Sunday 2 August 2020

2020 #13 Planners & Gift Wrap with JOFY Stamps {by Autumn Clark}

2020 Topic 13: Lines

Whether you're a journaller or gift wrapper extraordinaire, Autumn has some modern and fresh ideas for you. Cleverly using JOFY stems as decorative lines, she's come up with some inspirational ideas using quotes and brush lettering.
~ Keren

Hi everyone, it's Autumn Clark from SewPaperPaint with you today, and I'd like to share with you a fun way to use your JOFY flower stamps to set up your August planner/bullet journal pages. 

I started out creating some DIY gift wrap for our Lines topic, but was sparked by the beautifully drawn lines in the stems of my flower stamps to go in another direction, and I had the most fun converting these stems into separators for my daily planner.  So today's post is a bit of a two in one.  Grab your cuppa and let's get on...

During quarantine I have been amusing myself by making my own gift wrap from copy paper.  Often I use my watercolor practice sheets, but I thought why not make some funky wrap to coordinate with the PaperArtsy JOFY Stamp Set (JOFY72).  My joy in this process is that 90% of my friends are stampers/artists and I hope they can re-purpose the gift wrap into a card or journal page.  So the gift keeps on giving plus there's no need to shop for wrapping!

I used my stamp platform to restamp the details in my flower after painting with PaperArtsy Fresco Chalk Acrylics in Bubble Gum, Prawn, Tangerine Twist and Banana.  I used a Sharpie and a Posca pen for further details.

I painted the reverse of my flower before fussy cutting and raised it on the package with a foam dot.  Isn't it the cutest "bow"?  I simply used a Sharpie to draw the striped lines on my copy paper and added a few dots to coordinate better with the whimsical flower.  I recently saw a video on wrapping gifts with too little paper and the trick is to wrap diagonally rather than square.  It makes the paper stretch further, perfect for copy paper designs!  

After using the mushrooms in PaperArtsy JOFY Stamp Set (JOFY92) to make the little gift tag on my package, I saw just how beautiful the stems of were on their own and thought they would be perfect to set up my August bullet journal/planner pages.  I used a bit of washi tape to mask off the caps and stamped them directly into my book.

I looked at my collection of JOFY stamps and saw that there were beautiful lines in each set!  So I decided to make the entire month's planner pages in preparation to go back to work after quarantine.  I don't know about you, but every aspect of my life requires a little more concentration than before quarantine...  I hope using my planner will help me stay on task better.  Here I've used PaperArtsy JOFY Stamp Set (JOFY63).

One thing that I have found very relaxing and therapeutic during these stressful days has been to start daily practice to develop my brush lettering skills.  I grab my markers and notebook and doodle away while watching TV most evenings.  I picked up a new bullet journal for more "finished" pages.  These are my first attempts.  I'm very excited about the possibilities of combining stamps with letter art.

I find it such fun to think of new layouts and motivational quotes for each week's spread.  And coloring in my designs is super relaxing for me.

To finish, I created an August opening page by masking off the center of this beloved flower and doodling in a banner across.

I truly enjoyed just playing and know that you will enjoy seeing new lines and patterns from your PaperArtsy stamps too!  There are so many ways one can dissect a stamp and create multiple designs with it, regardless of its style.  

Here's to more productive, stress free days with endless inspiration and creativity!

Yours, Autumn Clark

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Miriam said...

This is just brilliant Autumn. Great idea!

Helen said...

These are beautiful. Great use of the stalks!

JoFY said...

Love this!! x

JoFY said...

love love love these pages!! x

Mary said...

I will use your idea of using a large paper-stamped flower as a bow on my next packages, Autumn! Who would think about putting that bubblegum pink and that egg-yolk yellow together? Not me, but I am enthralled with the combination and try to remember that as well! Nice lettering on your journal pages - is that hand-drawn? I do calligraphy but yours is excellent! Nice work.

Mary in Oregon

Lucy Edmondson said...

Wonderful post, Autumn! Some great ideas here and beautifully executed! X

Christel said...

Love it when you see new ideas on ways to use your stamps! Does anyone know what kind of markers these are?

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh I love each and everyone. Great inspiration for so many fun stamps. Thanks for sharing