Saturday 1 August 2020

2020 #13 Lines: Mother of Pearl Tags with ZinskiArt {by Jenny Marples}

2020 Topic 13: Lines

Cool chickens need fine houses, and certainly these Zinksi dwellings complete with chickens are pretty perfect partners! Jenny has created a cool new technique that she explains in great detail. Lots of lovely lines highlighted so cleverly with ink too.
~ Keren

Hi everyone, it's Jenny (Pushing The Right Buttons) here today, and I'd like to share with you two large tags. They feature collaged images from two Zinski Art stamp sets that have been mounted on 'faux' Mother of Pearl backgrounds which incorporate both textural and visible lines to fit with the current theme.

That faux Mother of Pearl backgrounds was one of those 'happy accidents' that worked out so well I've put together a tutorial below to show you (and remind me!) how to achieve it in future. Let's get started.

The base paper for the tags was created by using layers of Seaglass, Waterfall and Calypso Fresco Finish Paint on a Gel Plate, pulling the resultant print on a piece of discarded brown wrapping paper. This was then glued onto four large tags.

You can see above how after 'Snowball' Izink ICE was applied over the painted paper lines were scored into the gel using a thin embossing tool.

I gave each of the four tags a different look using 'Thundercloud', 'Olive Drab', 'Cotton Candy' and 'Atlantis' Izink Pigment Inks, working them into the scored lines to make them stand out.

Above you can see the results of more play time with a 3x5 inch Gel Plate and some beautiful pastel shades of Fresco Finish Paints. I pulled the prints using tissue paper to create delicate layers.

I used a stamp platform to add the images from Zinski Art stamp set ZA40 onto pieces of the painted tissue, painting in some of the elements with the same paints before re-stamping to add back in the details. The various parts were then cut out and applied onto white card using collage medium.

At this point the plan was to put one of the houses on each of the four coloured tags but they looked a little lost on such big tags so I had a re-think and decided to use two houses on two of the tags. The backgrounds also seemed over-powering against the delicate collage houses so I applied layers of 'Cotton Candy', 'Olive Drab' and 'Stratosphere' Izink Pigment Inks on top ending with 'Opal Frost' Ink to give it back that shine, and, as it happens the look of Mother of Pearl!

Above you can see those scorelines through the gel, framed with some faux stitched lines using a tracing wheel and black gel pen.

After much deliberation I decided to keep things 'simple' by creating more collage elements to combine with the houses. These included little chickens from Zinski Art stamp set ZA57 and flowers from set ZA40.

You can see from the close ups of the finished tags above and below how the houses were mounted on the tag backgrounds using some dimensional tape. The chickens were glued onto them and the flowers flat onto the tags, chopping them along the edges to make them go further. A simple sentiment was added to each tag with the intention that they could be used in place of cards sometime in the future.

I hope you've enjoyed the tutorial and like the finished tags. As well as enjoying making those backgrounds I loved how all the Zinski Art images lent themselves so perfectly to collaging. Painting in the tinier details rather than attempting to cut each and ever part out by hand definitely saved time and effort. And surely the little chickens from the newest stamp set were made to go with those houses? If you haven't had fun combining them yourselves yet you'll find they are the perfect partners.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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