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NEW PaperArtsy Products: PA Minis & Mini Stencils {January 2023}

A note from Leandra:

These minis stamps and stencils are the dinkiest, cuties! Even thought we initially designed them to be used for miniature art, as it turns out, they can also work really well for journal pages and larger format projects.

I love the structure the stencil designs give to allow abstract layers to easily be created from the dot-frame, squares or geometric patterns with the stamps adding a structure and important postal details on the upper layers. This really makes it super fast to create cards, tags and more. Much easier to check out the pictures below to see how many of these products coordinate together so beautifully.

We will be live after this post publishes in PA People to briefly share samples and more from this release (replay will be pinned to the top of the group). These products are available to order NOW, and exclusively for the next few months from your favourite PaperArtsy stockist. See the list at the foot of this post.

Price: RRP €4.90 +VAT    Size: approx credit card size
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam, with a laminated storage/index sheet.

For this release, we are exploring miniature mail art and ticket-inspired designs, with a focus on versatility, customisation and building layers. Amidst architectural details, you might also detect a French flavor, not surprising after 2 years living in the South West of France. These stamps might be mini but they offer a bit of everything for a max of possibilities: Patterns for background building, intricate focal elements to mix and match plus words and sentiments in all sizes. We hope you have as much fun with these as we are!

PaperArtsy Ink & The Dog Mini 125 (MN125)
Coordinates with MN127, MN128, and mini stencils PM021 and PM022

While certainly complete by themselves, the first 4 stamps of this release (MN125 to MN128) were created to also work together to 'mix and match' so you can expand the designs. The sun tag is perfect by itself to showcase numbers or a small portrait.

Featuring Marianne, symbol of the French Republic, and a classic gothic window, the two rectangular designs can easily be repeated for an intricate background or be used alone to personalise ephemera. We all have our collection of "Petits Trésors" (little treasures) so I am sure this sentiment will find its use.

The small designs are perfect to create your own ephemera, maybe tickets to visit a cathedral?

MN127 and MN128 both have two round designs that fit inside the sun tag, giving you 4 possibilities, and more to make by yourself! 

Just add a fun background, gel-printed for example, and you have a simple yet striking card.

PaperArtsy Ink & The Dog Mini 126 (MN126)
Coordinates with MN127, MN128, and mini stencils PM021 and PM022

Featuring Notre-Dame cathedral and 'the Sower', a classic image of French stamps and coins, the 2 top designs are the exact same size as the rectangles on the previous MN125, only in a landscape orientation. You can therefore easily mix and tile them for complex and interesting backgrounds. They are also perfect to create your own small ephemeral elements.

This stamp also features an ornate round frame. The Sower (from the rectangle design) can fit inside the circle frame for an Art Nouveau inspired medaillon.

This scalloped frame also matches the round designs of MN127 and MN128 for even more combinations.

The intricate 'Connection' sentiment complete this stamp for a world of possibilities. With it swirls, it is also great to create interest in a background.

Framing an abstract image gives a completely different vibe, very decorative.

PaperArtsy Ink & The Dog Mini 127 (MN127)
Coordinates with MN125, MN126, and mini stencils PM021 and PM022

Postage stamps are a staple of rubber stamp imagery among our designs. With its unique font, this bold one can be completed by the rectangular designs of MN125 and MN126, or any image of your choice.

This 'postal frame' works both horizontally and vertically for maximum versatility.

There is a little bit of wiggle room when stamping the inside design, so it is quite forgiving even when you are just eye-balling it.

'Return to sender' and a custom Parisian postmark complete this mail art set.

The two round designs at the top also fit perfectly in the round circular tags from MN125 and MN126 for customised embellishments.

PaperArtsy Ink & The Dog Mini 128 (MN128)
Coordinates with MN125, MN126, and mini stencils PM021 and PM022

Time for tickets and coins! The coins, featuring Marianne, are the same size as the designs on MN127 and match the circular frames in MN125 and MN126. The word 'Specimen' is one of those useful ones that can fit across many genre.

The frame can accommodate the tiny scenes from MN125 and MN126 to create mini ticket ephemera for churches, museums and shows.

The coins easily repeat to pattern intricate and quick backgrounds.

You will also find many other elements that fit the frame too, such as this hand.

Also fitting within the frame to label your little treasures, we have added some survey tags from the 1890's.

The fine and intricate text from the 'big' one makes great for backgroung texturing, inkeeping with PaperArtsy tradition!

Of course, you can also use them to make your own tags, or by themselves.

