Thursday 30 July 2020

2020 #13 Using lines in composition with Kim Dellow Stamps {by Nikki Acton}

2020 Topic 13: Lines

Sometimes simple cards can take more planning and design choices, and Nikki has taken a deceptively simple card which actually has lots of designed elements within. Nikki cleverly transforms some inexpensive plastic grid that we'll all be looking out for now.
~ Keren

Hi, Nikki here today, from Addicted to Art. For the theme of lines I decided to utilise various 'lines' to, hopefully, enhance the composition / layout of my card.

Composition in my artwork is really important to me - although sometimes I get it very wrong! Colour, positioning of items, focal points and tonal balance can all impact the overall design. The goal is for the eye to be drawn to the focal points and not get confused chasing elements around a page or being drawn out of the picture!

I started with two initial line ideas - some of this grid material I have (had it ages -UK  Poundland I think!) and my inky highlighted folds in the background. But as it developed I also used the lines of numbers and the horizontal tag to bring it all together.

I first brayered some white card lightly with Sand and Chocolate Pudding Fresco Paints. I  used my score board to create lines on the reverse and then swept the edges and creases with Potting Soil Archival ink (any brown ink will do). I stamped the little circles from Kim Dellow stamp set EKD01 and the lines of numbers from France Papillon Stamp set FP002. However I did these later so I knew where to place them to build the composition.

I added some Chocolate Pudding paint to the plastic grid so there was more of contrast with the background and also added a little tissue paper underneath.

I used Distress Oxide (Peeled Paint) to colour some card which I used to stamp my flowers and little hedgehog from EKD01. I cut my little tag to frame my greeting (from EM18). This horizontal 'line' compliments the vertical lines of the the background, the flower stems and the stamped numbers.

A relatively simple card! But hopefully you can see how I used the various vertical and horizontal lines to create the composition. 

Nikki x

Instagram: @Nikki_Act
Pinterest: nikacton

Monday 27 July 2020

2020 #13 We grow great by Dreams with Tracy Scott Stamps {by Lynn Good}

2020 Topic 13: Lines

Lynn created a seamless contrast of hard and soft lines and a wonderful vertical line of stamped images that draw your eye through the wonderfully coloured piece.
~ Keren

Hi everyone, it's Lynn Good (Memories on the Page) with you today, and I'd like to share with you an art journal page that I have created for this week's topic - Lines.  
My Interpretation of lines, well for this one, I have created butterfly images in a vertical line and there are manually added pen lines around the background leaves.

I had no idea what I was going to do but I had just received this gorgeous Tracy Scott stamp and wanted to use that, and I wanted to challenge myself and use some cool colours with the warm colours.  I am not a cool colour person but loved how this came out.

I first applied white gesso to the page, I often do this when I have no idea what the page is going to do and at least I have some 'tooth' to play with.  But I decided to apply Paper Artsy Paints - Gumboots and China with a make up sponge through Stencil PS123 - this created the leaves in the background.

I then stamped the butterfly image from Tracy Scott's stamp ETS39 onto tissue and adhered it to the page at the top and bottom in a line.  I was not fussy; a little ripped here and there but that was fine.

I then painted around the area of the butterfly in Snowflake Paper Artsy Paint to blend it all together.

I have used a black marker to roughly highlight around all the petals and stamped around the images with Tracy's mini stamp EM57 in black ink.

Now I was happy with the background - onto the focal point.  I have used the same stamp (ETS39) and stamped it onto Heavy Smoothy cardstock and fussy cut out.

Using Paper Artsy paints - Cherry Red, Coral, Yellow Submarine, Slimed, Orchid and Bubblegum I have coloured the image.

I have added highlights with coloured pencil - both fluorescent and plain.  I find the Paper Artsy Paints and coloured pencils (I used Prima Colour) blend beautifully.

Finally I added the title from Stamp ESN45 - again stamping on tissue and then adhering to the page. Here are some close ups:


I hope that you have enjoyed this process; one of my favourites, stamping onto tissue and when it doesn't come out right, that is fine, it blends to be part of the page.
Til next time - happy crafting.


Sunday 26 July 2020

2020 #13 Topic Introduction: Lines

 2020 Topic 13: Lines

Hi everyone, Keren here with a thin or thick topic, curved or straight, expressive or unremarkable; we're talking lines! Granted, at first hearing the topic, you might be forgiven for thinking it's a unremarkable theme, but hang on, have a little look at some wonderful examples that might have you grabbing your pencil or biro to get doodling with! You could rightly argue that I just need to plonk a tonne of examples using PaperArtsy stamp sets, as aren't all images made up of lines? Yes, but let's show a few different ideas to make you think in different directions.

Starting off with a perfect 'line'-up (sorry!), we have a trio of PaperArtsy favourites, using 'lines' in every which way. The first artist is Gwen Lafleur and this piece of hers has so many lines in different thicknesses, directions, colours and textures. I love the abundance of lines here, so it makes the perfect start. 

