Friday 28 February 2014

Canvas {with Lynne Perrella stamps by Linda Cain}

Hi everyone, Linda Cain here. I'm back again to share a fun project with you! I LOVE these stamps and the stencils together....see the same shapes in the stencil flowers and the stars on the  ladies crown? Perfect, eh?

I LOVE everything Lynne Perrella, so this set had to be used for a project. These ladies are just gorgeous.

I started with an 8x8 canvas board, Grunge Paste and Lin Brown's Stencils PS001, PS002 and PS003.

When the paste was dry I added Haystack and Guacamole Fresco Paints with a square of Cut n-Dry Foam.

The next layer was using South Pacific, Bora Bora, Mermaid and last Inky Pool. Then the top area was painted with Autumn Fire, Tango, Blood Orange and Cinnamon. A bit of the blues went over the flowers as well.

Then I broke out the Treasure Golds in Classic, Rose Quartz, Florentine and Brass. It's always hard to see the metallics, but this shot kind of gives you an idea here and there. I thought wanted to put a picture in the center, so I didn't paint that area.....I changed my mind later!

I sanded down some of the Grunge Paste areas and added more layers of color. The large Bubbles of GP seemed perfect for the Sunburst Stamp from  LPC05 with Archival Black Ink.

I used mini stamps and archival inks to fill in the background areas. Mini 62. Mini 72 and Mini 74

Mini 72

Mini 74

I used Lynne Perrella's LPC005 collection to stamp the two ladies onto Stamping Paper.

 The one on the right had spots of paint laid down first, the one on the left was mostly done with pens and translucent paints afterwards. I trimmed them down and layered onto black chipboard with a small border.

Here you can see all the colors on the Grunge Paste Flowers with paints and Treasure Golds. You can also see the little Sunbursts stamped on the Grunge Paste Bubbles. You can see the Treasure Gold on the Bubbles here much better, too.

That's it for me. I'll see you back here again next month for another project using the great PaperArtsy Products!

Your Friend in ART,


Thankyou Linda from all at PaperArtsy HQ. Your colour combinations are always so stunning and this canvas is no exception. We love your attention to detail, such as picking out the complementary patterns in both the stencils and the stamps. 

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Thursday 27 February 2014

Blue Rose {with Eclectica³ Lin Brown stamps & Chatsworth Papers by Jo Myhill}

Hi everyone, Jo Myhill  here again with another project for you.  This month I have had the pleasure of playing with brand new products, all so inspirational in their own right. they led me to create this page of blue roses. 
I began with the lush Chatsworth papers, these double sided papers are so thick and the designs and colours  are a delight to use.

Chatsworth papers are printed on to our Smoothy Card Stock,acid and lignin free and printed with eco friendly vegetable inks. There are 24 sheets in a pack, 4 of each double-sided design. Each sheet is a lovely,versatlie weight of 240 gsm

I chose the 12x12 sheet that had Lin's fern like stencil on it.  I first cut it to 8x8, but actually you could make it 12x12 or even 6x6, you'd just need to change the proportions of your other elements. Over this I added some thin washes using Cut-n-Dry foam of South Pacific and Hey Pesto mixed together and Tikka.  I sanded with a sanding block and the leaf design seemed to pop back up!
Next I took one of the large leaf stamps from ELB09, and cobalt archival ink. I stamped randomly all over the page to add another layer and a little dimension and interest. These new stamps coordinate perfectly with Lin's existing range, and with her dies.
Next I created the tag, this was first painted with a mixture of Seaweed and Tikka. I then stamped the large italic quote from ELB05 diagonally over the tag in Coffee Archival and used the new dot stencil  with Tikka fresco, just in the gaps between the quote.
Around the edges I used Chutney.I added a wash of Hey Pesto all over to give a hint of green in places and then further edged the tag with a little bit of South Pacific and Sapphire Treasure Gold. 
Now for the flowers, the lower die cut shape is an old PaperArtsy die (no longer available) and a spare bit of the cut 12x12 paper. This was painted in Hey Pesto and edged in Walnut Stain Distress Ink. The rest of the flowers were cut using Eclectica Bloom #1, Grunge flower#1 and Grunge Flowers 2&3. All were cut and  gently curled. Because the Chatsworth paper is so strong it doesn't tear and you get a really nice curve. These were edged in Walnut Stain.
To make the centre rolled rose I basically cut a spiral leaving a little bit of a circle in the middle (roughly where the stamped image is in the photo) and then rolled up from the outer cut edge. Because the papers are double sided you can choose which side you want to be the outer side and give a tonal contrast.  When you've rolled it tightly pop a little bit of glue in the centre circle and let the rose unroll a bit and glue down.  Hopefully the picture above shows how to cut the spirals. 
Once all the layers were glued I added Sapphire Treasure Gold over the flowers to echo the blue on the background paper and the tag. The leaves were cut with Eclectica Leaf #1  die  and stamped with the leaf stamp from ELB07  Each leaf was cut in half so they weren't quite as long.