PaperArtsy Ink & The Dog Mini 129 (MN129)
Coordinates with mini stencil PM022, as well as MN125 & MN126

Are we ever going to get tired of stamp of postal stamps? Not this time at least! Used as a block, this mini stamp creates a quick and delicate background of stamps to be filled, or not.

The possibilities are endless to build beautiful little stamps and fun elements.

The delicate edge also creates an amazing texture when repeated on a background.

The designs are also spaced enough to be easily cut apart to use separately or to arrange in a a new configuration or bring focus to an element. How great would they be stamped into Grunge Paste?

If you want to mix and match, the biggest rectangle and square in the corners fit the rectangular designs from MN125 and MN126 and the circles from MN127 and MN128 respectively. 

To easily colour these stamp, be sure to also check out the Mini stencil PM022, shown in blue above and below, it's a perfect match.

PaperArtsy Ink & The Dog Mini 130 (MN130)
Coordinates with mini stencil PM021, as well as MN127 & MN128

If we are doing the rectangles, we also have to do the circles, don't we? This collection of postmarks easily populates a background with a detailed texture and the individual designs are perfect for post-inspired projects of all sizes.

With so many postage stamp inspired designs, post-marks can be used independently. They really give authenticity to your mail art! but they also build  texture in mire subtle colours.

The 2 biggest sizes can be filled with the circles from MN127 and 128 for some more mix and match! The open one in the bottom left corner matches too!

You can also layer them together: the Paris and Deauville marks fit the open one in the bottom left corner. So you could make a 3 layer post-mark.

Mini stencil PM021 is you friend to help colour these.

PaperArtsy Ink & The Dog Mini 131 (MN131)

A stand-alone design, this can be the focal of any card, or easily be a bold background for other layers too. Perfect when stamped in lighter colour inks, but who will be brave enough to cut apart some of these elements to use them separately ??? We would! Small sharp scissors are a must, and you might need to bend the stamp to snip the designs apart. It was not designed to be cut apart - but it is possible! Truly miniature art would thus evolve! Ok yes, of course you could stamp first and then trim the bits into other mini elements!

On this sample it was the central element around which the entire journal spread was designed, here's a closer look below.

PaperArtsy Ink & The Dog Mini 132 (MN132)

We love the elements on here, and if you do snip these apart (quite do-able) - indeed you will see from the live in PA People that Leandra has done just that - then you have the tiniest Eiffel Tower ever, allowing the most fun miniature art ideas!

Let's try super-small; twinchies, mini books, mini mail art - there are plenty of ways to enjoy small art creativity.


That is the end of the Ink and the Dog Mini stamps for this release, lets move onto the stencils!

Mini Stencil Size: 3.5" x 3.75" (9 x 9.5cm) Price: RRP €2.92 + VAT

PaperArtsy Mini Stencil 021  (PM021)
Coordinates with MN130, as well as MN125, MN126, MN127 and MN128

Circles, circles and more! Here is a stencil to quickly and boldly populate a background. Its big open spaces also make it great for gel printing or blocking out patterns.

Thanks to the different sizes of circles, it is easy to build layers and create complex looks. Alternating relief in metal create cogs and wheels.

Building layers in Grunge Paste reveals funky flowers.

Of course, as stated previously, this stencil allows you to easily colour the post marks of MN130 in one go, you'll find those across the left side of the mini stencil.

The two big scalloped shapes also match the circular stamps of MN125 and MN126.

Among all the circles of this mini stencil, you will find all you need to colour all the inside of the postmark too.

PaperArtsy Mini Stencil 022  (PM022)
Coordinates with PM023 and mini stamp MN129, as well as MN125, 126 and 127

And now, the square version! Another mini stencil perfect for gel printing, layering, and quickly building an interesting background. Wouldn't it also look so good reverse stencilled?

Layering this stencil creates a great overall pattern with a retro feel. Alternating media allows for transparency, creating complex patterns from simple shapes.

Rectangles are easy to cut out for windows, laces pages or overlays. This stencil has both shapes and interconnecting lines.

Stencilled with Grunge Paste, the rectangles are big enough to stamp in, for even more texture.

The group in the bottom left corner of the design allows you to easily colour the stamp shapes of MN129. The corner one matches the rectangles of MN125 and MN126 and the biggest rectangle the stamp on MN127.


PaperArtsy Mini Stencil 023  (PM023)
Coordinates with PM022, as well as MN127 and MN128

This one is inspired by perforations on the edges of classic lick and stick postal stamps. The circles of MN127 and MN128 fit in the upper square.

