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2019 #11 Retro Colour Palettes: Notebook with ECF {by Anneke de Clerck}

2019 Topic 11: Retro Colour Palettes

With an almost icecream pastel palette,  Anneke has created a beautiful bead bound retro notebook with lovely layering of stencilled and stamped images.

Hi everyone, it's Anneke with you today, and I'd like to share with you a notebook I made for the "Retro Colour Palettes" topic. I folded a cover out of watercolour paper and used stamps and stencils to decorate the cover. Usually I'm stamping and stencilling on a coloured background but this time I started building up layers on a white background. 

When closed, the booklet measures 21 cm x 12 cm.

I looked for a retro colour palette on the internet. I found a lot of inspiration at The Shutterstock blog. After choosing a colour combination I looked through my paints to find likely colours. I have a large collection of Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics so it wasn't difficult to find the right colours :) 
I ended up working with Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics Autumn Fire, Mustard Pickle, Surf's Up, Koala, Eggshell, Lake Wanaka, and Cherry Blossom.

The stamps I used on this project are from the ECF 06 set only.

I started with a sheet of watercolour paper, sized 39 cm X 21 cm. I made fold marks at 5/17/19,5/22 and 34 cm. I folded the cover as shown.

I started by applying a coat of gesso to the cover. Next I stamped leaves and text from the ECF 06 stamp set on tissue paper using Archival Ink Jet Black. After cutting out I glued the prints on the cover with Matte Medium. I added a layer of Fresco Finish Snowflake on top.

I continued building up layers. I sponged with Fresco Finish Lake Wanaka through the PS126 stencil to create flowers.

I did the large grey dots with the PS132 stencil and Fresco Finish Koala. I stamped pink leaves using Fresco Finish Cherry Blossom

I stamped the yellow branches with Fresco Finish Mustard Pickle. For the dots & text I used Archival Ink Tiger Lily. The blue circles were done with a lid and Fresco Finish Surf's Up. The small dots were stamped with the eraser at the top of a pencil using Fresco Finish Eggshell.

I decorated the front cover with a set of leaves. I used Fresco Finish Surf's Up, Autumn Fire, Mustard Pickle, Lake Wanaka and Cherry Blossom to stamp the leaves.


I folded two signatures out of regular copy paper. I'm planning to use this book to take notes and write down ideas when I'm on the go.

I made 5 holes into the signatures and into both parts of the spine and made pamphlet stitches to attach the signatures to the cover. I sewed in a manner the stitches ended up at the inside and I alternated between both signatures.

While sewing I added beads to decorate the spine.

I painted the inside of the cover plain pink using Fresco Finish Cherry Blossom..

I really enjoyed this colour challenge. It forced me to work with colours that I usually don't work with but I'm very happy with how this colour combination turned out. I would recommend you to pick a retro colour palette that speaks to you and give this challenge a go.
I would love to see what you come up with!

Monday, 15 July 2019

2019 #11 Retro Colour Palettes: Contemporary Retro with ESN {by Miriam Grazier}

2019 Topic 11: Retro Colour Palettes

It's tempting to think of retro as bold and sometimes a little clunky. Miriam has created elegant and subtle projects with an traditional technique that deserves celebrating more often.

Hi everyone, it's Miriam with you today, and I'd like to share with you a set of birthday cards that I have created using 'retro' colours but giving it a contemporary twist.

I chose to add the contemporary twist as I wanted to show that retro colours can be modern.  I also chose to use the shaving foam technique as it is quite a retro technique that has started to make a come back.

I chose to use the new Sara Naumann stamps with this project as I thought they would really compliment the colours and marbling of the paint.   

I chose to use the following Fresco Acrylic paints - Captain Peacock, Peach Nectar and Mustard Pickle.  I think this photo really has a retro feel to it - what's not to love about these colours?


I even thought the sentiment on this card had a lovely retro font to it.  

What I love about the shaving foam technique is that no two 'pulls' of the design are the same.  It makes every card unique.

You can't really tell in the pictures, but each card also has a few raised elements to give it extra dimension.

As you may be able to tell, I had so much fun creating these. I loved the colour combination too. I think I might go retro more often!

