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2015 #22 A Sticky kind of Masterboard {by designer Jo Firth-Young}

 2015 Topic 22: Masterboards

Hi everyone, Jo Firth-Young here, joining you this evening with a post about creating a masterboard with Gelli®* plate printing and stickers.  I love creating masterboards (they're so useful!) and I'm enjoying using my Gelli® plate so I thought I'd combine the two. I had fun with this - I'm pleased that I have a 'group' of items at the end.

Step One:
I created my masterboard on a sheet of labels (I purchased a pack of 8 sheets for under £2.00 at my local stationers) - the sheets contains 8 labels.  I attached the sheet to desk with masking tape - this creates an added bonus (more about that later).  I find the sheets of stickers needs to be stuck down because the pressure/suction of lifting the 
Gelli® plate can pull stickers off their backing.

Gelli® printing works well on stickers because the paint is printed not painted onto the surface - so is dryer which means the labels don't get too wet and lose their stability and stickiness.

Step Two: Here are the Fresco Finish colours I used for the masterboard.  These are some of my favourite colours and I find work really nicely together - they're on the fresh side of pastel.

To create the masterboard I printed using a 3x5 in Gelli® plate - but you can print using other sizes (though I would avoid a very large plate as you need a certain amount of printed detail) - a circle plate would produce interesting patterns.

When I'm printing a masterboard or page of design I take the plate to the page, rather than the page to the plate, and I mount it onto an acrylic block to give it stability.

Step Three: I started off with a layer of prints using Blue Oyster and bubble wrap (I really like the print that bubble wrap gives you - could get a similar effect with Ellen Vargo's EEV06 stamp set).  I used prints of the bubble wrap pressed onto the Gelli® plate, prints of the bubble wrap itself and 2nd generation prints.

Step Four: The next layer was created with Guacamole and the Crafter's Workshop Stianed Glass Doily stencil laid onto the Gelli® plate and then both pressed down onto the label sheet. 

With each impression I try to get each colour in different areas of the sheet, and go over the edges to avoid blocks of 'white space'.

Step Five: Next up was a Sherbert layer - this time using big bubble wrap - again onto the Gelli® plate and printing from the bubbles directly.

Step Six: I thought the sheet above looked 'cold' at this point, and so I warmed it up with a layer of brayered bubble wrap - this seemed to disguise the obvious lines of the Gelli prints and tie everything together.  I love Dusty Teal paint - it's one of my favourite colours and as its no longer available I use it sparingly - Gelli print is great for that because a little bit of colour goes a long way.

Step Seven:   I am happy that you still see little areas of the original white sheet - looks lovely and fresh. And you can see I added some large Candy Floss Circles from JOFY31

Here is the finished masterboard...

Working with a sheet of labels means the "where do I cut it ?" decision has been can just peel, stick, and use as required, directly onto card fronts!!

After I had used the first two labels I thought maybe the masterboard needed something else - some detail... so I stamped the large flower from JOFY32 ...

...over the sheet - unfortunately I don't have a photo of that but you can see the flowers on the cards and projects below - the flowers gave the board a feature motif. On some projects I painted them and others I left them as simple line image.

Here are my numerous creations using the labels.  Journal pages, a small decorated picture frame, 2 cards...

... and more cards..

I'd like to show you more detail on a couple of the cards - first up is this simple card with bands of Gelli® printed tape - yes! This is the tape that held down the sheet of labels so it also became printed - seemed a shame to waste it!  Too nice to throw away so I tore it into lengths and attached it to a 10x15cm card blank (NB because masking tape is designed to be low tack I added glue to back of the tape to ensure it remained adhered to the surface)

On the card below I used 2 labels (spaced as they were on the main sheet).  I painted the feature flowers, added a small die-cut 'doily' and sentiment - both those items help disguise the join between the two labels that were used on the card (10x15cm). I like this card because its not as 'less is more' than the other.