So I hope you like this and feel inspired to try out the papers and make the rolled roses and layered flowers. See you next time. Jo. 

A huge thank you to Jo from all at PaperArtsy HQ, we love the Chatsworth paper roses, how beautiful are they. We foresee those being used on many projects. You made great use of Lin's new stamps and stencils too, showing how well they complement each other. 

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Wednesday 26 February 2014

Altered Bangle {with Lynne Perrella stamps by Marie Hampson}

Hi everyone, Marie here. I'm thrilled to be bringing you some projects this year, I hope you enjoy them. I'm an art journaller (at the moment!) but also enjoy altering objects, which leads me nicely on to todays project, an altered bangle.
I started by digging out some old bangles that I no longer wear. They can be made from anything and have any pattern as it all gets covered up. I used a wider bangle so you can see more of the image from the rubber stamps.
I started off by covering all of the bangle with ripped up book pages, using Mod-Podge to stick them on. In retrospect I could have used anything, it didn't have to be book pages, as you really can't see the text on the finished bangle!

To create an even base layer and knock back the text  I painted it with a wash of watered down Snowflake.
I decided that some of the Lynne Perrella stamps would work well, so I went with the Lynne Perrella Collection 022.

I stamped all of the big images on tissue paper using a variety of inks but settled on black Archival Ink, making sure to stamp on the matte side of the tissue paper to give a crisper image.
Now to colour the images. I decided on a pink/purple colour palette and painted the images with the following - OrchidEggplantLilacVintage Lace and Old Gold. Painting on the reverse of the stamped images meant I didn't need to worry whether the paints I chose were translucent or not. Once the back was dry i turned the tissue over and added Old Gold to the front of the images, this made it really stand out. Saying all that, I didn't plan ahead properly (not unusual for me!) and painted the Lilac before the Eggplant, as I was painting on the reverse this meant you couldn't see the Eggplant, so I then had to add that to the front. 

PaperArtsy tip: when painting on the reverse of tissue paper, use your translucent colours first, then add the opaque colours. This way the translucent colours will sit in front of the opaques and both will show through. As Marie found out, adding an opaque first means that a following translucent colour cannot penetrate through the tissue. If you forget, then just like Marie you can easily remedy the situation by painting your translucent colour on the front of the tissue. 

Once the paint was dry I tore around all of the images and carefully stuck them on to the bangle with Multi Medium. You need to do this really carefully as it's very easy to tear the tissue paper when it's wet from the glue (I speak from experience, as you can see in the picture below there's a little white patch in her hair where I tore the tissue paper...).

I painted the inside of the bangle with Orchid, and edged the bangle with Old Gold.
A few coats of Gloss Glaze finished the bangle off and sealed it to protect it against knocks.

And that's it! I hope this inspires you to dig out some of your unworn jewellery and think about how you can alter them. Marie. 

A huge thank you to Marie from all at PaperArtsy HQ. What a fun and totally unique project, a great way to use up all our old jewellery. If, like me, you are an 80's girl; then you are bound to have old chunky bangles at the back of a drawer. This is an ideal way to customize your accessories to match with any outfit and a brilliant way to show off your favourite PaperArtsy stamps.

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Tuesday 25 February 2014

GD: Pam Thorburn #3 Faux Washi Tape Layout

"Hello all, Pam here. For today's layout I thought I would have a go at making my own washi tape. Of course you can buy some fantastic washi tapes, but if you are anything like me you end up with rolls and rolls of tape, but never in the colour you need for the project you are working on. So it makes sense to make your own bespoke tape to match your colour scheme".

