Saturday 6 February 2021

2021 Topic 2 A Pocketful of Sunshine with ESN {by Carol Fox}

 2021 Topic 2: A Pocketful of Sunshine {by Carol Fox}

Oh what a fab colour palette this is to work with, a wonderful way to use cool and warm shades, and all of them are beautiful chalky soft-bright colours, not full on translucent bright, so its easy to build those gorgeous layers. Love it! Makes me think of spring just around the corner! And not only those backgrounds but lovely pockets full of Lovely tags!! Creating a bundle of items like this is a great way to experiment with backgrounds, layers and colours, and then at the end everything ties in!
~ Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Carol with you today, and I'd like to share with you a pocket tag folder. I have used bright sunshine colours as I am hoping to be able to go down to Cornwall this year and I always keep a record of what we do each day, (how far we walk and coastal paths/beaches visited). I have a sprocket printer for my camera as I love to keep a photo record too. I have left the front of my tags fairly flat and plain with this in mind to be able to add photo's and ephemera too and pop written details on the back. I have added some stickers and washi made with left over scraps too and a few decorated paper clips for bulkier items. So I hope this year to come back with an organised little booklet instead of a purse rammed full of carpark tickets with scribbled notes on the back.

The finished folder measures approximately 27 x 17 cm and will hold 6 tags comfortably.

I folded a piece of music paper to make a large pocket and stenciled along the bottom folded part using SeaGlass fresco Paint and Stencil PS218 (available exclusively from PA stockists).

For the back I coloured a piece of copier paper used Fresco Paints in Butternut, Haystack and Coral on my gel plate. Adding a bit of shimmer with Gold and Stencils PS087 and PS203.

Once I had stitched my back and front papers together I decided I did not like the pale blue paint and it needed something stronger, so I went over the stenciled area with the three colours previously used, mixing as I stenciled to achieve a mottled effect. I did leave some of the blue showing as a slight shadow in some areas.

I coloured my ribbon tie with Coral Fresco Paint. Swirling it around on my craft mat in  the watered down paint.

Once the Coral Paint was dry on my ribbon I added Haystack and Little Black Dress to it through Stencil PS218.

I stenciled and stamped onto the two folded flaps of my book using Seaglass Fresco Paint with Stencil PS202 and Stamp set  ESN10 with Black Archival ink. I finished with the word from Stencil PS218 and Little Black Dress Fresco Paint.

My tags for the pockets I coloured on my Gel Plate and finished them with Stenciling and stamping, using the same  paints and stencils as before. The only additions to these was the lovely shell stamp set by Sara Naumann ESN48  and ESN49 which are both from  her latest release. (available exclusively from stockists, list here)


I just wanted to show an extra picture of this tag as I absolutely love this stamp set, and I was very pleased that I could more or less find exact matching pencils from my set for the colouring of the sea shell, so it just stood out enough but still remained part of the background.

I stamped the back of my tags using elements from ESN49

I used up my scraps of ribbon, leftover bits from my Gelli print and stamped odd words from ESN03 and ESN49 to make stickers, washi tape and clips to hold things in place. 

I used up my scraps of ribbon, leftover bits from my Gelli print and stamped odd words from ESN03 and ESN49 to make stickers, washi tape and clips to hold things in place. 
The words I put through my sticker maker and the gelli print I added DST to the back, so they all fold inside my tag book ready to be used.

I like the way this tag book turned out, it's a bit like a cross between a journal and a scrapbook. It will be a nice little holiday memory to have. This one will  hold about 6 tags comfortably but the size can obviously be changed to suit.
This could be themed: for example for a hen do. it would make a nice memento  for any occasion with photo's added to it. Either way have fun playing around with ideas.

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Carol x

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Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

What a fun post. Love the colors and the stencils. Thanks for the inspiration.

Words and Pictures said...

Absolutely love this wallet full of pockets and tags - wonderful, uplifting colours!
Alison x

Miriam said...

How wonderful. Fabulous project Carol.

PaperArtsy said...

Absolutely fantastic project Carol!!

Skylark said...

What a great idea Carol! I love the colour combinations you have put together for this project ~ Stef

SewPaperPaint said...

This is truly gorgeous Carol! I have these stamps you’ve inspired me beyond measure. Great design!

SewPaperPaint said...

I love this project so much Carol! WhT a fabulous design and painty background.