Thursday 3 December 2020

2020 Topic 21 Fresco Finish Fun with TS (by Ellie Knol)

 2020 Topic 21: Masterboards

Ellie's step by step masterboard shows how the different stages might look and how multiple layers (particularly the white stencilled layer) brings the whole creation together. She's added a watercoloured big bloom for her final pretty project.
~ Keren.

Hi everyone, it's Ellie Knol from PAPER-STAMPS-COLOR  with  you today, and I'd like to share with you making a fun mess with Fresco Finish Paints, a mask, a stencil and the beautiful stamps from Tracy Scott. As the theme is masterboards, I chose to work really big, A3 size and create some cards with pieces of it.

I love how this is like a recipe; you just start with the first step, continue with the second, etc. and not much can go wrong.

This is the A3 masterboard before cutting it up in 7 pieces. Follow my recipe:

images and script as shown with black archival ink onto an A3 size piece of paper. For convenience, tape it to a sturdy board when using thin paper. Try stamping them in clusters, so not all space will be filled, and there is an even spreading of the stamped images and script from stamp sets ?? TS027TS029TS039 and TS047.

Add various Fresco Finish Paints, Zesty ZingYellow SubmarineCoralCherry RedGlass Blue and Southern Skies with your fingers or a palette knife to define areas, and leave some white space too.

I chose to work with transparent ones as makes the layers see-through; using
 two of each of the complementary colors (sort of), always starting with the lighter and adding a little of the darker while still wet.

It may look ugly, but don't worry and keep going. Just keep in mind to not mix the 3 complementary colors as you will create muddy colors. The colors may overlap each other to create new colors, like orange, green and purple. 

 Choose some opaque Fresco Finish Paint colors, light ones, like Snowflake and light yellow, eg. Lemon Meringue(to which you can add a tiny bit of a darker yellow, Tangerine Twist), and maybe even a light blue Mermaid.

Dab white (and/or a little light yellow for instance) Fresco Finish paints over the mask part of  stencil PS125 and stencil PS101. You can see I used the light blue in the bottom right corner too.

A close-up...

Time for black stamping again; use mixed media and script stamps from ECF03 and ECF04.

Cut the masterboard up in pieces after you've decided what you're going to use it for.
I created three 13 x 13 cm cards of part of the sheet (the top 13 centimeters), and I will add some brief notes below the cards about how I finished them off.

 Add more mark making with a white acrylic marker.

Add extra color to the images or elements in the background you want to emphasize, with a watercolor pencil or watercolors.

Stamp the flower from stamp set TS047 onto rice paper. Paint the back of it with Snowflake Fresco Finish Paint. When dry, adhere to the background as the focal point.  Stamp the words Blossom and Bloom in black. This last card must be my favorite, I think.

I planned to use the insects from stamp set TS027 as the focal image, but decided to use the flower from stamp set ?? TS047 instead. 
Making a masterboard is always a good start when you are in doubt what to create. It will make you want to create more, as it is so much fun. 
In the future I might want to use less yellow as it is really hard to photograph, lol.

I hope you found some inspiration in my creations, go create and stay safe!
Ellie Knol


Miriam said...

what a beautiful masterboard. So colourful and each time I look at it there is more and more detail.

Christine Alexander said...

love all the layers Ellie, I can't stop looking :)

A Pink said...

Fabulous masterboard creativity, Ellie. Love the depth and layers of each of your beautiful cards . tfs x

Helen said...

Love these - the colours immediately caught my eye.