Friday, 18 April 2014

Garden Lantern {with Eclectica³ Darcy Stamps by Alison Bomber}

Hello everyone, Alison from Words and Pictures here - and delighted to be back at PaperArtsy to share a simple make to light up your garden on a summer evening.

I started with a really nice octagonal jar (from some fancy jam, I think, or maybe mustard!) and a "what if?". What if I mixed my Fresco paint with a Glaze?  Would that help it adhere to the glass without a sealing coat first?  Answer: yes!

You can see the array of colours which got applied - Inky PoolSouth PacificHey PestoLimelight and Zesty Zing.  They're all translucents and each of them got mixed with a good dollop of Pearl Glaze (at least 50:50 I'd say) and then gradually blended with one another as we progressed from the bottom up.

I applied them first of all with a brush...
... and then patted over the top with some Cut'n'Dry Foam, while the paint was still wet, creating the softer textured look.

I grabbed some of Darcy's grasses (fun to say that!) from the Eclectica³ Darcy 07 set, and stamped them around the jar in Forest Green Staz-On.

EDY 07
To catch the rim at the bottom, I turned the stamp upside-down and stamped the ends of the stems around there.
And then, of course, lots of twine around the top for a rustic garden look.
I love that it looks opaque, but is actually beautifully translucent.
Look at it from the inside - you can see that stamping through the glass so clearly.
And it looks so beautiful with a tea-light lit inside.  Get those octagonal reflections!

I wish I could capture the subtle glow of the whole jar but, as you'll know if you've ever taken photos of candles alight, the image gives you the candle far brighter and the rest duller than the naked eye receives it.

Hope you like the results of my "what if?"... I think there are going to be quite a few of these dotted around my tiny courtyard this summer.

I'll have to do most of them with normal round jars, which will make the stamping a little trickier.  But it should be fine.  I managed it with my Christmas Lantern, after all.  The textured paint helps to "grab" the stamp, and if you stamp in small portions rather than trying to get it all done in one, it should all work out.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have fun playing!


A huge thanks to Alison from all at PaperArtsy HQ. Wow this is so lovely, that dreamy glow of the inside is wonderful. I really like the texture created by stippling with foam over the brushed layer. A garden full of these twinkly jars would be it's a PaperArtsy party at your's then?

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Masterboard Makes {with JoFY Stamps by Designer Jo Firth Young}

Hi everyone, Jo here with the second part of my Masterboard project.  Last month I created this:
...and it was great to see so many of you join in and create your own masterboards I hope you had fun- & apologies to those who found it slightly addictive!  Printing and colouring are relaxing ways to spend time don't you think!
EDIT: If you'd like to see the original post showing how to create the board and which stamps sets were used you can find it HERE.

When I created my masterboard I also made a colour index of all the coloured pencils I'd used.

I created 'embellishments' by stamping lots of spare flowers onto PaperArtsy Smoothy Card and coloured them matching the same colours as the masterboard.

So now we've created our masterboards we need to create with them.  I scan and save my masterboards onto the computer, and I also photocopy them - I have to admit cutting into the finished board for the first time is a little bit scary so I feel better if I have a copy..(or 2...) of the original.

On the masterboard I coloured each type of flower the same which, I feel, makes the board look like a printed piece of fabric and that became my inspiration for the projects.

The first project I created was a scrapbook page. I lean towards the 'less is more/clean & simple' when it comes to scrapbooking. This page is taken from one of the versatile 12x12 Kraft albums that PaperArtsy sells - I LOVE THESE!!

Great weight of paper pages - perfect for big messy journaling or for neat & tidy.  The ringbinding makes them easy to take apart to remove pages to work on and then replace when finished.
They're not available on the PaperArtsy website but give them a call if you'd like one.

I die cut lots of hexagons from various papers that coordinated with the masterboard: booktext, the green/white spotted paper, painted pieces and papers from the stash) & of course the masterboard. I played around the the layout of the hexagons making sure that no two the same were side by side and when happy I secured them with a glue stick.
Then came the fun part - I sewed round all the pieces with the sewing machine (nb. paper/card can blunt needles so keep a needle to use solely for sewing these substrates).

