Wednesday 19 June 2024

2024 Topic 4: Books & Journals {by Renata Peley} on the PaperArtsy Blog

Hi everyone, it’s Peley Renata with you and today I’m going to start with a bit of a confession. The summer came a bit too early for me, as I’m not a really warm weather person, so this heat has scrambled my mind and taken away some craft mojo as well. When the time for this blog started closing in…gosh I felt lazy…but also, I generally try to do the responsible adult thing and so I prepped my craft table and got myself busy.

As you can see, PaperArtsy’s newest addition to the designer team – Kate Crane was quite of an inspiration for me. Those quirky, whimsical designs were just the thing that I needed to lift my spirits in these overly warm days. But let me tell you more about it.

Usually, I am not that good at being prepared, so I will show you just some of the initial supplies for this project. First and the most obvious – PaperArtsy stamp sets designed by Kate Crane: KC002 and KC004, a book, or in this case two as I still didn’t decide which one to use and some Mattints. On this photo, you can see the Dragonfly (MT07) and the Fern (MT03). I ended up using only the Dragonfly, but I must admit I am just itching to make another project using the Fern as it is such a gorgeous shade of green.

Bit by bit, I will bring a couple more craft necessities as expected, but I will explain it as I go. So, let’s get started.

The crafting process can be a messy thing without a particular order of steps, sense and organization. And what I mean by this is that while sometimes I create a background and figure out a nice focal point to fit on it, other times I first prepare my images and wait for them to inspire me for creating the background. But now, almost as if for the sake of saying how messy a process it can be – I created some focal images, then the background and then some more images. But anyway, all is good as long as we are having fun…right? 😊

As you can see on the following photo, I used the previously mentioned stamp sets from PaperArtsy and Kate Crane, Canson Mixed Media Imagine paper and Versafine Ink in the Onyx Black color.

When the images were stamped, the next step was the coloring. I wanted to create a happy place from a children story book, so I chose bright and bold colors. And since I was lucky enough to get the Caran d’Ache Luminance colored pencils for my birthday, I chose them as my coloring medium.

Remember how the sub-theme for this blogging quarter is the “hidden”? Well, this was the moment I went with preparing my hidden elements. From the stamp set KC002 I chose the stamp with multiple cute little drawings, and decided to use each of those rounded up drawings as a tab for my hidden messages. On each paper strip I either stamped or drew a different message and it looked something like this:

Well, here are my elements all ready, so what I needed to do now was to create the background.  But this is when things start to get a bit messy.

After choosing one of the books, I realized I really, but really didn’t like the cover, so I fast wrapped it with a nice floral wrapping paper. At this point I really wished I had a nice vintage book with a gorgeous hard cover. It would have been much more inspiring to work with, but fine, this one had to do and I was going to make the best of it.

After wrapping, the next thing on my to do list was to adhere the book pages. So, this is one more moment when my brain failed me. Instead of saving my time, nerves and glue and adhering the pages only at the edges, I went on to adhere the complete surface of each single page. I guess it was one of those moments when you just think: what was wrong with me? Anyway, I was a bit irritated with myself because it made my work harder later on and I wasted some perfectly fine book pages for some other projects, but I still carried on.

The general idea was to put the super cute houses somewhere in the middle of the book. I wanted to create a feeling of an inviting, cheerful little world inside of a story book. And the way I planned to realize that is to carve a bit inside the book pages to create the feeling of “the world within”. Here I had to be careful not to go too deep and damage the message pockets. And this is where I actually got annoyed about adhering the whole surface of the pages. First it was hard to carve out the glued pages and second, at this moment I realized how many good book pages I wasted as they were just a chunk of paper now. Still, yet again I carried on. We crafters are not quitters, right?!

This is now a moment when you have to think what effect you are going for. First, if you want your background a bit less busy than mine, go over those book pages with a gesso to tone it down a bit. Even a more opaque blue acrylic paint cold work. In my case, I didn’t mind the busy background so I decided to use the Mattints, to just tint my pages blue inside the carved area.

Also, you can leave it with one layer of Mattints, or apply two, like me. I mean, so many options and variations, it all depends on the effect you wish to achieve.

Anyway, it’s time to start assembling the layout. And honestly, here is just where you get even more options. For instance, after I completed my project, I kind of regretted I didn’t draw a sun and some clouds, perhaps birds, added more trees….And I can just go on and on with these.

Now I am closing to the end of my project, but I just needed a couple of touches. I bet you can guess at least one of them.

If in the previous section you thought I missed a quote, you guessed right. I decided to stamp a lovely sentiment about home from the KC004 on a book paper. It helped fill all that empty space I had going on, but for some more touch of color, I stamped, colored and adhered a couple of cute little banners in the top right corner.

Aaaand that’s it! I must admit, this craft session was a bit of a bumpy ride, but it was worth it in the end. My kids said they want this piece to decorate their room and, in my eyes, there is no bigger praise than that. Also, I must say, working with the Kate’s designs was quite a pleasure. They are so cheerful, adorable, and inspiring and I am really happy that she is a part of the PaperArtsy designer team.

For all of you who are more visual types, and who wish to hear my rant about the difficulties I had with this project, I have prepared a YouTube video as well.

Thank you all for spending some time with me and I wish you a nice crafty day!