Another project was a journal page, using a label and a length of the tape (I've smudged out the journaling words - hope you don't mind). The painted background of the page was created when I ran my brayer over the surface of the journal to clean the paint off. I didn't paint the flowers on this page because the line of my written words tied in nicely with the pen line of the stamped images.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my Gelli® printed masterboard and tape, and I hope it's inspired you to work on labels - it doesn't have to be an A4 sheet of labels as I've used here - you could use labels on rolls instead, and think or all the different sizes that label are available in - so many possibilities.

You can find my blog at, on twitter and instagram @jofyjo and on Facebook at

Over on my blog this evening you'll find a post about the pros and cons I encountered while creating the framed panel shown in the photos above.

Thanks for reading - and I look forward to seeing your creations!


How pretty are all your labels Jo ! Small detail, but I really like how those labels have rounded corners ! I guess now that I think of it, labels usually do, but it's a cool look! Creating your own masking tape by accident was a fabulous bonus! I can imagine that was a very excited JoFY at that point!!! Thanks for showing us so many samples that you got from just one sheet of labels! ~Leandra

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2015 #22 With Brave Wings {by Sue Carrington}

 2015 Topic 22: Masterboards

Hi everyone Sue here, joining you this evening with a post about Masterboards. I love making backgrounds and Masterboards are just another way of doing this. They also come in really handy when you need to create multiple items, such as Christmas cards.

Step One: For my masterboard I decided to use a 12 x 12 piece of tissue paper. Using Granny Smith Fresco Finish from the limited edition set I brushed on the paint in a zig zag pattern.

Step Two: I then started to add to the design using Green Olives Fresco Finish with a smaller paint brush. 

Step Three: I carried on adding more paint to the tissue paper using some sequin waste and the edge of a plastic card. Then I stamped the butterflies from Hotpick 1506 using Leaf Green and Forget me Not Archival ink and the text from the same set using black Archival ink. 

Hotpick 1506 

Step Four: To use the masterboard on my journal page I tore it into strips and glued it onto the page that I'd blended Granny Smith and Captain Peacock over.

Step Six: The leaves were stencilled using ELB 002 and Granny Smith then I drew around them using a Stabilo pencil and then with a damp paint brush went over the pencil lines. Using the same stencil I used ArtBasics White Crackle. I then created a glaze using Captain Peacock and brushed it all over the page except over the Stabilo pencil and after a couple of minutes wiped it back using a baby wipe. 

Step Seven: I used the panel stamp from HotPick 1506 with Versamark ink then white embossed it. To create the white lines I used the edge of Flexi Block dipped in Snowflake Fresco Finish. I stamped more butterflies from the HotPick 1506 set onto some scraps of the tissue Masterboard, cut them out and glued them on to the page. The sentiment from HotPick 1506 was stamped onto the journal page using black Archival ink.

I've included one last close up shot to show the crackle of the leaves and the fabulous detail of the butterfly stamps.

Masterboards are so enjoyable to make and can be created so quickly, you then have plenty of your own handmade paper or card to use in future projects. Hope you feel inspired to have a go !


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Fabulous use of the new paint colours Sue . the torn strips are a brilliant base layer for a journal page; immediate dimension that can be built upon. Lots going on here but the complimentary colours keep it all consistent, as do the stencilled shapes, one echoing the other. ~Darcy 

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

2015 #22 Christmas Masterboard {by Alison Hall}

 2015 Topic 22: Christmas Masterboard {by Alison Hall}

Hi everyone! Alison here, joining you this evening with a Christmas themed masterboard.

I've used my favourite way of applying paint, with a brayer. It's so quick and easy to get a lovely random background. There's also a little bit of collage thrown in for good measure, and some stamping with paint, and I've used Sara Naumann's beautiful Christmas Eclectica sets ESN17 and ESN18.

Step One: I began with a light layer of paint on a sheet of White Smoothy Stamping Card. I used my Brayer to apply Chalk, Moonlight and Mermaid Fresco Finish Paint.

