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2017 Topic #1: Pink and Orange {Challenge}

 2017 Topic 1: Pink and Orange

Well hello and Happy New Year everyone, Darcy here, this is my first chance to say hello this year. I hope you all had a wonderful break over Christmas. I am sure you are all excited about our new releases, there are some amazing new designs. Our guests will be using them in upcoming posts to hopefully inspire and encourage your creativity. 

We have come up with a slightly different way of bringing themes to you this year; each group of themes will kick off with a colour scheme, which is where we begin today. 

So what do we think about Pink and Orange, firstly they are obviously very striking colours in their own right, but together they can be truly dynamic.

The name for the colour pink has only been used since the mid 17th century, and was taken from the flowers of the same name. The flowers themselves were called 'Pinks' because of the pinked frilly edge to the petals. The colour can be energetic, sensual, passionate and exciting depending on the shade. But when white is added it becomes sweeter and more innocent. As a derivation of red, pinks can stimulate; inspiring confidence.

They can also be a calming colour and can reduce aggression. Another psychological effect is when we see pink sugary food we crave it more as we perceived it to be sweeter than other colours. 

Pink can be a warm colour if it contains a majority of red pigment, but can be made much cooler if blue is added. 

Throughout western art history, pinks have been used as flesh colours, though back then they were called rose. As for the shocking pink hues that we see now they weren't introduced until 1931.

Orange is a warm colour, and is the secondary colour created by mixing red and yellow. It has associations with energy, activity and fire, and if a lot of red is added then it can be a danger or need for alert, colour. This can be a negative but also a positive in the case of the bright orange life jacket, easily seen for rescuers. 

Throughout history orange has been used in art, from tomb paintings and manuscripts right through to modern day. The ancient pigments were toxic, but by the 18th century these had been replaced by synthetic pigments. This led to a rise in popularity of orange, especially by the pre-raphaelites, take a look at their paintings and note the abundance of long flowing red hair. 

More recently orange was a dominant colour in the 60's and 70's, we think of that as outdated, but there is also a sense of nostalgia. As with many trends, orange and pink are making a resurgence, never more strongly than when combined. 

Because they are close on the colour wheel and equally hot,energetic colours they can create a scheme that is alive and fizzing.
Try combining pink and orange over a white or cream background for a really punchy effect.

Or combine with white to create defined shapes. 

White can also be used to tone down or 'knock back' the intensity of colours as on this fabulous piece of abstract wall art. 

White can also be added as a really effective highlight, like this piece by Tracy Evans. 

and this tag, also by Tracy. In fact if you go to her blog and scroll back through the posts you will see lots of projects in this colour scheme. 

Another tag now from another Tracey, this too shows how the white really pops off the background of orange and pink. 

For a slightly more vintage feel how about this stunning piece made with recycled paper and fabric scraps. this would be a great way to use up gelli prints. 

Another way to create a focal area or add some impact over the pink and orange is to add some bold black. 

How about a journal page, colourful and playful by Kate Crane, in her fun style that we all love. 

Kate Crane
Or perhaps go for something more dreamy with watercolour paints. Did you know you can achieve a similar look with watered down Frescos.
Elise Engh

A great way to add these vibrant pops of colour to your wardrobe, without dressing head to toe in hot pink or orange , is to accessorise with some fun jewellery. 

These Christian Louboutin shoes come with a hefty pricetag but you could create something similar with PaperArtsy flower dies and a bejeweller, hands up if you have one of those at the back of a cupboard!

If embroidery is your passion how about this super cute beetle, done in gorgeous shades of pink and orange. Though they are jewel-like colours that are in muted shades, and the French knots add wonderful texture.

Marg Dier
For the crocheters how about this fresh and funky blanket, this would be perfect to decorate a teenage girls room. 


This print is so vibrant and would look great in many home decor styles. how could you achieve something similar? well Fresco paints will give you that vibrancy, and we also have house stamps, looking further afield there are several house stencils on the market or you could draw your own houses. I think what I like most is that just the one house is picked out in orange

Or how about grabbing some fabric medium to add to your Fresco paints and then whip up this bag, look how simple the shapes are. All the impact is created by the colours. 

This is a fascinating glimpse into how someone tries out and chooses various layers of these bold colours. 