Renata 💜

Monday 17 June 2024

2024 Topic 4: Books & Journals {by Etsuko Noguchi} on the PaperArtsy Blog

Hi everyone, Etsuko My favorite things here with you today.
I've been great exciting to use Seth Apter tissue paper this Topic 4 my junk Journal.
Before I started using this Seth's tissue paper, I wondered how it would affect my work because the design was larger than other papers, but when I picked it up and used it, I found it very appealing and it made an impact on the subject matter, and  I became engrossed in working with it. Before I knew it, I was being drawn to the tissue paper and creating today's piece.

I'm not a big fan of diary or emotional expression journals but I love junk journals, so I decided to make one today, and I enjoy being able to incorporate Hidden, our quarter theme into it.

So yes, today's main guest is the Seth's tissue paper ( PT06 ). By the time I finished using this everywhere, I had used up almost one and a half sheets. I used coffee-dyed watercolour paper for the journal base papers, also used Seth Apter stamps are Seth Apter set 33 and 38 ( ESA33 and ESA38 ), PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic - Blue Oyster, Niagara Falls, Heavy Cream and Snowflake using brayer on the background, and coloured the points Mattint - Dragonfly, Glow, Squeezed and Seth's new colours Kiwi Gold, Tomato and Beach Hut.

PaperArtsy-Printed Tissue - Seth Apter ( PT06 )

When you first see Seth's tissue, you may think they have a different taste, but it doesn't take long to become addicted once you unfold them, tear off your favorite part and apply it to the background Um! you were already hooked! beg your pardon. Let's get on with it.

For the journal I used the collection of leftover watercolour paper of different sizes, so I couldn't make a book but rather a card format. The paper was dyed with coffee to give it a vintage look, and I prepared eight sheets each 4 inches square including the pockets. At this time I hadn't yet decided how to connect them. The first eight sheets were each coloured with Niagara Falls, Blue Oyster, Heavy Cream and Snowflake using PaperArtsy Brayer.

Before I painted the background colour, I was going to create a finish with a lot of romantic, pale and beautiful shades, but I wanted to concentrate on the props, I was going to put in the junk journal and have fun with them, so I chose tonal colours and the primary colour for the point.

The idea was to bring the ESA38 image dragonfly to page one of the quarterly theme Hidden. The transparent wings were coloured with Mattint Dragonfly, Glow and Squeezed then I finished with Ranger Glossy Accents on top.

I placed this dragonfly on page one and let it show through the acetate on the front cover. For the page background I sprayed PaperArtsy Infusion Just Walnut with water and used Seth mini stamp EM97 for the points and added Kiwi Gold, Tomato and Beach Hut for the colours.

I wanted to use a vellum or a acetate for the front cover window material and embossing powder for the print to hide the dragonfly visible underneath. Ranger Embossing powder White on vellum prints beautifully but lacks a bit of transparency. Acetate shrinks when heated, so I printed Snowflake on it, which isn't bad. But I tried embossing powder on acetate with a carful heat tool and it waved a little, but this was the one I went with.

This is the back of an Amazon envelope made of fine cardboard and I like it. The time I cut it into thin stripe sheets for the window frame of the front cover, layered several thin stripe sheets and coloured them.

Seth tissue paper PT06 ) was pasted onto the background of each page using Mod Podge as design point. After cutting it apart using PaperArtsy Sanding blocks as shown below, a stencil was used to create the background using Grunge Paste and same Archival ink pads through the stencil.

As shown in the photo, after applying tissue, I used the brayer to apply Heavy Cream to slightly hide the base. I used the same technique on the tags and painted Infusion Just Walnut using Brayer.

The paper was made using the same colours as the background. I then decided that the way to join the cards in the journal was to fold the paper like an accordion and stick the cards between the folds, and as the cards were still unstable on their own, I applied a simple coptic stitch bookbinding so that the red thread could be seen.

I will now show you my Junk Journal details. Let's start the cover, can you see a few dragonfly hidden from window? Also the dangling embellishment on the spine are made using paper and tissue paper and all colouring is Mattints and red colour is Tomato.

The previously mentioned page 1 has the side pocket and the tag.

The front of the tag was stamped ESA38 and Seth mini EM102 with Ranger Archival ink Jet Black.

Using die cut tag and slide holder were made and placed in vellum pockets.

Crunchy paper and tissue are pasted onto the bi-fold index holder and the photo is distressed with Sanding blocks, and pasted that it is visible when opened.

For the background Grunge Paste was used with Sara Naumann stencil PS363 then over which the leftover printed fabric was collaged, and tissue P was used as the focal point.

This page was made in the same way and the stencil was Hot Picks PS421, and with the paper embellishment in the centre.

I composed most of this page using tissue.

Tag removed the tags and viewed, the pocket was I made in vellum and machine stitched in the same way around most of the background pages. I added some laces to each page as the connecting paper was looking a bit rough.

I cut the hole in the middle of the linen to let the word ART from ESA33 peek through and  made the side pocket to put the tag in.

Both sides of the tag and the paper embellishments were designed from the tissue, and ESA33 stamped the word PERFECTLY... was blurred away because the underlying paint was too thick.

I finished the last two pages with the collage.

And the back cover.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I used Seth tissue paper PT06 ) on most of the pages to finish this project, and I was very happy to be able to use the tissue to get a quick overview and to use Mattints on top of the images to clearly show the black areas. While it is still lingering, I think it would be interesting to use this tissue or another PaperArtsy tissues and Mattint for other works, for example clay, If you all feel the same way, please try making them.

Thank you so much for visiting here.
Etsuko xxx

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