Step Two: Next I added some medium shades of Fresco Finish Paint in Captain Peacock and Professor Plum (both from the Sept. 2015 Special Edition Set of Fresco Finish), then a light application of Claret and South Pacific.

Step Three: Time to knock those dark shades into the background with another application of Moonlight and Mermaid Fresco Finish Paint.

Step Four: Next I took a piece of White Tissue Paper, and used Jet Black Archival Ink to stamp a collage of images and words from ESN18

Step Five: I ripped the tissue into thin strips, then used Ranger Glue 'N Seal Matte to adhere them to my background.

Step Six: To finish my masterboard, I stamped some images from ESN17, using Captain Peacock, Professor Plum, and Chalk Fresco Finish Paint.

I decided to cut my masterboard into four to make some Christmas cards.

To make my cards, I mixed a little Golden Fluid Acrylic Micaceous Iron Oxide into some Golden Glass Bead Gel, and used a Palette Knife to apply this through PaperArtsy Stencil 001 {ELB}, onto two of the masterboard quarters.

I used Jet Black Archival Ink to stamp the lovely bird image from ESN18, as well as some branches in the opposite corner, and some of the words. I finished by sponging Chalk Fresco Finish Paint lightly onto the Bead Gel stencilling, then matting my artwork onto black card and then a white card blank.

Here's a closer look at one of the cards. I just love the texture of the Bead Gel. Mixing it with the Micaceous Iron Oxide Acrylic gives it a lovely sparkle...thanks Leandra for that tip!

Using a brayer is such a quick and easy way to apply paint, definitely my favourite, and it looks different every time. Build up some layers with a little collage, and stamping, and you soon have a handy masterboard to use for any type of project. It's definitely a good way to get started on your Christmas cards! I hope I've inspired you to give this technique a try.

Alison x

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I love the idea of mixing the micaceous iron oxide into the glass bead gel! How lovely to add that texture to the masterboard. These look great Alison, I know you are a massive fan of Sara Naumann's stamps and this is a fabulous was to use them! I love how the brayering technique is always so individual to whoever is holding the brayer! ~ Leandra

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Monday, 23 November 2015

2015 #22 Quick And Easy Art Journal {by Kim Dellow}

2015 Topic 22: Masterboards

Hey folks, Kim Dellow here; as it is Masterboards fortnight here on the PaperArtsy blog, I am using them to decorate a DIY journal cover. Making journals and notebooks are in my top favourite things to do. I, like so many others, came to the mixed media world through the papercraft route. I’m a card maker and memory keeper and as such I have a quadrillion sheets of pretty patterned papers. I’ve counted them and it was actually a quadrillion and six, but, hey let’s not fall out over accuracy here, it is a lot of paper! But sometimes making sure that I use them all up can be tricky. So one of my go-to uses for them is to convert them into art journals and notebooks.

One of the simplest ways to do this, if you fancy having a go too, is to make pamphlets and that is my make today: a pamphlet, or single signature, style art journal with Masterboard covers. If you want something bigger than a pamphlet, you can always make a number of them and string them together into a bigger book, something I also enjoy playing with from time to time and I bet the book makers amongst you do too!

I’m sure you have spotted what stamp set I have used? It is the EDY14.

Step One: For my starting point I’ve used some old 12” by 12” scrapbook pages. I’ve picked out a few from my stash that are more heavy weight and that can take a few layers of paint and gesso. I’ve covered each with a couple of layers of gesso just roughly applied and I’m not too worried about covering everything up.

Step Two: Next I’ve added a touch of colour using the Fresco Finish Acrylics. My colour palette was: Blueberry, Spanish Mulberry, Autumn Fire and I painted a sheet for each colour. Then I also used Snowflake and Little Black Dress to add tints and shades as well as Caramel with Snowflake to make a buff colour.

Step Three: On each painted sheet I then covered it with stamping in the same colourway, each time stamping with the corresponding paint. Don’t forget to wash your stamps immediately afterwards!

