EZ
Jax Says: I am originally from Lancashire (God’s own county) but now live in the outback that is known as County Durham with the current Mr Hall. I started out my crafting career making cards from kits and progressed to rubber stamping about 4 years ago.  I enjoy anything messy and since discovering the #PATwits about a year ago have seen my style in altered art develop, and I am happiest when elbow deep in ink, pan pastel and paint.

The Challenge: I started  by basing the frame with Cinnamon Fresco Finish and left that to dry.  I then over laid the Cinnamon with Blood Orange to give a Mahogany style finish, and dry brushed lightly with Aquamarine Treasure Gold.

I stamped my focal image, which I can honestly say is one of my favourite images, but it was a tad too big for the canvas, hence it’s off-set.  I stamped it in Onyx Black Versafine and left it to dry.  At this point I ran out of steam and drying was about 4 days J.   

When I came back to it I had watched a PaperArtsy Tutorial on Translucent paint, so I thought I would put it to the test, I used a single dot of Beach Hut and some spritzed water to create a wash, I wanted to make the “Gent” stand proud of the main image so I traced around his outline with the wash and then backfilled to the edge of the card I had stamped the image onto.  

Then using Bora Bora I base-coated the canvas. I used the watches and the text from ID09 in SepiaVersafine to give a “feel” of it being dedicated/commemorative, and dry brushed it again with Aquamarine Treasure Gold (again a personal favourite). I then plaited the ribbon and attached the Token to look as though it was a medal. 

I used a touch of vintage photo distress ink to “take down” the whiteness of the stripe in one of the ribbons.  Attached the ribbon plait to the back of the canvas and glued the “medal” to the front. 


Who: Jacqui Chimes 
Twitter: @Jacqui1906

Stamps Jacqui Used:
Vintage Collection 05EZ

Jacqui says: I live in Warwickshire and have been ‘making things’ as far back as I can remember (a long time!). Stamping, Paper-crafting and Scrapping (in the form of mini albums) have been my main love for about 15 years. My style generally is quite ‘neat and ordered’ and not too ‘frilly’. This challenge threw me a little outside my comfort zone but was fun.

The Challenge: My pack included a hanging Icon, the stamp set, a bunch of small blueish paper roses, 3 wooden scalloped circles, and a silver bird charm.

The Icon was covered with a patterned paper and washed with Vintage Lace Fresco. I used my own stencil and Snowflake paint for another layer, then with a baby wipe sparingly added Mermaid, Beach Hut, Claret and Pumpkin Soup

Next Grunge Paste was added through another stencil in 2 places. Once dry more paint was added, and I stencilled through some sequin waste with Claret and Beach Hut. Lastly AquamarineTreasure Gold was added on top of the Grunge Paste and around the edges of the Icon

I also used a PaperArtsy Mini 61 and Versafine black ink to stamp a little text randomly over the piece. (A Lin Brown inspired method to this point).

The house was stamped with Versafine Black onto Smoothy stamping card and cut out. I layered it twice more with card to give a solid chipboard feel. The house was stamped again onto patterned papers and was paper pieced as shown. I used Glossy Accents to fill in the top central ‘square’ and when dry added Black Diamond Stickles to the ‘spade’ symbol. The Mystery section was re-stamped, cut out 3 times and layered up and then covered in Glossy Accents I used my own brads each end and then glued it on the top.

The ticket from the stamp set was stamped and cut out 3 times, layered and glued along the bottom of the icon. I added the house and then painted the silver bird charm with beach hut and added Aquamarine Treasure Gold over it with a few tiny touches of Claret and Pumpkin Soup paint.
Two of the wooden ‘flowers’ were painted with the paints to match the background and stamped with another stamp from the set as shown. These were placed at the top right of the piece (I had smudged a bit of the text stamping and needed to cover it up!). The blue flowers were tinged with Treasure Gold and then glued in place along with three claret coloured smaller flowers from my own stash.

Who: Massofhair
Twitter: @massofhair

stamps Massofhair used:
Vintage Collection 07EZ
Massofhair says:  I have been crafting for most of my life but took it up seriously after I took ill in 1998. I don’t yet know what my style as I enjoy so many different ways to craft. My first love is rubber stamping, but over the last two years have taken a keen interest in using a Janome Embellisher, needle felting both wet and dry, jewellery making and sewing (very basic sewing). Also love to upcycle and re-use where I can.

The Challenge:  For the Memo Board Base I took a piece of old pine shelving I had in my back yard, sanded it down using a hand held electronic sander, dusted. I painted 3 layers of metallic paint, leaving to dry for 60 minutes before adding the next layer. When this had dried for 24 hours I sprayed Blackboard Paint over the top. This created a metallic/blackboard base for the Memo Board.

At the bottom I added 3 hooks to hang the magnets when not in use. I painted the hooks using Bora Bora Fresco Paint, added a strip of handmade washi tape. 

For the stamped feature panel (top) I added Grunge Paste and Puff Paint through a stencil.  I used Bora Bora, Mud Splat and Smoked Paprika Fresco Paints to create background colour.  I used London Bus and Hey Pesto to colour the textured flowers and accented with Ruby Treasure Gold.

