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2021 Topic 2 A Pocketful of ... Happy with ZA {by Tracey Springer}

 2021 Topic 2: A Pocketful of ...Llama Love {with Tracey Springer}

We have a new blogger on the team, meet Tracey from New Zealand. It was a bit of Llama drama getting these stamps to her in time for the blog post, but we did it and wow hasn't she created a totally fantastic post ?! I'm sure you'll look forward to seeing more from Tracey in the months to come! With a tonne of colour and a creatively stitched pocket opening, Tracey has made a pocketful of fun vibrant cards with a tonne of delightful details.
~ Keren

Hi everyone, it's Tracey Springer with you today. I have had the immense pleasure of playing with Elena Zinski's new stamps, and created a 'Pocketful of....Happy!'. 

Making crazy, colourful cards has become my 'Happy' in this insane world we are in at the moment. I hope these make you smile like they have me!

I started out, as I usually do, by just stamping and colouring a pile of images. I am colouring with Copics but slowly bringing more paints in. 

I spent an afternoon just playing with the Fresco Finish paints as backgrounds. I loved the very light watery finish to then stencil over. Backgrounds to build your cards on, really pull the whole thing together. This Jofy stencil - PS139 - really stood out for its versatility. I painted a heavier coat of Coral over the stencil, and then once it was dry I used a black pen to draw around the whole image. 

Next step was having a play with a pocket folder type holder for some cards. I never have a set idea, things just evolve as I go. I used Fresco Finish Bubblegum and mismatched stripes for the front of the pocket. A couple of Coral strips snuck in, then this gorgeous pompom trim handstitched on, combined with pre-stamped and coloured images. Then a bit of sanding around the edges and pen line drawing to finish off. 

I ended up with a concertina pocket with three slots to hold cards. 

Then came the fun of creating cards. I like to use a heavy coat of gesso around the edges of my backgrounds to add a frame. I then start playing around with all of the stamped, pre-cut images, layering them till I'm happy before I adhere them. (I admit to not being able to do minimal; crazy, electric scenes are my happy.)

The black and white background card was something I don't normally do, but the stamps from ZA60 & ZA61, lent themselves to white heat embossing with just a couple of pre-cut images. 

Al Paca Picnic; this card had to have a pocket to hide the 'Peek a boo' Alpaca.  He is such fun! A simple slit cut in the side of the background, distressed edge, and then adhered to the card makes a simple pocket to slide in and out of.

The final card, 'The Lama Queen', she speaks for herself really!

I hope you have enjoyed my play with these gorgeous stamps, and that you have been inspired to play. 'Think outside the box' and just enjoy the creative process.

Tracey Springer.




Miriam said...

Stunning project Tracey.

Tracey Springer said...

Thank you so much!

Tracey Abrehamsen said...

Love love this.

Tracey Abrehamsen said...

Love love this.

Unknown said...

So much inspiration 😍, love the llamas amazing xxxx

SewPaperPaint said...

Welcome Tracey! Such an awesome debut! Love these fun cards and the cool holder designs. You’ve certainly brought life to these images. Bravo!

Stampers Grove said...

Stunning cards. Wonderful blog post and welcome. πŸ€—

Helen said...

welcome to the PA team. gorgeous project!

Helen said...

Beautiful project Tracey. Love the colours.

Unknown said...

Wonderful debut post Tracey...who would have thought?Fabulous samples and you make me want to create.Thanks so much for sharing and very proud of your creations

Elena said...

Love this funny project!!! I love these colors! πŸ˜€

PaperArtsy said...

Absolutely fabulous post Tracey!! Love EVERYTHING about it!! Welcome to the PaperArtsy family!! Xxx😍😍😍

Sarah barnacle said...

Fantastic card as always Tracey. πŸ’›

Tracey Springer said...

Thank you so much πŸ’“

Tracey Springer said...

Thank you so much, I had such fun πŸ’—

Tracey Springer said...

Thank you, very excited to be here❤

Tracey Springer said...

Thank you all for your beautiful comments😊😍 so excited to be here xx

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