Secondly, we have Raquel Burillo or Scrapcosy as she's better known to many of us. Her stencils have some well designed lines, and pair beautifully with the vintage vibe that she does so well.

Last, but certainly not least, is Sara Naumann. Her stencil has a wonderful grid that appears to be disappearing into the horizon. You can see it on this gorgeous example.

I remember this artist as a younger boy producing amazing drawings from memory. His style has matured with age but his ability to remember complete landscapes from a short viewing of them has remained unchanged (he memorised an entire area of Madrid in 30 minutes).

This next artist, Nikos Gyftakis, uses lines in a continuous way, forming the contours of the face whilst carving out expression and emotion. His works are fluid and utterly beautiful.

This next artist wrote an algorithm that turns photographs into wonderful pieces of line drawn art.

We've all seen optical illusions, and this example is doubly clever. Step back and you'll see a statuesque face. Look again and find the other puzzle! With lines, we can curate other images.

Lines can be wonderfully curved and sinuous. This glorious page of curves and curlicues shows how doodling and drawing can be a wonderful addition to your journals.

Thinking a little about what you might use to draw lines with, you might not think of a biro type of pen in the first instance. This next piece, however uses one with real deftness and lightness. He often draws on unusual surfaces; this one is a letter from a bank! 

Have you tried creating an image without letting your drawing/painting implement stop? Try continuous line drawing, it;s a great discipline and creates real movement in a piece, and an extremely on-trend idea for interior decor currently.

So even if you don't see yourself an as artist, how might you use lines in your art? I love this next piece, the piece flowing with 'moving' columns. 

Paint can be hard to control in perfectly straight lines, but how about relying on gravity? This is a clever technique and look at the glorious puddle of colour underneath!

Perhaps you are looking to fill space in your journals or art. Maybe you could try gentle angles and differently spaced lines.

Lines altered slightly can cleverly add meaning to the image. No colour, just perfectly executed lines.

Lines don't have to be continuous. Kantha stitching is a lovely way of introducing running stitches onto fabric. They add texture and colour onto pieces.

Lastly, I thought I'd include something with a little colour. Love the contrast of wavy and straight lines.

I hope that this has given you some more ideas of using lines in art. It's going to be fascinating seeing what the PaperArtsy bloggers have come up with as this theme could go in so many directions.

If you want to create along with us, please share on our social feeds so we can see what you get up to. The best places are Instagram @paperartsy or post in PaperArtsy People Group on Facebook. Make sure you tag us in your contributions, we love to see what you get up to in your creative world!

Friday 24 July 2020

NEW PaperArtsy Products: France Papillon Collection {July 2020}

 France Papillon Collection
July 2020 New Product Announcement

A note from Leandra:
It's so fitting for us to be partnered with France as we embark on our own French adventure in the coming weeks as we relocate our family and business to the South-West. 

I know France has a wonderful journaling concept in mind for these stamps, I'll leave her to explain the nitty-gritty to you in her own time! But as always, they have versatility for so much more too!

Hello creative Butterfly, France here.

I'm super excited to share with you my newest release for PaperArtsy: 3 new stamps!

After drawing my first collection for PaperArtsy, continuing with my bold grungy sketch style is still in evidence. I designed these 3 new stamps with the card-maker, art-journaler, tag-maker and bullet-journaler in mind. These have a more romantic touch to them, with drawings and quotes of roses and stars, but will form a perfect addition to the already existing stamps.

If you want to buy these stamps, they are available EXCLUSIVELY from our approved stockists for the next 6 months. We do not compete with our retailers for direct sales, so if you want to get your hands on them, you will need to check out the list of retailers  at the bottom of this post!

  New Stamps
Price: RRP £18.74 +VAT
Size:5" x 6" (13 x16.5cm)
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam, presented in a clear hanging bag
with a laminated storage/index sheet.

France Papillon Set 13 (FP13): To the moon

I came across this quote and thought it was so cool that it inspired a whole stamp set, from the grungy moon phases to the craw in the circle! 

The small circle at the bottom of the set fits perfectly around the full moon at the top and aren't those months the perfect addition for some bullet journaling?

France Papillon Set 14 (FP14): Lisbeth

After I had done Lilly for the previous collection, I knew that she had a sister, Lisbeth, the more romantic kind of girl who at the same time, has this grungy side as she has a whole bunch of tattoos! Each of the little stamps on the set fit either on her shoulder, her back or her spine in a neat way. Pretty cool, huh? :)))

France Papillon Set 15 (FP015): Rose and Stars

Being in the romantic mood that I was to draw Lisbeth, I kept going, and dreamed away of roses and stars. The quotes on this set say 'Moonshine and stars' and 'Head in the stars'. I think this says Romantic with a capital R, yet me being me, I had to add some grunginess by combining it with big bold numbers and a grunged up line of stars of course. I also added numbers which are the perfect size for the dates on monthly views in a bullet journal. 

