Monday 27 May 2019

2019 #8 Put a Brush on it: Brush Doll with EAB {by Etsuko Noguchi}

2019 Topic 8: Put a Brush On It

I love how in this post Etsuko has totally transformed a brush into a 'doll' The bristles look like her skirt/legs an there's a wonderful transfer technique in the mix too, it is fabulous! ~ Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Etsuko My Favorite Things with you today, and I'd like to share with you Brush Doll using Alison Bomber 'Words and Pictures' fabulous new stamp set.

I chosen the wonderful love quote from 'Wuthering Heights' of her love stamps edition. I made the doll that Catherine's lonely face and she drift to the moors with her wings.
Jane Eyre, Wuthering Height and La Petite Fadette were my favorite books in my early teens, and always imagined the scenery of the scene as there were no forests and plains near us.

At first I prepared 2inches painting brush and Heavy Gray White Board for the doll body and dress.

Next I stamped by Ink the Dog Mini10 on Smoothy Heavy White Card and colored the doll's face. Then I scanned and printed it.

I used the Clear Tar Gel to the printed doll face for transfer and left it overnight.

When Gel dried the face transferred to a book paper. ---Sorry this book paper was not from Wuthering Heights.

I usually use some design paper for a doll dress, but this time I used PaperArtsy stamps and Fresco paints to make collage. All papers was brushed brayered and stamped.  This is using Double Denim, Glacier Ice and Snowflake Fresco paints on the Smoothy Regular White Card. These stamps from Courthney's new stamps ECF06.

I made wings and upper part of dress from this paper.

This paper using Mud Splat, Eggshell and Steel Gray Fresco paint, and ECF04 Courthney stamp.

This paper was sober when it was put together, so I used a stencil and added Vanilla Fresco color.

Used Blue Lagoon, Smurf and Glass Blue Fresco paints.

This bottom of the dress paper, I want need some texture but not much, so i used Seth's baked texture and some embossing powder.

I added wonderful love quote from EAB09 by new Alison's stamp, used black embossing powder onto the painted Glacier Ice Smoothy Card. I cut it and put on the top of the dress and this is from the bottom of her heart.

Finally I added red heart and flower hair ornament to her and hanging wire.
This is a finished Catherine Doll. I made very simply and few steps. I think that anyone can easily and fun to make various your own Brush Dolls.
Please try and enjoy.

Thank you so much for visiting.
Etsuko xxx

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Helen said...

Etsuko, that is so clever. i love her!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Wow! She looks amazing!

Words and Pictures said...

What a magical brush doll, Etsuko. I love the leafy wings and the beautiful transfer onto the book page (I'm going to pretend it is Wuthering Heights!). Wonderful, romantic use of the words, and they work beautifully with the expression on her face. Brilliant work full of stories and imagination!
Alison x

Mac Mable said...

I love how you combined the colours and what a unique and fabulous project. The sentiment is fabulous too. Thank you so much for the amazing inspiration x.

Jennie Atkinson said...

What a fabulous doll Etusuko! Everything about her is just wonderful and just opening the blog post and seeing her brought a smile to my face. Gorgeous! Jennie x

geezercrafter said...

Amazing creation Etsuko, love how all of the stamped elements came together.

Etsuko said...

Thank you so much Helen, Lauren, Alison, Mac,Jennie and Geezercraftr, I'm so pleased for your warm comments. xxx

Lucy said...

This is wonderful, Etsuko. I love it! X

Chris said...

A fabulous project Etsuko, she's beautiful! x said...

Truly lovely. Genius use of stamps.

A Pink said...

What a beauty! Etsuko. Wonderful creativity and a great postt o read . TFS x

Hazel Agnew said...

This is so beautiful Etsuko. I love it! Xx