To finish with today let's look at complementary colours. the opposite, and therefore complementary colour to pink is green, and the opposite to orange is blue. So why not experiment with adding touches of those. I personally find that pink and orange work brilliantly with lime green, but turquoise can work really well too. Be careful with your pinks though, too much blue will make the pink look awkward next to the orange, keep them both warm so that they sit well together. 

You only have to look to nature to see how the zingy, lime green works .

.. and here you can see how the summery, turquoise is the perfect backdrop for the bolder pink and orange flowers. 
Whatever you decide to make, remember there are countless shades and tones, experiment with all the combinations. If brights aren't your thing then opt for muted tones of salmons, and raspberries, peaches and mangoes ( wow total food theme going on there!)
So there you have it, topic number 1 for 2017, are you ready to play? ready, steady GO!

Don't forget to follow Darcy and Leandra's Pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!

~ Darcy

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Challenge Guidelines

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NEW Challenge/ winner: Each fortnight on Sunday, the winner will be announced at 19:00 (London time). In the same post, the link for the next fortnight will be posted. 

Good Luck! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

NEW from PaperArtsy {JoFY} Jan 2017

NEW: JoFY Collection

Jo has the largest Signature designer Collection here at PaperArtsy, and as we enter her 7th year designing for us she is now up to over 50 stamps sets! Her ideas are still overflowing and you are in for plenty to ooohh and aaahhhhh over! She never fails to please.

For 2017, Jo has some large format chunky flowers and delicious stencils. A mix of chunky and delicate that she pulls together with charm and elegance.
Let's take a look!
And here are gorgeous stencils that you will adore!

Here's a video with some fantastic JoFY ideas from Jo and her wingmen, Keren and Sarah!

I'll hand you over to Jo and her wingies now, and she can tell you all about those ideas floating about in Jofy world for 2017 shortly!

~ Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Jo here to show you my newest stamps designed for PaperArtsy. For this release I created lots more flowers to coordinate with previous sets, and because we all now seem to be using our supplies over different art/ craft areas I've included phrases and words for the scrapbookers, cardmakers, & art journallers out there.  I really hope that you can use these designs anyhow and anywhere.

Tonight I invited Sarah Anderson and Keren Baker to help make samples with these new products. Please go and check out their blogs where you will find more detailed information about these stunning samples and the techniques they used to create them. Well worth a visit!

Let's start with Sarah Anderson

I've been a fan of Sarah's work following her Instagram account (@sarahthemoodler) for some time. She is great at using inked layers on her work without  it becoming too cluttered, I really looked forward to seeing what she created with the new stamps and I wasn't disappointed!

'Wildflowers' using JOFY49 by Sarah Anderson

I love Jo's relaxed handwriting and the amazing effects you can achieve from stamping it over and over until there is no ink left on your stamp! Makes for great texture. The tiny little flowers are begging me to use them on stickers, which I love adding to my planner.

'Flight of Exploration' using JOFY50 by Sarah Anderson

Jo's stamp designs often beg me to add stitching and this set was no exception. Bright french knots adorn these beautiful flowers.

'Happiness' using JOFY51 by Sarah Anderson

This gorgeous sunflower is such a wonderful size I'm itching to use it on a journal page. It makes for a great background too when used on a gelli plate.

'Work in Progress' using JOFY52 by Sarah Anderson

This set contains my favourite stamp of the whole release - the line of scribble. It adds such brilliant texture and I know I'll return to it again and again.

~ Sarah

Next up we have Keren Baker (@craftstampink).
Keren has been a wingman for me before and I'm really happy she's with me again for this release.  Her style is clean and simple but at the same time a little 'out of the box' which is what I really like about her work.

'Thistle Cluster' using JOFY49 by Keren Baker

The knockout flowers and foliage from this set made me think of a floral upside-down arrangement- in fact the sort you might see hanging from a door. The thistle type flower lent itself beautifully and the small swirls help give depth and movement

'Flower Lift' using JOFY50 by Keren Baker

I saw the 3D possibilities with this set quite quickly and as the flowers are too complex to trim out, it makes creating the dimension really simple. I love the different sizings of the flowers and how they're so easy to repeat and create a whole meadow if you wanted. The sentiments on this set are so versatile too. I want to try and create these in acetate and vellum.