Step Four: Next up is the fun part, cutting up each stamped masterboard and jigsaw puzzling it together onto another piece of scrapbook paper and, once I was happy with the arrangement, I stuck it all down with Golden Gel Medium and let it dry completely before trimming the cover to size. I added more paint to each masterboard piece to add some extra pop. If I had had the time my first plan was to stitch the borders, but paint will just have to do!

Step Five: To make the focal point decoration, I stamped out one of the main stamps from the set with a combination of Memento Desert Sand and Tuxedo Black ink. I stamp the Tuxedo black inking out once on spare paper then use the lighter colour to 'juice' up the black ink left on the stamp to stamp onto the painted layers. I find I get a better impression doing it this way, you can just see the black but it isn't enough to interfere with any subsequent layers.

I then went around the stamping with gesso and Blueberry paint. Once it was dry, I used a Stabilo All pencil and water to pick out the stamping. Then I finished the image by painting the inside of the flower head with shades and tints of Blueberry and touches of the Autumn Fire.

Step Six: To finish the cover I stuck the circle in place and added another, smaller circle cut from the Autumn Fire masterboard with the sentiment stamped on and cut from masterboard too. You can add the elements with foam or heavy gel if you want more dimension, but I wanted my cover to be flat for ease of slipping the book into a handbag to art journal on the go.

To add the inside pages of my pamphlet journal, I used some old scrapbook pages again, this time slightly lighter weight paper but still able to withstand a bit of gesso if needed. Then I pierced two holes in the spine and tied the pages and cover together with a piece of embroidery thread.

I know it is simple and there are a ton of more elaborate books you can make out there but sometimes simple is best and you can mass-produce a few of these and have some ready-made journals to get up and go with!

That’s it from me, Kim Dellow, thanks for popping in. 
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Love this quick and easy project Kim, we all have way too much scrapbook paper that never sees the light of day (wait ... is that just me!!). Loving the juicy colour palette you chose to work with .. an all round fab use of masterboards. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. ~Gillian

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2015 Topic 22 Masterboards {Challenge}

 2015 Topic 22: Masterboards

Well hello everyone, Leandra here

It only seems like yesterday that we launched the blog with a fortnightly topic focus, and here we are at the end of the year with the final topic! 

I have got to say, that after many years of blogging, this past year has been my favourite -hands down! We have built up a group of over 30 different blog contributors. This allows us to bring to you so many styles, talents and skills for you to enjoy and reflect upon. 

The topics have alternated from products to concepts and techniques which seems to also suit you to opt in or out depending on what tickles your fancy.

Before we start, let's see who won the Topic 21: Abstract Art Challenge...

Hi, Darcy here. Some very inspiring entries for the last theme, abstract can be very freeing, but that in itself can be difficult for a lot of people. As always you rose to the challenge and really pushed yourselves to explore the theme. 

The winner of Abstract Art  is: Helen from Stamping by H

Email Darcy to claim your prize.

Leandra back with you... 
So just one more challenge remains before we take a break over the Christmas/ New Year period. The Masterboards Topic will be open until Dec 6th, and winner announced as usual on that same Sunday evening.

As we near Christmas, 'Masterboards' is a topic that works well if you are in desperate need to embark upon a Xmas card-making frenzy. I know a lot of you like to get your cards sent by Dec 1st (showing the rest of us up!), so there is still time to use this technique for those of you who fly by the seat of your pants! 

I've even knocked up a video showing you how super quick it can be to do a masterboard using my brayer technique and some gorgeous colours, here is the finished card below. I didn't finish it properly in the video, so take a good look!...

...actually I made 7 cards - WOW!! 

As JOFY stamps are hand-drawn and quite finely detailed, they struggled to 'pop' off the bright background.o make them 'pop' I did really like using the white paint mixed with Satin Glaze on top of the stamped area, then additional touches of Bougainvillea or Tango as you can see in the samples. As you can tell from the video, a masterboard takes me about 10 mins, and then adding them to cards took me about another hour behind the scenes. But that included the white painting/ coloured accents. All good fun!

Here is the video showing how I made the masterboard...