Art journaling step by step

This art journaling spread came along in one big creative flow. Here is how:

I started by applying light modeling paste with a palette knife. I needed it to be porous so that the colours would blend nicely later on. Without leaving it to dry, I stamped the small circle form FP013 into the paste over and over, cleaning the stamp after each print.

Next up, I colourized the whole spread with Steel Grey Fresco finish using a baby wipe. Once dry, I touched the paper with the end of the tube of Lindy's gang sprays so that the colour would sink into the circles following the texture of the dried paste. I dabbed a piece of kitchen roll in the same spray inks and made light marks on the paper.

To bring the texture of the circles back to the front, I used a brayer and Snowflake Fresco finish. I also scraped Neocolors Paynes Grey and Rusted on the mini stars from FP015, sprayed it with a little bit of water and stamped on the left side of the spread.

On that same left side, I stamped the numbers from FP013 with black archival ink as well as the moon phases from FP013 with embossing ink, sprinkled on pewter embossing powder and melted it in place with a heat gun. I enhanced the colors with distress ink and repeated the brayer/Snowflake on the embossing powder.

Finally, I stamped the rose from FP015 on a piece of acetate with Staz'on and trimmed it. To keep it in place on the spread, I simple stapled it! I added the sentiment and some more stamping with black archival ink. There needed to be some splatters of course, which I did with the same Lindy's sprays as at the beginning of the spread. The finishing touch is the little heart from FP008. Did I mention I'm a romantic girl? ;)

I can't wait to see your artsy endeavors using these new goodies! So go, go and get creative!

Butterfly kisses,

Pinterest: france_papillon
Twitter: @france_papillon
Instagram: @france_papillon

PaperArtsy Stockist List

Many of our stockists worldwide have their physical stores impacted in different ways due to COVID-19. Most are operating online, offering kerbside drops / collections, open by appointment, or open with restrictions in place such as wearing a face covering, using hand santizer etc. Please contact a stockist direct to find out if you can visit them. Many are also using FB Live Streams to share with you new product arrivals, and also offering a personal shopping service via video calls.

Here at PaperArtsy, we are based in a rural location on the outskirts of London. However we are on the cusp of a long planned relocation to the South West of France. We are super-excited for this new adventure and itching to have a lot more much-needed space!  From mid August through late September, we will hibernate our online wholesale and retail websites, and then early October we will reopen online as a French entity, trading in Euro currency, with French business registrations etc. We have a lot to get done over the summer to be ready, but in the meantime, of course, you will be able to buy what you need from suppliers on the list below.

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Art and Soul Studio, Burrum Heads, Queensland
Arts and Craft Supply, Frenchs Forest, NSW   
Bella Paperie, Brendale, Queensland,
Bev's Cross Crafts, Spreyton, Tasmania
Crafters Cupboard, Berwick, Victoria
Memories on the Murray, Murray Bridge, SA
Scrap Matrix, Port Elliot, South Australia
Scrapbook Superstore & More South Penrith, NSW
The Scrapbooker's Confetti Box, Swansea,NSW
The Thread Studio, 6 Smith Street, Perth
The Scrapbook Store, North Perth,WA 
Time To Create, Modanville, NSW

CP Marketingservices Gmbh, Wilhering, Upper Austria,

Cart N Scrap Art, Antwerp,
Cotrain, Kontich,
Expression Hobby, Marcinelle

Clipper Street Scrapbook Company, Langley, BC.
Paper Art Creations Inc, Leduc, Alberta,
Scrapbook Centrale, Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec
Simply Scrapbooking, Prince George, BC
Scrap Addicts, Edmonton, Alberta
Scrap and Bean, Edmonton, Alberta 
Scrapbooking Fairies, Drayton Valley, Alberta
The Paper & ink Boutique, Calgary, Alberta
The Scrap Yard, Calgary, Alberta, 

Czech Republic
Hurapapir, Brno

Hobbyboden Scrapworld Samso
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Scrap by Nini,  Uzerche, Limousin 
Scrapo'naturel, Tourville La Riviere, 
Toutencolle, Dun sur Avon

Paperbasics, Hessen,
Stempelbar, Berlin,
Stempeloase Munich, Munich
Stempelfee Shop, Hilden
Stempellaedle, Stuttgart,

Scraps N Pieces, Kallithea

Immagine SAS di Rapaccini, Rome,
Il Negozio Della Mamma Di Cle, Torino,
L'artistica Glo, Cinisello B (Mi),
Marte Savona, Savona,
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Scrap it Easy, Rome,

Tiny Dots, Funabashi-shi, Chiba

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