Sunday 16 August 2020

2020 #14 Mixed Media Piece 'NOW' with Seth Apter Stamps {by Etsuko Noguchi}

 2020 Topic 14: Fused

Etsuko's piece is a riot of colour with some wonderful details. Her embossing powder really looks 'fused' with lots of fabulous little bumps and highlights.
~ Keren

Hi everyone, it's Etsuko My favorite Things with you today, and I'd like to share with you a Mixed Media piece 'NOW' using Seth Apter's fabulous new stamps.

I was inspired by his unique mixed media art and he always brings fresh art to us with new techniques and art materials.

First I used Seth's stamps with these Fresco Paints and to make the master board to serve as the background for the piece. I brayered Blue Oyster, Seagrass and Nougat on the Smoothy A4 Heavy Weight Card, then I stamped ESA13, ESA15 with Blue Lagoon and Amethyst Fresco Paints on it.

After the background dried, I decided to use the ESA13 circle stamp shape because it was interesting. Chalk Fresco paint was painted on top of a rectangular masked Gelli Plate and added to the background. And I embossed these three circles with deep blue powder.

I used the same Chalk Fresco paint to stamp ESA14 in three places but wanted to add a little more somethings so I used Sepia Archival to stamp MN20 all over and marked the top with Blue Lagoon and Amethyst Fresco paints.

Using here, ESA15 NOW stamp with Black embossing powder.

I used colored inks and gloss medium in key areas for point coloring. At first I was going to use Fresco transparent colors, but I changed the color to ink because the color would be muddy inevitably. Of course Seth's Ice is best but I didn't get it right away; overseas is sometime difficult...

I tore the washi tapes around the piece and pasted black papers of different tones and materials to the base board below.

This is the finished project. I tried one layer for this piece, and although I had a hard time with the layout and composition, the process of making it was a lot of fun. I'm trying to make some more pieces. 

Thank you so much for visiting.
Hope you stay safe and well.
Etsuko xxx

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Miriam said...

This is wonderful Etsuko

Heather said...

I absolutely adore this! The textures and layers are just fabulous... love, love, love!

Words and Pictures said...

Wonderful work, Etsuko - love how you've combined that grungy style with lovely colourful accents. The layers are fabulous.
Alison x

Seth said...

I love this too Etsuko. The background is colorful and detailed. And the composition and framing of the piece is spot on!

PaperArtsy said...

Gorgeous layers Etsuko!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Wonderful project!x