Jo herself did a similar thing in summer , read about it here. Yes, she used YELLOW! Just like i never make Christmas cards, she NEVER uses yellow! Masterboards are empowering things! LOL

You can see lots of the cards up close on her blog post or on my Pinterest page for masterboards. How deliciously simple is this!

Jo is really good at masterboards, in this post she turned this amazing board (from PaperArtsy Blog post here)...

...into this... so gorgeous how the grid squares have been perfectly arranged. There are additional samples on Jo's blog here ....

and here she has made some stunning tags with the remnants...

But upon further inspections it is easy to see how addicted Jo is to this way of creating! Here is another that got chopped up see details here... and another gilded version here.

Next up Anneke, she also is great with bright colours. In the video I showed you a journal she sent us, and here is another done in a masterboard style with a gelli plate. Details here...

And here is the finished cover with additional stamping details added.

Ellen Vargo's stamps are perfect for masterboards. See her post here on how these came about...

I was chuckling this week as Chris Cresswell posted a series of photos showing how a masterboard she was working on developed. You can see the progression below and more on her blog here. She starts with papers, paints, paint-sprays and brusho glazes...

and has added some gorgeous top layers in different ways...collages...

and 'blocking out' images traced from stencils using different colours to block.

I also spied on her blog this journal page which is a stunning creation that could be called a masterboard too! I think this was made in a Tracy Scott class she attended...

And this year Chris has organised a circle journal for a few ladies this year, and this was Chris's page in Gabrielle's journal. She started with a masterboard and then blocked. Read about the process here...

It takes some willpower to turn a background like the above into the below, but I think this blocking concept is one of my favourite techniques at the moment. You can use stamps on the top and block around those too.

Masterboards are often flat to touch,  but they look awesome with texture too, check out this post by Brenda for Countryview Crafts using Frescos and Grunge Paste. Love the effect!

I think you are really going to enjoy this topic, it is so broad, and you can use the colours, stamps, gels and mediums of your choice. It pull a lot of recent topics together. Have fun!

Don't forget to follow my Masterboards pinterest board if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! 

I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!


Topic 22: Masterboards PaperArtsy Blog Challenge (Final challenge of 2015)

We'd love you to share your ideas and link up your creativity to this page. Please familiarise yourself with the challenge guidelines below before entering.

All links go in the draw to win a voucher to spend on products of your choice from the PaperArtsy online store. The Masterboards link will close 17:00 (London Time) Sunday, Dec 6th, winner will be announced 2 hours later at 19:00.

1. The challenge is a chance for you to show how you have been inspired by a particular technique of the fortnight. Your entry should contain:
- a mention of which post inspired you and why, and 
- a link in your blog post to that original post on the PA blog.

The whole concept of this challenge is 'play along with us'. You are encouraged to put your own twist on ideas you see on our blog. We love to see how you are inspired and your twist!

2. The link you put on our linky page must lead directly to the specific post on your blog where you have explored the technique/ idea mentioned in point 1 above. Don't link to the home page of your blog, or we will be unable to find the post to leave you comments.

3. Spam links will be deleted.

4. We prefer your challenge post is created exclusive to our challenge, but if our topic fits perfectly with another challenge, then of course your post may link to both if you feel it is appropriate.

5. You are most welcome to use stamps/ products/ substrates you have to hand from a variety of companies, we do not expect you to exclusively use PA products - it's lovely when you do though!

6. You can enter as many times as you like in the fortnight. We don't want to restrict your creativity or participation! Link closes at 17:00 Sunday Dec 6th   (London Time)

7. The winner of the random draw will receive a £50 credit to be redeemed on the PaperArtsy Website, the credit includes VAT and postage. We request that one of your purchases is an A5 rubber stamp. You can add any other items to your basket, but the final total should not exceed £50

8. Each Sunday fortnight the winner will be announced at 19:00, also, in the same post, the link for the next fortnight will be posted. It's your responsibility to claim your prize coupon from Darcy: email her

Good Luck! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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