I had intended to make my washi tape from crafter's double sided sticky tape-the kind with the pull off backing paper. However I discovered I didn't have any left, so ended up buying a roll from my local supermarket. This type came on a roll and didn't have the pull off paper on the back, so I had to improvise a little. 

I found that I could adhere a piece of tape to a non stick craft sheet to stamp on it, and it would still be sticky enough to adhere to cardstock when I removed it. So, having stuck it to my craft sheet, I then adhered a strip of tissue paper to the top, and stamped onto the tissue paper. Then it was a matter of trimming off any excess tissue paper:

Another method I used for my home made washi was to use strips of Micropore surgical tape. This tape can be bought at any chemist shop. Again, begin by adhering a strip to a non stick craft sheet. To add colour, I painted it with Fresco Paint. When the paint was dry I stamped onto it:

Having made an assortment of tapes I started on my layout. I watered down Fresco Paints-1 part paint to 4 parts water- and decanted it into spray bottles. The colours I used were Bora Bora, Yellow Submarine, and Hey Pesto.

I sprayed onto my cardstock and turned the card so the paint dripped down ...

 and in the other direction too ...

...... and also down the page. When the paint had dried I stamped randomly over with an Ink and the Dog script stamp.

Then I randomly stamped in vertical and horizontal lines over my paint drips. You will notice I am not all fussy about my stamping as I'm after a grungy look.

After that I adhered strips of my home made washi tape, following the direction of my under-stamping.

I made a frame in the centre of my page using stamping, and washi tape.

If you look closely you will see that the washi tape, is slightly transparent, just like the real thing.

I adhered my photos, the title, and added journalling to complete the layout. And it was such fun to make too!

I hope you will be inspired by my projects this week and look forward to seeing eveyone's interpretation. I will be back again next month, see you all then.


Leandra Says: Ohhh this DOES look like a LOT of fun! Love how you have built up the layers on this and I'm liking the idea of keeping your first washi option un-trimmed....quite liked that frilly edge! Great colours Pam, thanks for another wonderful week!

Gillian Says:A fun way to create your own washi tape tailored to a specific project, love the compostion and balance of colours. Thanks for another week of beautiful layouts Pam.

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Monday 24 February 2014

GD: Pam Thorburn #2 Bubbles

"Hi everyone, Pam back again. Today's post is all about making your own embellishments to add some interest to your scrapbook pages.The photos I have chosen to scrap are of my nephew's gorgeous little daughter, Charlotte, enjoying some bubble play. So what better embellishment for a page about bubbles than circles? When I started this layout I had a notion that I would do all sorts of mixed media treatments on the circles-grunge paste, stamping, embossing, crackle paste.... and I did in fact do some of those. But at the end I decided  that sometimes less is more, and eventually settled for paint, stencilling and stamping treatments with some black pen doodling to make everything pop"!

So here's my finished layout:

The first thing I did was to use  the Stencil Girls Striped Circle stencil. I love this stencil, but wanted to use a single circle randomly over my page, so I used washi tape to mask off the neighbouring circles. Washi tape is great for masking as it peels off very easily when you have finished!  I used a stubby stencil brush and Fresco Paint to stencil. The colours I used were Haystack, Tango, Bora Bora, ...

I painted some blocks of Fresco Paint in bright colours (Sky, Tango, Claret, Haystack onto some Smoothy White Stamping Card.

 I used a Sizzix die to cut some circles from the painted card, and then stamped them using JOFY stamps (JOFY Mini05, JOFY Mini 14, JOFY Collection 14 in black ink. The white spots have been painted in with Fresco Snowflake Paint.

The next lot of circles were decorated using stencils, rather than stamps. The two stencils used were the Stencil Girls Fade Horizontal and the Striped Circles that I used earlier. 

The next step was to start to build my layout. I layered some scraps of circle pattern paper that were in my scrap paper drawer under my photos. I like to run a black Stazon Ink pad around the edge of my photos as it gives a very subtle definition to the edge of the photos. At this stage I decided to doodle around the edges of my stencil circles. I'm still a bit unsure about the wisdom of that decision though!! I also doodled around the white stencilled spots.

