Tuesday 25 January 2011

A {countdown} lucky for someone!!

Excited??? OH YES WE ARE !!!!
Tim and Mario's amazing hard work they put into their kits was astonishing to watch via twitter. Did you see any of Mario's pics? Here's a summary..
 All the die cut goodies and bits and bobs getting collated
 Michelle hard at work bagging up at the final stages of this mega task! Always smiling!
 All this tissue tape just for you to use in class!!
 Ohh, there's a good sneaky peeky.....
 And trinkets, charms, games pieces, flowers....so much goodness from Tim's ideology range
It seemed to take them about 4 weeks plodding away, scoring, cutting, assembling, die-cutting and getting together LOADS of charms.

In Tim's words, 'this kick-ass class is the most loaded kit I have ever put together'! Well yes we are worthy as the UK have never been treated to a Tim class as awesome as this before!! We have waited for AGES for this and we can't wait!!
The organisation that has gone into this event from the USA crew, and our UK crew is immense. And you are going to have such a fab day with Tim,Lin and Leandra, that's it's certainly one you won't forget in a looong time!!

Here at the UK end we have got all the massive amount of stock priced up ready for the event, yummy ideology, Ranger products galore, and the PaperArtsy Elves have started pressing rubber flat out too this weekend.
Lin, Karen and Linda E have started the kitting up.New papers from PaperArtsy get chopped to size...Nearly 2000 pieces in total....
 Yummy ideology embellishments for our project.
One Sunday recently we taught our able helpers our project....they likey! Thank goodness for that....which means you should likely too as they can be very critical and very fussy - in the nicest possible way!!

Just in case you can't recognise them as it was bleary o'clock when we all got up for this day...Linda E, Essex Lynne (aka Cheryl {Cole}), Karen and Jo... of course Lin and I had the good sense to stay the other side of the camera on this occasion.
And here is one side of the ticket....

...and here's a surprise.....

We have got 5 tickets that were returned this week from 5 very sad ladies. Due to circumstances beyond their control they have all had to very reluctantly hand back their tickets so that some other lucky person can go instead.
I have listed them back on the PaperArtsy website here

There is:

1 space on Thursday 24th Feb 8.30 - 5pm class, and 
4 spaces on the Friday 25th Feb Class 8.30 - 5pm

If this is something you would like to come to, you will need to also buy yourself a lunch option at the same time as getting the ticket.

Good luck, and if we have more returns I will add them to the shopping cart, so keep checking back.
Have a fantastic week


PS We had a very exciting day yesterday....we have several new products releasing at the trade show here in the UK mid February, and yesterday we gave the go-ahead for something to be made just for us. No one has anything like it anywhere!! Soz can't tell you yet....first peeps to see are those booked onto my workshops at Stitches...until then SCHTUMMM

.....so so so so so so so so excited...and then some!!!

Tuesday 18 January 2011

An {awesome} year ahead

Here in the wonderful world of PaperArtsy we are buzzing with excitement of the year ahead!

December was fabulous, even tho we were a couple of family members down....here is Courtney and Hugo on skype to us saying Hi on Christmas day!
And their newest cousin baby Jack who got dressed up especially for the occasion! 

And I made a wreath whihc amde it onto the front cover of Craft Stamper Magazine....kind of like being Xmas number 1, except in Crafting Lingo! LOL
And while they were away we had an interesting day out with Ella at the London Britains Got talent prelim auditions before Christmas 
Here's a couple of the girls from the choir... they sang well...but we won't know until February if they get thru to the next round.... but i reckon these guys will...some kind of james Bond act...the little no-neck dude was really short compared to the others...they caused a bit of a ripple whewrever they went! You saw it here first guys!!
Anyway the muchkins had a fabulous month in NEw Zealand with all the family, and here they are the evening of Day 1 home, snuggled up with siblings - 2 white and 2 brown kids (L-R: Hugo, Ella, Corky and Millie)
And as you know if you are in the UK, while they were away, we had a LOT of snow late December!

Those crazy icicles kept growing so long - beautiful! This is alongside the PA workshop.

And my fave new tipple was Winter Pimms...warmed with apple juice.
So the week before Christmas, and the day BEFORE Heathrow closed for the snow, we received this lot from Ranger..I know..good planning on our part....
But MAN was it COLD the day Jo Firth-Young, Mark and I checked it all off! And it's not all here yet...we are still waiting for the goodie lovelies class kits bits from TIm and Mario to arrive!

If you don't know what I am referring to...of course we have only got the Tim Holtz coming to teach for a VERY special ArtsyCrafts event on Feb 24th and 25th at the deVere harben House, near Milton Keynes.
How excited are we on a scale of 1-10 .... only about 1 zillion!
So the week after Christmas I was busy sending out tickets on the one day that the post office was (a) open and (b) accessible!

And Sunday (just been) Lin and I taught the project we are also teaching at the same event to our talented assistants...looking a bit less than glamorous after a very early start....

So to the year ahead...well my lips are sealed at the moment...but January is filled with us designing loads of new products to be released at the Stitches trade show Mid February, and we will continue with the release of more Hot Picks and dies...

Here's a sneaky peek of one new design HP1102 that will be hitting stores very soon. I LOVE the new flower stamp which matches the already existing scallop flower die. The scallop has a very pretty edge and can also be used to make layered flowers. I often like to use a small clock face for the centre.

It's a busy place here at PaperArtsy World HQ, and 2011 is going to be so awesome I can't wait!


EDIT: If you are interested in attending the ArtsyCrafts Tim Holtz event, do email me sales@paperartsy.co.uk to go on the waiting list. We have had a few unexpected cancellations of late due to health/ surgery etc , so the wait list has spaces!