Make your own composition, to be filled with little scenes, quotes or faces.

It is also great for isolating and highlighting a section of an image or adding that little pizzaz to a background.

It perfectly matches the previous mini stencil, PM022, so you even have the solution to create that classic white border of postage stamps.

Or it can be a soft and gentle layer within a larger background.

How cool is it once dry-embossed in Crunchy wax paper! The grid created by this stencil is customisable and fun to fill... or not.

Now for something different... take this stencil, with its vertical and horizontal lines, and rotate it to create a new pattern.

PaperArtsy Mini Stencil 024  (PM024)

We continue our exploration of checkers from last year, this time in stencil form...  These are tiny, perfect for both small and big projects. Subtle in tone on tone or eye-catching with great contrast, you can never go wrong with chequerboard patterns! The possibilities are endless: bumping, layering, texture, embossing... so have a play!

This semi regular pattern looks great in 3D, here dry embossed on metal.

Layering creates endless new patterns, especially if you involve gel printing and reverse stencilling!

As shown on the focal of this card, you can also 'complete' the pattern for a tiled look.

Stencil bumping is particularly effective, for a slightly trippy result...

PaperArtsy Mini Stencil 025  (PM025)

As you are now aware, in this release, if we are doing it with squares, we also do it with circles... So here are some fading dots! With high contrast the pattern is almost hypnotising so use with caution... But in coordinated colours, it creates a nice undulating effect for an interesting background.

Painted, sanded back for the scratchy effect and bam! Instant background.

This stencil is also great at pulling the eye toward the focals, or at creating funky borders. Add fading colour to the fading dots for maximum gradient!

Up and down are not the only directions you can this stencil in! Dots look great in a circular pattern too.

The different sizes of dots can also be layered for a more complex pattern.

PaperArtsy Mini Stencil 026  (PM026)

Here at PaperArtsy we believe you never have enough typographical number stencils! These are vintage and varied in size and font, coming from vintage stamps, coins or ledgers. Used separately or together,  they cover all your numbering needs... or just instantly create a very cool background.

With a bit of easy masking, you can opt to stencil a specific number or add the 'Francs' or 'Centimes' to any customised postage marks.

Individually, these numbers are great to make tags and plates. the larger ones are big enough to be embossed, even in metal!

Thanks again for joining us here today to celebrate this new release. We look forward to seeing your ideas with these fun mini elements!

From all of us here at PaperArtsy, Happy New Year!

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Scrapbook Superstore & More, South Penrith, NSW
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Scrap Addicts, Edmonton, Alberta
Scrap and Bean, Edmonton, Alberta 
Scrapbooking Fairies, Drayton Valley, Alberta
The Paper & ink Boutique, Calgary, Alberta
The Scrap Yard, Calgary, Alberta, 

Hobbyboden Scrapworld Samso

Eirl Bancon Cartoscrap, Midi Pyrenees,
Fée Du Scrap, Saint Sébastien-Sur-Loire,
Horizon Créatif, Ste Jalle
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Katzelkraft, Ingwiller
Kerudoc Creation, St Yvi
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Stempelbar, Berlin,
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Scraps N Pieces, Kallithea

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De Hobbystudio, Genemuiden,
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Stampingcorner, Capelle Aan Den Ijssel

Hobbygarasjen, Kopervik,

Cien por Cien Manualidades, Barcelona,
Ideas 10 Manualidades Y Scrapbook, Bilbao
Marakiscrap, Tarragona,
Scrap & Papers Experiences, Barcelona,
The Paradise Corner, Barcelona,

Butik Elva, Staffanstorp,

Mandy's Cards, Taipei

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Amelia's Creative Crafts, Studley, Warwickshire
Art from the Heart, Harrogate, Yorkshire
Crafts at The Malthouse, Herstmonceux,  East Sussex,
Loobi Crafts, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire,
Papermaze, Ipswich, Suffolk 
Stampers Grove, Springbank, Lilliesleaf, Melrose,Scotland
The Artistic Stamper Craft Store, Faversham, Kent
The Forget me not Kraft KabinRochford, Essex,

Artistic Artifacts, Alexandria, VA
Artistic Studio Creations, Fayetteville, Georgia
Craftiness, Chatsworth, CA,
Ephemera Paducah, Paducah, Kentucky
Everything Scrapbook & Stamps, Lake Worth, Florida
Frantic Stamper, Oregon
Free Heart LLC, Denver, Colarado,
Joggles, Coventry, Rhode Island,
PaperCraft Clubhouse, Westbrook, Connecticut,
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