The other lovely image in the set is a butterfly and I thought about creating a ring of fluttering butterflies with a rebel butterfly breaking rank! I've added a few of the flowers so it doesn't become too predictable and the sentiments are lovely for adding colour or doodles to. I'd next like to create the letters for 'rebel' using lots of butterflies and add the sentiment on top using a firm substrate for the base. Anything with butterflies HAS to be good!

'Happy Bloom' using JOFY51 by Keren Baker

This set can double as a sun, sunflower or a more dimensional piece. I wanted to build up the petals individually to create a different style of flower and the petals can double as leaves too. The spacing between the words mean its easy to mask or simply chop up to get more useable words. I want to do a shaker style project next using the beautiful inner circle- those tiny circles are great for sequin style images too. The whole set just makes you happy creating with it.

'Period Wallpaper' using JOFY52 by Keren Baker

This set made me think of botanical period style wallpaper or fabric. I loved painting around the small elements and then using the bold elegant flower as the main focus. There's a classy beauty about this set and the flowers would look fab adding more stamped petals to give them dimension. I cant wait to try some bleach stamping using this set onto a dark background.


So now it's time to show you what I've made with these new stamps. I've got a few step-outs with these ideas incorporating all my brand new products, let me walk you through some ideas with the new stamps and stencils!

Project One: Positivity among the Petals
using  JOFY49, 50 and 52 by Jo Firth-Young

First I've made an ATC sized triptych.  I really enjoy making little projects like this - amazing how much you can fit onto an ATC!  I created these by attaching them together on the reverse and working on them as one complete panel.

Step One: First I ombre painted the 3 panels (Zucchini & Vanilla) top to bottom (rather than side to side which I might usually do)

Step Two: Next I stencilled those same two colours through PS056 (using a brush rather than foam because of the delicate design) - using Vanilla against the Zucchini and vice versa.

Step Three: I stamped on the big flower heads from (left to right) JOFY49, JOFY50 and JOFY52, using black Archival ink.

Step Four: I painted all the flowers using the same four colours so they coordinate across the triptych - Coral, Vanilla, Cherry Red & Hyde Park.

Stencils and Masks
Before I move on to my next project I wanted to share a quick note about the stencil/mask combo's that I have created for this release. 

When you receive them the masks will be attached to the stencil. (remember stecnisl are holes you put stuff through, and Masks you use to cover up and apply product around leaving a negative space behind)

There are little 'bridges' created between the mask and the stencil that you will need to carefully snip to release the mask element. In the photo below you can see me using a scalpel to do this but on larger stencil you could use a pair of scissors. 

I also write 'right side' on the large master-stencil, and make a black mark on the mask to show which is the right side up - this will save a lot of time (and possibly frustration lol) in the future when you're putting the mask back in place to layer up the designs.

Having both masks and stencils allows you to create with so much more depth, and those masks are going to be super handy on gelli plates too! As these 2 examples show. 

Not only can you mask the background, then print over the top of the stencil.

But you can get some great ghost effects too, as you can see in the foreground of this sample. I'll do some steps out of these ideas on my blog in the future. It's a very addictive process, and you often get unexpected, exciting results! Like below!

Project Two: Falling Flowers Tag 
using stencils PS056/ 057 by Jo Firth-Young

I've also made a tag featuring two of the new stencils.  This was quite an organic project - one of those 'lets see what happens' projects that are a lot of fun to create. It was really nice to see how the flower stencils can layer up together.

Step One: First I painted a large manilla tag in Vanilla & Zucchini Fresco paint & painted and printed bubble wrap over the top.  Then I stencilled Coral through the stencil flower shapes of PS057.

Step Two: Once the paint was dry I laid the stencil back in place and placed the mask elements in position and applied Bougainvillea.

The mask flowers 'protect' the Coral layer and this is the result.  I really like the two tone effect that is created and how the first colour (Coral) becomes the 'veins' of the flowers.

Step Four: Next layer was swirls from PS057, and then once these were dry I stencilled flowers in 'Chalk' from PS056 - and I'm sorry but I got too carried away and forgot to take photos! oops

In the photo below you can see all the layers in detail - the white flowers of PS056 are the top layer of stencilling before I stamped words (JOFY50), swirls (JOFY49) and added white and metallic gel pen detailing.