It was fun sewing around all those shapes - I had to go over a couple of lines twice to keep the line going but that's not a problem- adds to the handcreated effect.
to finish the page I hand sewed some of the individual flowers onto the page along with few buttons and die cut leaves.  I also wrote brief notes on the notepaper hexagons.

The back of the page looked like this and as much as I like it I do prefer for my pages to have a clean back and so I sewed this and another matching page together around the edges.
Sewing the two pages together added to the sewing theme and, more importantly, reinforced and flattened the original page which had to be bent to get it through/under the arm of the sewing machine.

The first page used a lot of sewing machine work and so while I was on a bit of a roll with the masterboard, sewing, patchwork, hexagon theme I created another one this time using only 'faux' stitching - I like adding faux stitching to projects and its useful if you don't have a sewing machine but still want to achieve the the 'sewn' look:

I die cut more hexagons - this time in several different sizes - and arranged them to suit on the page - overlapping the elements: the photo, the hexagons the flowers so that everything is connected.  All pieces were adhered with either doublesided tape, 3d foam (small hexagons) and glossy accents (buttons and flowers).

The bigger buttons had cotton sewn through them and then were glued to the page to avoid sewing into the page itself.
I like continuing the line of stitching over the edge of the patterned piece - it helps to 'tie' the piece to the background.

I've used hexagons for my shapes but different shapes could be used - square and rectangles for example which would create a nice tiled effect.. or circles for a fun layout.

I created a few cards with the remaining masterboard - these are simple cards - mat & layering with simple embellishments (once again I'm a bit of a less is more with card design.)

This first card is almost completely covered with the masterboard - I've matted it on black as it makes the panel pop.

I also added a separate flower (one created at the start of this blog post) and left the petals raised - it gives the panel movement - this could be done with any of the flowers - or raise part of the flower such as the star in the centre of the pink flower.

Stem images was stamped on black with Chalk Fresco Finish - I painted some of the flowers and then added colour with pencils to tie in the masterboard circle.

Finally this card is very clean and simple - masterboard was cut and matted with kraft, gems and buttons added... and a simple tag (JOFY23)added on very fine string.

Phew this feels like a long blog post!  I hope I've inspired you to cut up your masterboard and create with it.  I still have some pieces of masterboard left and I'll be blogging some more ideas on my blog over the next few days.

Take care.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hanging Board {with Hot Picks Stamps by Deb Freeman}

Hi, I’m Deb and this is my first GD post. I’ve been crafting in one form or another most of my life, but my main love now is mixed media and paints. I’m never happier than when my hands are covered in paint and a canvas is taking shape in front of me.

I’ve not done a canvas today but used a small chunky hanging board as my substrate and decorated it using Fresco paints and Grunge Paste. I have also used some Hot Picks stamps. 

I started by getting a layer of Nougat onto the hanging board, the other colours I have used are both quite transparent so I needed a good opaque base layer. Then I layered up Beach hut and Tango, mixing in some Nougat as I went. Just keep adding layers of paint until you are happy with the look, there is no right or wrong way to do this.

Once happy with you base colours add some pattern, I used stencils and rubber stamps. Don’t worry about having perfect impressions as a lot of this will be covered with yet more paint, we just want a bit of depth and interest. Remember to use a water resistant ink pad otherwise your ink will move when you add more paint over the top.

Now we want texture, so for this I used a piece of sequin waste and applied Grunge paste through it. Leave to dry, if you’re impatient like me you can help the drying process along with the help of a heat gun.

When the paste is dry you can add more layers of paint, this will highlight the texture. I also added some more stamping in black stazon, using HP1005. This was when I thought ‘oooops’ the black was so stark against the softness of the paints, but with some more layers of paint I managed to soften the effect of the stamping so it blended into the background.


I kept working with the paints until I was happy with the overall look of the background, then I painted two small pieces of card, one in Tango and stamped my bird and small words onto this, and the other in Beach hut and stamped the large words over the top. Cut these all out and play around with the placing, once happy glue in place. I then used a non-permanent marker and drew a fine line around the birds feet and around the words, then using a damp paintbrush blend the pen line a little, this just makes your stamped elements stand out. As a finishing touch I added a little bit of hand doodling in black and a few white rub ons.

