Saturday 18 July 2020

2020 #12 Inner Beauty with France Papillon Stamps {by Etsuko Noguchi}

2020 Topic 12: Typography

Etsuko's masked 'emerging letters' technique is fabulous. The letters really do rise from the background like a phoenix, or should that be a lizard! They look so good with the book page underlay and the edges of the text panel not being a hard line. It's a technique I definitely want to try and fits so brilliantly with our Typography theme.
~ Keren

Hi everyone, it's Etsuko from My favorite things with you today, and I'd like to share with you a  typography card. I love designing cards with letters. So today I'd like to introduce a technique in which letters are gathered together to make one word.

First I made the background of the card, pasted old book pages onto rectangular cut White smoothy card and randomly stamp FP004 shape 'X' with Fresco paint in a mix of Double Denim and Glacier Ice.

Once it's dry, stamp the dots and small numbers from FP004 on the top of it using Snowflake and Double Denim Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics.

Next I made a mask for the letters, by copying the letters of NATURE on to a post-it note, cutting and pasting them onto the card. Use Double Denim Fresco to stamp the small number stamp as many times as possible. The letters of NATURE can be seen where the numbers gathered and peeled off the post-it.  It was good to do this work from the ink pad but in the case of paint it created layers so I painted some parts with a brush.

All the masks are removed and the background surface emerges from the letters NATURE.

FP004 France's beautiful Lizard is used for the main embellishment. I used Deep Sea powder embossed onto the White Smoothy card and cut while leaving a little edge.

To the lizard a small red heart and green rhinestones eyes were added. Sorry if his eyes are hard to see in this photo.

The whole thing was a little short, so I made small white bricks with Grunge Paste on both sides.

Also I added a small tag with FP004 'Inner Beauty' embossed in the top right corner using Deep Sea powder. This is my favorite word and this card's theme.

Finally I mixed Peach Nectar with a little Snowflake to lighten the color and added large number stamps randomly one by one.

The first background I showed you is using the same process, but the one I stamped was too dense, so I spaced it out and used a new one for the finished project photos. I really love this set and I'm especially happy to have done this project with the lizard. France's stamps are fantastic and each sets can be used by itself but they link well with other sets. You can find many great journal tutorials on France Papillon's site. Please take a look.
Thank you so much for visiting.
Take care and have a happy craft day.

Etsuko xxx

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Miriam said...

This is wonderful Etsuko

Words and Pictures said...

Absolutely magical... I always love book text - it has a very particular character and presence - and this is such a great technique. I particularly love where you see it in the revealed letters of the word NATURE. Love the sparkling lizard too! Fabulous work, Etsuko.
Alison x

Cocofolies said...

Exquisite card, Etsuko!!!
Just LOVE it! Coco xxx

Skylark said...

Love this technique and it showcases the topic perfectly! Definitely want to give this a try! Thanks for the inspiration ~ Stef

Steven said...

I am in awe, wonderful composition and colours, the technique for the letters is fabulous

Always love your work

Lucy Edmondson said...

Ooh this is fab, Etsuko, so original!x