Friday 18 December 2020

2020 Topic 22 Wishing You Peace with ESN {by Jennie Atkinson}

  2020 Topic 22:Icy Christmas

Icy colours can seem cool and uninviting and yet there's something very warming and tranquil about Jennie's lovely Christmas decoration. There are so many ways to use a cotton reel but I reckon this is one of my favourite ideas.
~ Keren.

Hi everyone, it's Jennie (Live the Dream) here with you today sharing an Icy Christmas Crackled ATC block and stand. Whilst I love the traditional colours of Christmas I always decorate our study with blue themed decorations which I have collected over the years along with a white brightly lit tree as I love the peaceful feel of these colours. This current theme is just perfect for me to add to my little set of decorations!

I wanted to create the feel of cold and ice so turned to some of the lovely new blue Frescos and crackle paste. I wanted a rustic look...and a rustic look I got! (even if a little more than I was anticipating!)

I have layered Sara's lovely Christmas stamps over the crackle with napkin paper and used a stencil and texture paste over the top to create some texture.

I started by splodging Cloudy and Crispy Blue Fresco Finish Acrylic over the ATC block with a paintbrush. It was all quite random as it was being covered by the crackle. To get a more rustic look I put this onto the paint with a palette knife, so there are thin and thick bits and even missed bits!

The cotton reel went through the same process but it was more difficult to adhere the crackle paste with the palette knife, so areas did get brushed but I tried to keep some areas thinner than others.

I have discovered recently that it is not worth paying for expensive tissue paper or Tissue Tex when layering stamping over uneven surfaces. If you use napkins for a similar purpose you will know that they always blend very easily into their background. So now I take the third outside layer from a napkin and stamp on that. Cheap, does exactly what I want...and I get to use the napkins as nobody notices there is a layer missing!

They take the ink beautifully and are easy to tear out and adhere with a clear drying multi medium.

As you can see no trace of the napkin edges and a good quality impression from the stamp.

Using the napkin tissue allowed me to wrap the images around the block as well and the small scale of the Fleur-de-Lis on the stencil was just perfect for filling in the spaces.

I am not a great fan of glitter but you an always add a little sparkle in other ways. The silver foil was a find at the back of the cupboard after my grandson asked for something shiny for his school project.

The glass drawer knob was a good find in one of our local shops and also reflects the light beautifully.

I kept the base simple as I didn't want to lose all the lovely crackle - a little bit of muslin, beaded lace and another silver foil was really enough to compliment the block.

Another decoration to add to the Christmas blue corner. Although we don't put our decorations up until a few days before Christmas, I am sure this will find a small nook over the next couple of weeks behind some of the fairy lights around the fireplace which these days stay up all year!

It is always good to try different Christmas colours and I hope you enjoy Icy Blue as much as I do.

Wishing you all a season of peace.

Jennie x


Miriam said...

Truly stunning project Jennie

Annie said...

So beautiful Jennie x Love the cool colours and wonderful stamps/stencilling too x Best wishes and Merry Christmas

Annie xx