Monday 16 March 2015

2015 #5 Rusty Old Porthole {by Jo Myhill}

2015 Theme 5: Deconstruction

Hi everyone Jo from shabby dandelion here, joining you this evening with a post about using paint and embossing powder to create a faux rust effect. I love making things rusty and weathered just like they'd be if they were exposed to the wind, rain and salt from the sea hanging outside a beach hut or fisherman's hut. So using a variety of mediums, card, metal and fabric I created a rusty old porthole'

Step One: I started off by cutting two rings of corrugated card (dinner plate and cereal bowl). Set one aside as this will be the back.  Start peeling of some of the top layer of cardboard. Then I painted the cardboard roughly with Stone, Brown Shed and Chocolate Pudding.  with a dry brush I added Buff and Chalk to create a weathered peeling paint effect. Some Buff coloured Grunge Paste was added in places and finally stamped the Cornish fish Society stamp from HP1202 in a white or vanilla embossing powder in places all around the ring.

Step Two: Using some old fabric, a charity shop shirt or pillow case work great, rip into strips and on a non stick surface, create a puddle of Brown Shed paint and water and scrunch your fabric strips into this to colour them. You can also sprinkle rusting powder if you've got  it and spray with vinegar to activate it.  Leave this to dry.

Step Three: Take some metal and run through some embossing folders I used industrial looking ones. Now paint with Brown Shed, Blood Orange. Whilst still wet sprinkle on Vintage Photo and Red Brick Distress Embossing powder and a small amount of Old Paper Distress Embossing powder.  Heat this to set a pitted look to the metal.  Add some Inky Pool paint in places as well. 

Step Four: Now you can start to add your distress elements around the ring. I stuck the metal down and also added some brads and staples to add to the decayed weathered look.  The strips of fabric were wound round the ring and knotted in places.

Step Five: On some spare card I rubbed Brown Shed, Buff and Chalk paint on and then stamped HP1201 and HP1111 stamps from in Watering Can Archival Ink, distressed the edges and crumpled up the card to look like old notices, labels and tickets.  

Step Six: The bulldog clip was painted in Brown Shed and then had Red Brick and Vintage Photo Distress embossing powders added to created the rusted metal look.

And finally a close up of the finished rusty porthole showing the metal and fabric.

Although this has a lot of stages they are really easy to do and you could take each element and make something great with it.. The painted and embossed metal would look great as a tag. The painted rusted fabric could be used on the tag as an embellishment either through the eyelet or wound round the tag and knotted. Corrugated card is always fun and you could use the ripped and painted technique to make a seaside plaque with JOFYs seaside stamps. And remember you could use a completely different colour scheme on the metal and card blues and greens and I might have to try a more muted white and grey as well. If you've got paint fragments why not gives those a go as well.

I really enjoyed making this and I hope you have a go with the techniques and create something rusty!


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Jo you have completely captured the "faux rust effect" beautifully. The textures/mediums you have used to achieve this look showcase that "rawness" you are so well known for in your art work. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and creativity.

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Helen said...

Jo, this is magnificent! You'd never know it was really rusty.

Julie Lee said...

Loving all the effects on this, Jo. The textures are fantastic and your use of paint and stamps - as always - so imaginative. Great project xx

Craftyfield said...

Enough rust to sink a ship but I love it. The metal looks fabulous (in a rusty way of course) and Jo has used 2 stamps sets that we don't see often.

Miriam said...

This is lovely Jo. I love the rust. And it's great to see the stamp sets that you've used.

Etsuko said...

Fantastic Imagination. Great idea and technique of the rusty metal. Love the fabric strips. This is a treasure from the sea. xxx

Hazel Agnew said...

Sorry Jo, am a bit late! Really, really love this! Great idea. My kinda thing! 😀

Unknown said...

I'm even later than Hazel, lol! Fabulous piece of art Jo. All the rust effects look amazing and so realistic. Love the 'old' pieces of fabric tied around as they look just like the sort of stuff you would find dropped around a boatyard.

Lesley Xx

mamablitger said...

Jo what an awesome porthole you created. Gosh I LOVE the rust effect you achieved on all elements ! And thank you fot a great easy understandable tutorial. Wow you are so creative and talented. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs from Monica... Spain

Art By Wanda said...

Fabulous rust effects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keren Baker said...

Great 'rusting' techniques. Love the stamps you've used too. Fab project!

Kirsten said...

Hello Jo, sorry to be so late seeing this masterpiece of rusty gorgeousness. You are so clever! I love the rusty & embossed metal & making a porthole was a genius idea.

Seth said...

This is beyond amazing.

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is such a fab and original project, Jo,

Lucy x