Wednesday 23 December 2020

2020 A Year in Review {Topics 11-15}


PaperArtsy Blog 2020 Year in Review - Part 3/4

Welcome to the post-Christmas period
This is my favourite week of the year. The Christmas crazy is over and we get to relax, look back and look forward. And for us, being here in France this year is a very new experience.
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Yes! We even managed to decorate the front door this year!
Like many of you around the world, we have been keeping to ourselves and staying at home except to get groceries. But the last few weeks we have seen a glimmer of normal life here in France when our lock down lifted on Dec 15th. That week, we were invited to our neighbours for a wonderful afternoon of Christmas nibbles and drinks, which was the perfect way to kick us into a more upbeat Christmas spirit than we had thought possible under the conditions. Our schedule too is quite different this year. Normally we are just 2 weeks off doing 3 trade-shows in 6 weeks in 3 different countries, and it is absolute bliss not having that anxious pressure looming which certainly usually undermines the festive period. Not this year!.

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Daily walks around the local village just 20 mins from us and we are constantly amazed at the picturesque views we get to appreciate in this beautiful Dordogne region. 
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I'm slightly obsessed with doorways and mossy steps, paths, walls!
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We are fortunate to have my sister and her fiance arrive here just over a week ago; they are here for a month. It became pretty obvious early in Christmas week we would be working right up to the courier collection late afternoon on Christmas Eve. Along with Courtney, they happily took over all the Christmas planning, and boy were we treated to a French-style Christmas feast. Lots of small courses: aperitif, 2 starters, main, cheese, and the traditional Bûche de Noël (Yule Log) for dessert. 
Each course was meticulously planned and utterly delicious. After not eating out all year due to Corona restrictions, it was like being in a restaurant, and felt extra special to have them here and the most wonderful dining experience to boot! One we will never forget! Most of the details were deliberately kept secret from me, so it was such an exciting day of anticipation! 
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They even took their menu to the local wine 'cave' in our village, and the lovely man was quite impressed. They all very much enjoyed selecting the perfect matches for each course. We slowly oozed through each course, suffice to say it was a very long day/night!
For us, and each of the past 20 years, Christmas is always a series of video calls to chat with family who are all on the other side of the world, so this year is not so different to how we normally spend Christmas, but I totally understand how difficult it must be for so many people who have not been able to travel or visit with friends and family. I truly hope you have managed to make the most of this very odd Holiday Season.
Time to continue with our annual blog round up, today we're sharing picks from Topics 11-15: Calming Colours, Typography, Lines, Fused and Shade of White. Join me as we look back on some wonderful inspirational highlights.


Topic 11: Calming Colours

My first pick is this amazing beauty from Alison. I am captivated by these tree-leaves designed by France Papillon. I just love the shapes. Alison Bomber (link) and a lovely journal spread.

And I hope you didn't miss Ellie Knol (link) with her fun Kay Carley mushroom houses.

I adored how Lynn Good (link) made such soft layers in the spread with JOFY stamps, yes the colours are really soothing!

And Claire Snowdon (link) shared soft shades in a Tracy Scott lace book.

Topic 12: Typography

We all seem drawn to the shapes of letters and fonts, and when you are creatinv, there are so many ways to use them, be it as a focal or background. Etsuko Noguchi (link) really makes the word 'nature' pop in this piece.

Corrie Herriman (link) used words and numbers large and small, textured and indecipherable in her background.

  Keren Baker (link) created this fabulous tribute, she does love a bit of acetate! So effective!

How about this typography doll by Helen Chilton (link) !

Topic 13 : Lines

I loved this planner by Autumn Clark (link) with JOFY stamps. Perfect for fast journalling!

And I hope you didn't miss Jenny Marples (link) and her Zinski house tags

Nikki Acton (link)'s contrasting colours and wood panels were fabulous for this card!

Dounia Large (link) with her beautiful mini journal and beautiful painted layers was adorable!

Topic 14 : Fused

Fusing things is lots of fun, and our bloggers came up with lots of ideas! My first pick is from Ellie Knol (link). Loving these colours and how the layers are so beautiful on the corrugated card.

And I hope you didn't miss... Keren Baker (link) who had real fuses in her piece!

  Etsuko Noguchi (link) got out the embossing powders to great effect !

And Carol Fox (link) did this piece on glass! Yes glass!

Topic 15 : Shades of White

This isn't the first time White has been a blog theme. The bloggers always feel challenged by it, but they utterly LOVE the outcome, so if you do anything, try this! Love this by Corrie Herriman (link) .

And I hope you didn't miss... Lucy Edmondson (link) - the hessian makes a great backdrop for the gorgeous central frame.

  Jennie Atkinson (link) is no stranger to soft shade of white, so this is her safe place!

Alison Bomber (link) tried some inverse experimenting

We'll be back again in a few days with the final round up for the year. Here's wishing you a great week ahead. Time for a book and curl up in front of the fire.



Helen said...

It sounds as if you have had a fabulous Christmas in your new home, how very exciting! Only one of the photos would load but I'll check back later in case! Your menu looks very impressive (although my schoolgirl French isn't up to translating much of it) and even better to have someone else prepare and cook it!! Happy New Year to you all.

Miriam said...

So pleased you were able to enjoy the festivities. And that someone else took over the planning. The menu looks amazing.

I love the review topics. Always wonderful to look back over the year.

A Pink said...

Thanks for sharing your narrated neighbourhood sights and Christmas delights with us . Beautiful surroundings and your Christmas menu matched with ideal marriages of wine sounds absolutely delicious . Food and drink envy!
Another fabulous collection of fantastic creativity from all the very talented guest designers .

Take care and stay safe

Words and Pictures said...

I haven't been able to join in as often this year, or keep up with what was going on, so these round-ups have been a brilliant way to see some of the amazing inspiration available year-round on the PaperArtsy blog. Thanks for including me in the mix, and thank you for the time and effort put in to sharing these end of year celebrations.
Alison x

Lucy Edmondson said...

Oh my goodness that menu looks right up my street, and very 'dordogne ' with the foie gras. Gorgeous artwork, I remember Keren's amazing remembrance piece with the acetate, and I adore Helen's doll. Thank you again for featuring a piece of mine, crikey I was terrified of Shades of white!x

Ellie Knol said...

I see now I missed out on quite a few of the posts this year.. it's a real treat to see these come by in one post. It is a beautiful country you're living in.. nice to see some pictures. Glad you were spoiled a little (much) during christmas.