I really hope that I have inspired you to have a go yourselves.  Get those colours out and have a play; add your own contemporary look to a retro colour scheme and technique.

Thank you for joining me this evening.....hope you have a craft filled week.


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Sunday, 14 July 2019

2019 #11 Topic Introduction: Retro Colour Palettes

 2019 Topic 11: Retro Colour Palettes

Hello everyone, Keren here with a blast from the past; quite literally! One of the great things when researching new topics is learning new things. Looking into Retro colour schemes meant a decent definition of 'retro' was needed to be found.
This descriptive term has been used since the 60's. It tends to be used in two ways; either describing something entirely new but referencing to characteristics of a previous era's style, or products/ colours/ styles that are more recent but seem like they're from the past. Looking back at history, it seems that so many artists and designers have often 'borrowed' from the past. Because of the blurring of definitions and also as we're looking at colours, I have included strictly retro examples and also colour schemes that are directly from different decades.Hopefully there are colour combos to inspire all of us!
Lotte Kristensen is starting us off with a subtle colour scheme and using Kim Dellow stamps for PaperArtsy.

As we progress through the examples, you'll probably notice a trend of flatter, less saturated colours. In fact you'll be forgiven for thinking we've added an Instagram filter over the post! This is probably the sort of image and style many of us would jump to in our minds. This gorgeous geometric design dovetails with the colours so perfectly.

Colours can have an emotional impact and often connect with memories we associate with a time or image. This is indicative for me of the 70's and early 80's; reminds me of Raleigh bikes, BMX's, party dresses and more!

Orla Kiely is a perfect example of true retro. From the colours, the designs and styles of image, she perfectly encapsulates an era. This is one of her colour combos, but is a welcome brighter palette.

This artist uses a muted palette for many of their prints. Seeing the gorgeous domino colours also reminds me of another piece of art work; Eric Carle's 'The Hungry Caterpillar'!

It's incredible that this book (which is still supremely popular) is 50 years old. The strong yet muted colours are calming yet familiar. I can imagine creating this sort of look using PaperArtsy Infusions!

Design is everywhere and this clothing design is reminiscent of the Atari brand stripes. Love the gradual colour change.

You can see the translation of colour combination from that last example to this one with the addition of a ubiquitous 'retro colour'; brown. The pattern here looks a whole decade or more before and it's interesting that combinations of colours are so recognisable to a particular period of time.


There are so many quirky prints linked with retro and I love the fabric design and brighter colours here.

Fashion is a great place to scout out combinations. You can imagine 1000's of people looking exactly like this woman. It's a slight shift in the colours we've featured so far.

As the trends changed over time, so did the colours. This modern print encapsulates the retro look perfectly.

Home decor styles have always changed with time, and this colour palette and image could easily have been in vogue in the past. The style of lampshade and even the sideboard are reminiscent but with a slight modern twist. If you follow the link, there are a whole bunch of inspiring retro schemes.

Mustard tones (or Spiced Honey) fits in well with many retro colour schemes. Fresco Finish Mustard Pickle has all the right retro tones and would go perfectly with Fresco Finish Pine Grove, Mulled Wine, Mahogany, Mermaid and so many more! The retro look below plays with shapes, fabrics, pattern images and so much more! 

Pippa Shaw is a contemporary designer, whose designs have the perfect retro feel; current in look yet with a distinct previous era's stamp on them.

Leandra reminded of one very retro feeling colour scheme; Avocado. We had a bathroom suite in that colour when we moved into our current house. You might be surprised to find that it's making a (partial) comeback. Could this be the ultimate retro scheme?!

We'll finish the romp through retro with an example that screams retro, with perhaps a little adorable kitsch thrown in for good measure!

Hopefully the variety of schemes we've showcased have got you thinking about a set of colours that might call your name!

You're going to love the projects we have coming up for this topic. We are not doing the linked challenge  for 2019, so if you want to create along with us and this topic, please share on our social feeds so we can see what you get up to. The best places are Instagram @paperartsy or post in PaperArtsy People Group on Facebook. Make sure you tag us in your contributions, we love to see what you get up to in your creative world! 

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