I like to ground my photos, and the way I did it on this particular layout was to use  the circle stamps from the Frames Plate 4 (Ink and the Dog) along the left edge of the photo and along the bottom edge. Then I layered up some of the circles, and used my cropodile to punch button holes into the centre and tied baker's twine through them.

After that I arranged and rearranged and arranged  the circles all over my page until I was happy with the placement! The last thing was to adhere the title.

In the end I am quite happy with this page. I think it has a fun whimsical feel, it's clean and fresh and the circles help to support the story of the bubbles. It's all in the details!

See you all again tomorow evening. Pam.

Leandra Says: I really like your doodles around the bespoke bubbles! What a fresh, fun layout, and work perfectly with the gorgeous photos!

Gillian Says: She is adorable Pam, such a fun/whimsical layout perfect for this little cutie. Loving the stamped/stencilled circles.

If you would like to join in this week's challenge and play along with Pam's techniques, then do link up your creativity here, and go in the draw to win some PA stamps of your choice! You need to link your entry by 17:00, Sunday March 2nd 2014.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Welcome Back GD: Pam Thorburn #1 Winter Beach Walk

"Hi Everyone, It's Pam again. It's great to be back having fun with some great PaperArtsy products on my scrapbook pages. This week my posts are all focused on the details, specifically using stamps to add little embellishments that help to make your layouts interesting and keep the eye travelling round the page". 

If you are a scrapbooker you will have noticed that there is a huge trend for pocket scrapbooking just now. Page protectors come divided into pockets into which you just slip your photos and some of the fabulous journalling cards that are available to purchase. The idea is that your memory keeping is simplified and you will document all the little things that happen in your day or week. Well, it's a great idea, but in reality we scrapbookers are a creative lot, and just slipping things into pockets, while simple and convenient, doesn't always satisfy our creative urges! Never fear, as you will see in this post, you can still be creative while utilising pocket scrapbooking! The one thing to remember though is the pockets cannot accommodate bulky items, so when adding details you need to keep them flat. So today I'm going to show you how I've made my own pocket scrapbook elements, with a focus on adding details without adding bulk.

First of all I cut some Smoothy Heavy Weight stamping card to size, and using a sponge blended some Tango, Haystack and Cheesecake Fresco Paint to create a background.

I then blended some Claret Fresco Paint around the edges to give the cards a vignette effect.

I then spread out some the Claret paint onto my craft sheet to use as a stamp pad.

I used JOFY Mini 05 to stamp completely over the background on some of the cards, and around the edges of some others.

Using black Stazon Ink and Ink and the Dog Frames Plate 4 I stamped a border around the cards.

Having made my backgrounds, I set about making some embellishments. First I painted up some more stamping card. I wanted to add colour and marks to the card, but needed to keep a smooth finish for stamping on. So basically I used my craft sheet as a makeshift print plate. First, just scraping some paint on with a plastic card, then taking a print. (This craft sheet is an oven liner, and has its own interesting texture.)

Then adding more paint and making more marks into my 'printing plate'.....

...until I was happy with my prints.

I then used the Cat's Meow Collection - Cheese plate to stamp, and then cut out images to use to embellish my cards.

The black circles are die cut using Spellbinders scallop die, and detailed added with a white pen.

I added some stencilling using snowflake fresco paint and a Crafter's Workshop stencil. I also used a Sara Naumann 06 image.

Join me again tomorrow evening with another project.  


Leandra Says: I've said it a zillions times, I really, really love the retro nature of the Cat's Meow stamps, and the 'cheese' collection is perfect for those using photos in their work regularly. You have used those and Sara's stamps perfectly Pam, AND shown us a wonderful alternative to gelli-printing that works perfectly with the supplies we all have handy. What a fantastic start to the week! 

Gillian Says: Wonderful composition Pam, the warm colours with the bold pops of black & white are a visual treat. Great layout to capture those precious memories.

If you would like to join in this week's challenge and play along with Pam's techniques, then do link up your creativity here, and go in the draw to win some PA stamps of your choice! You need to link your entry by 17:00, Sunday March 2nd 2014.