I hope you feel inspired, thanks for reading. 


A huge thanks to Deb from PaperArtsy HQ, You have shown how easy it is to create a great background with limited colours, just by having a little patience and building up the layers. The hints of texture are subtle but effective. 

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

GD: Ellen Vargo Project #3 Fresco Finnabair Inspired Canvas

Hello everyone, Ellen here, back for my final project as a guest designer for this semester - the time has flown by but I have had the *best* time ever! Let's get straight to today's project... a large canvas loaded with embellishments!

I started with a 6 x 16 box canvas.

Using the colors below, I created a blended background with a bright center and dark edges. I used a combination of techniques - some finger painting, some baby wipe blending, and brush blending until I was happy with the background.

Here are a few pix at various stages... first Snowflake and Cheesecake mixed together.

Then I started building up layers of colour.

And the final blended background ...

Next I added some stamping to the background using the scratchy rectangle from EEV02 and some Venetian Orange Archival Ink.

And now the *real* fun begins ... I chose to embellish this canvas "Finnabair" style, using her Sunrise Sunset collection of metal embellishments with Prima, as well as some other goodies and paper flowers.  If you've had the pleasure of taking one of her classes, you know that she loves to load on the embellies ... 

I did a dry fit of all the embellishments first, then carefully set them to the side, in the same placement as the dry fit. Then I broke out the heaviest, nothing-is-gonna-budge adhesive I've ever come across ... Golden's extra heavy gel medium.  And I used the best tool ever (my finger) to apply it to each embellishment.

I applied a generous, well, GLOB, for lack of a better word, to each embellishment, layering the largest embellishments at the base and stacking more on top, ending each stack with a paper or script flower. And then set it aside to dry over night. Thick coats of heavy gel take a *long* time to dry.

The next morning, I added some stems to my ginormous flower arrangement with a black sharpie paint pen, and added some little grassy stamping to the base with the line/dot stamp from EEV05.

Then I added some dotty circle accents around each small metal flower in the arrangement using a white paint pen.

I needed something to "ground" the flowers so I added some script tissue paper across the base of the canvas using Glue 'N' Seal (told ya I was addicted to it...the script tissue AND the glue 'n' seal... LOL!).

Next I used the long line stamp from EEV05 in certain areas. I used Snowflake paint on the stamp, and used a baby wipe to wipe away certain areas of paint so I only got portions of the lines. Then I wrapped some fibery twine around the base to ease the transition between lines/dots and script. And finally, added some dotty stamp (EEV06) texture to the very bottom of the canvas.

And here's the finished Fresco-Finnabair canvas ...

I think I will hang this in my office at work, which I recently rearranged and redecorated so it's more relaxing and "pretty".  I spend 8 hours a day there, so it's nice to have a cozy office with nice things. 

Well, folks, that's a wrap!  I've thoroughly enjoyed being part of the guest designer group here at PaperArtsy and I can't say thanks enough to Mr. and Mrs. PA, the entire PA family, as well as all of YOU for giving me such a warm welcome, for embracing my style of mixed media/abstract/painty art... and for giving me a chance to have my stamps made!  What a dream come true!  Who knows where the road will lead next. Until I see you again please feel free to follow along on my art journey on my blog

~ ellen.

Leandra Says: Ellen thank you for another great week of inspired projects, love the statement piece using the metal embellies. Look forward to seeing you again soon. x

Gillian Says: Great size canvas. Love the simple stamped background against the centre piece, again loving the boldness to this canvas. Thank you Ellen for sharing your techniques and inspiration with us all. Look forward to seeing you here in the future. x 

Darcy Says: Do you want to know a sneaky secret? Really! you do? Come closer then, and I shall whisper... We have loved having Ellen on the blog and her stamps have been a huge hit. We know you would love to see more of her work so we asked her to return next semester.... She said Yes!.. so watch out for her, you never know when she might pop up. 

If you would like to join in this week's challenge and play along with Julie Ann's techniques, then do link up your creativity here, and go in the draw to win some PA stamps of your choice! You need to link your entry by 17:00, Sunday April 20th 2014

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