So there we have it - 4 new stamps sets and 4 coordinating stencils... I realise I probably say this with each release but I love these designs- they really are going to be so useful and versatile!  I hope you like them as much as I do - I look forward to seeing what you create.

You can find me at:
My website
Instagram and Twitter: @jofyjo
and I'm also teaching online as part of Wanderlust 2017

Over on my blog you'll find a couple more projects that I created with this new release. Please pop over and take a look.

Before I sign off I'd like say a big, sincere THANK YOU to Sarah and Keren - my supertalented wingmen - I'm sure you'll agree that their samples were fabulous.


I hope those of you with a JoFY addiction are feeling somewhat sated!  There was a lot to take in for this post, and much to explore with Jo's stencil/ mask combos too!
Leave your love in the comments below for Jo, she's very excited to hear what you think!

Tonight's wingmen have detailed step out's explaining how they made their samples on their own blogs tonight, so do drop by and take a look by following the links direct to the posts on Keren and Sarah's blogs.

Congratulations Jo,  this is another brilliant release, you have worked so hard on it and the stencils are gorgeous !

~ Leandra & Mark 

Below is a list of the retailers who have already got these new releases in stock ready for you to buy NOW!

Artistic Studio Creations, Fayetteville, Georgia
(ETS, Infusions)

Frantic Stamper, Oregon 
(Zinski, Lynne Perrella, JoFY, ELB, EEA, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Simon Says Stamp, columbus, Ohio www. 
(Zinski, JoFY, ETS, EEA, ELB, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Seth Apter, New York
(ESA, Frescos)

Scrapbook Centrale, Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec
(Zinski, JoFY, ETS, LPC, Frescos)

Aldridge Crafts, Attleborough, Norfolk
(Zinski, Jofy, EEA, ESA, Frescos)

Birds in the Barn, Marks Tey, Essex
(Zinski, Jofy, ETS, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Blade Rubber Stamps, London
(JoFY, LPC, Frescos)

Countryview Crafts, Potton, Bedfordshire 
(Zinski, Jofy, ELB, EEA, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Craftylicious, Mildenhall, Suffolk
(Zinski, Jofy, ETS, ESA, ELB

Everything Art, Powys, Wales 
(EEA, Frescos, Infusions)

Keep on Crafting, Burt St Edmunds, Suffolk
(Zinski, Jofy, ELB, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

LouLouPurple, Gwynedd, Wales

ShabbyChic Stencils Ltd, Stourbridge, West Midlands
(Jofy, EEA, Zinski, ELB, Frescos)

Stampers Grove, Edinburgh, Scotland 
(Zinski, JOFY, ELB, EEA, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

That's Crafty, Romford, essex 
(Zinski, Jofy, Lynne Perrella, ELB, EEA, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

The Artistic Stamper Craft Store, Faversham, Kent 
(Zinski, ETS, Frescos, Infusions) 

The Craft Barn, Merstham, Surrey 
(Zinski, Jofy, ETS, ESA,  ELB, Frescos, Infusions)

The Craft Box, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
(Zinski, Jofy, ELB, ETS, ESA)

The Craft Den, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
(Zinski, Jofy, ETX, Frescos)

The Forget me not Kraft Kabin
(Zinski, JoFY, ELB, ETS,  Frescos)

Kerudoc Creation, St Yvi
(Zinski, JoFY, ELB, EEA, ETS, ESA)

Stempeloase Munich 
(Zinski, JoFY, ELB, ETS, ESA, Frescos)

Stempelfee Shop
(Zinski, EEA, ETS, ESA, Frescos)

Hobbycompleet de Duif, Leeuwarden 
(Zinski, JoFY, ELB, ETS, ESA)

Art and Soul Studio, Burrum Heads, Queensland
(Zinski, Jofy, Lynne Perrella, ELB, EEA, ETS, ESA)

Crafters Cupboard, Berwick, Victoria
(JoFY, ELB, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Time To Create, Modanville, NSW
(Zinski, ELB, ESA, Frescos)

Mandy's Card, Taipei
(Zinski, JoFY, ETS, ESA, ELB, EEA, Frescos, Infusions)

TIny Dots, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
(JoFY, Frescos, Infusion)

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