Next I stamped the images onto Shrink Plastic and onto PaperArtsy Heavyweight Smoothy Card using Versafine Ink Pad, cut them all out. Punched holes in the shrink, then shrunk, added magnets. I coloured the smoothy stamped images with Fresco Paints and then added Satin Glaze to seal them, used red tape to attach to the grey board substrate I also added magnets to the backs, and a fine dusting of White Fire and Onyxite Treasure Gold.
When the Memo Board was finished I realised there was something missing, I needed a chalk holder.  With the left over grey board I fashioned a small box, adding a little piece at the end as a stopper so the chalk wouldn’t fall out (as below). Added 4 magnets to the back and now the Memo Board is complete.

Hope you like the project it has been quite a challenge :)

Who: Hazel Agnew 
Twitter: @craftroomgran

Stamps Hazel used: 

Hazel says: I am a recently retired primary school teacher specialising in Art and Music. Always dabbled in arts; on retirement started card-making. My style is experimental, the messier the better. Still a newbie.

The Challenge: The whole thing is laid onto a background paper from the now discontinued PaperArtsy 12x12 paper (Thorndon Hall). Brown card is embossed with clocks, and the edges distressed. I then added Treasure Gold in various colours. 

Onto some crumpled tinfoil, I added Fresco Paint and Treasure Gold (see closeup shot).

I stamped two main feature stamps on white card, distressed edges, and sprayed Perfect Pearls Heirloom Gold to tone down.

I used calico fabric to make a 'roller towel' effect to fit through the frame. It was painted with Fresco mermaid and vintage lace. Over stamped with the sentiments from the stamp set, and MN48 ,aged with distress inks and sprayed with heirloom gold.

I Grunge Pasted plywood frame with butterfly and flowers, then crackle glazed finish with Toad Hall fresco on top, mermaid underneath.

Lastly I stitched the calico in place 

I'm quite pleased with overall effect but probably is a bit too fussy!!

Who: Kirsten Sheridan
Twitter: @IsisArts

stamps Kirsten used: 
Vintage Collection 03EZ

Kirsten Says: Hello, my name is Kirsten, I’m originally from Dublin, Ireland, but have been living in Kent, UK, for a number of years.  I’m a big fan of the arts in general, with a special interest in theatre.  I can spend hours wandering around museums and art galleries or with my head in a book – when I’m not in my craft room, that is!  I’m never sure how to describe my style of crafting, or even if I have one, but as I’m hopeless at being precise, or tidy, I suppose it falls into the messy, grungy, distressed category.  I love unusual images and lots of textures, so PaperArtsy products are perfect for me.

The Challenge: When I saw the items Leandra sent me for the #3UP challenge I remembered her mentioning that her first love was sewing so I decided I would make something in honour of her.  

I began by turning the door hanger into a clock.  I painted it first with Snowflake Fresco paint, then with Beach Hut, adding a very thin layer of Crackle Glaze on top.  When that was dry I over painted with Claret.  

The main image was stamped onto Smoothy paper with black Archival & painted with Frescos.  I backed it with a piece of Crunchy paper, which I brushed with Spanish Topaz and White Fire Treasure Gold.  

I used foam board for the triptych, initially covering it with a sheet of PA’s Thorndon Hall papers (now discontinued).  I then decided it was too dark, so I covered it with Crackle Glaze and painted it with Ice Blue fresco.  When that was dry I used Blood Orange fresco through a stencil (Roman Letters) and added the flourish stamping, and then swiped some Beach Hut with a baby wipe on top.  The roof is a piece of Metal Card.  I used assorted tools to add the details, painted it with Chocolate Pudding, French Roast & Little Black Dress frescos, then adding White Fire TG.  When all that was done I added the shelves and the embellishments.

The outside is decorated too, you can see that on my blog.  I’m on twitter and I’m always delighted to connect with a fellow #PATwits , so please feel free to add me to your following list, I shall reciprocate.

Huge thanks to Leandra and Mark for allowing me to be a part of this 10th birthday #3UP challenge, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Thank you also to them for all their hard work, dedication, inspiration & for being generally fabulous.  Happy birthday PaperArtsy & here’s to the next ten years.

Who: Sarah Philpot
Twitter: @Sarahmf84

stamps Sarah used:
Vintage Collection 04EZ
Sarah Says: Hi my name’s Sarah, I’m 29 years old and live in Feltham in Middlesex.  I absolutely adore the crafting world and love to look at all the amazing creations done by others and in magazines.  However, I find it difficult to sit down and actually create something so this challenge was brilliant.  I’ve never used mdf substrates before, sticking mainly to making cards so I was pretty nervous about what to do but I’m really happy with the end result. 

The Challenge: I firstly covered the board with Grunge Paste mixing a bit of Bora Bora Fresco Paint into it to make a nice background colour.  Next I stamped  the postmarks, letters and vintage writing from the stamp set in Bora B too. I also scraped some Grunge Paste through a flower stencil to add depth.
I cut 2 cotton reels in half and inked them in Distress Ink and stuck them to the bottom of the board.  I then stamped the photo film scene and the man onto Heavy smoothy stamping card and coloured the photo film scene with distress inks. I then added some different coloured paper behind the man and fixed that to the board and stuck the 2 film strips on.
I finished with some Idea-ology film strip down the sides, stickles, a flower and a butterfly. Lastly I put some mini tags on the cotton reels saying ‘bits and bobs’ and went round the edges of the board with distress ink.  The ribbon threaded through the holes at the top to hang the board is actually the handles out of a shop gift bag!  
I hope you enjoy this piece as much I loved making it. 


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