Tuesday 30 April 2013

3up Drum Roll To Jo, Kirsten And Anna ....

Tonight we would like to welcome Jo, Kirsten and Anna for tonight's 3UP mystery projects.

Jo Myhill

What did I do with my 3 mystery items?

I used Grunge Paste to stencil the flowers, then mixed HeyPesto and Mermaid to get the background colour and painted it over the whole canvas. Then I added layers of watery Beach Hut and Inky Pool over the top wiping back with a wet baby wipe to get depth. Stencilled Baltic Blue through a ledger stencil and then used Turquoise "schizzle" foil on the flowers and topped that with Onyxite Treasure Gold and Black Archival Ink

“Wisdom” from ESN07 was stamped in Claret.  Underneath the frame I stamped the Eiffel tower in Magenta Archival over a Beach Hut background. Swooshed some more Magenta Archival around the edge and added the flowers. 

Next up is ....

Kirsten Sheridan

The front cover ....
Grunge Paste through a Mini Harlequin Stencil, Fresco Paints on top, (Claret, Inky Pool, Mermaid), then Treasure Gold over the raised areas, (Brass, Spanish Topaz, Aquamarine).  Embellishments made by stamping LPC005 stamps onto Shrink Plastic, painted on the back with Fresco Paints.  Number painted with Fresco Paints, (Beach Hut, Chocolate Pudding, Little Black Dress), then Treasure Gold, (Brass, Spanish Topaz).

The Back cover ....

Metal card through an embossing folder, painted with Fresco Paints as per front cover, then Next I sanded back and applied Treasure Gold to the raised areas.  Number as above, (purposely reversed).

And last but not least tonight is ....

Anna Parry

Join us tomorrow night to see who the next 3UP mystery guests are!

Monday 29 April 2013

3up Drum Roll To Jax, Nicky And Gabrielle ....

Tonight we have another three "3UP" sters showcasing their mystery products, so without further ado please welcome Jax, Nicky and Gabrielle ....

Jacqui Hall (aka Jax)

My #3UP ingredients were a 15cm x15cm Artimeo Box Frame, 3 Wooden Butterfiles and Ideaology numbers 3 and 7 in Silver along with brads to attach them.  I started by colouring the numbers in Treasured Gold Aquamarine and by gessoing the frame. I painted the buttuerflies with Fresco Finish – Pansy for two and Very Berry for one, the larger of the two Pansy ones I then applied a dry brush coat of ZestyZing  and then spritzed all 3 with a mica spray.  I then based the frame recess with Guacamole and dry brushed with Bora Bora, which became the base for the frame itself and the card for the sentiment. 

I dry brushed Treasure Gold Renaissance over the frame.  I had precut the diecut shape within the recess to test a die onto pearlescent card, but to see how it would look, and because I could, I drybrushed the image with Aquamarine, and then glued this to the base of the recess.  I stamped the sentiment from HTPX04EZ and drybushed this with the Aquamarine too. Using the flourish from HP1005 I stamped onto the wings of two the butterflies, I then went a tad mad with JOFY10 and stamped around the edges of the frame.  I then attached the embellishments and the sentiment using strong glue (the brads are there purely for show).

Next up is ....

After a little modification of the Chunky Hanging Board, I coated the whole thing in French Roast, I then used a watered down wash of Blood Orange followed by some scrunched Crunchy stamping {also in Blood Orange} to give the surface a bit of texture.

 I used several of the 'Watch Bodies' to create a faux camera effect, embedding the first body into the board, including a new Lynne Perrella image in it's centre. I then built up with another body and an empty micropore tape tube {it was a perfect fit}, stamping images from one of the new Lynne Perrella sets onto tissue paper and wrapping around creating the faux lens, I edged this with a final body {also a perfect fit.. it was like it was meant to be!}

 I made a faux flash completing the look using some Metal Card that I embossed,

For the inside, I cut some strips of watercolour paper and folded into a concertina, I stamped more of the Lynne Perrella images in Black Archival Ink, and some of the new Eclectica Lin Brown images {ELB01}, the leaves in Olive Archival Ink and the flowers in a mix of Blood Orange Claret and Snowflake Fresco Paints, applied with some Cut N Dry foam {as demoed by Lin at Ally Pally}. I masked areas as I went along. I also stamped and cut a few of Lin's leaves layering them up in places.

I attached the concertina to each side of the board to create a book when opened.
I finished off the back with more Lynne Perrella stamping, a couple of brads, and one of the 'Vintaj Buttons' to hide where I attached the loop to keep the piece closed.

And last but not least tonight is ....

Gabrielle Price

I used Claret and Very Berry Paints to build up layers and then in one layer I added a stencil. I sanded the whole piece and then added two Grunge Paste swirls. Random stamping in the background and a little Classic Treasure Gold on the edges finished the background. The sticky heart was pounced on with more paint to tone it down and then added to some corrugated card and the end of a giant tag! I made a flower with a brass button centre

I don't know about you guys buy we at PA HQ are certainly enjoying seeing what has been made with the mystery goodies .... more 3UP fun tomorrow night Woop!

Sunday 28 April 2013

Okay "PATWITS" Let's Play 3UP ....

So the time has finally arrived to let you all know what the buzz on Twitter has been about regarding #3UP ....

As we said earlier, people randomly started using the #3UP hash-tag on twitter, and they didn't realise it at the time, but by using #3UP when they tweeted, they had actually entered themselves in the draw to be players of the most mysterious game of #3UP. We know too well how everyone has struggled to keep schtumm, but also act like they know nothing about what is going on...and of course, only Gillian and Leandra actually know who is involved....ohh the layers of secrecy has been almost intolerable for some.... and the teasing....hint dropping....has been utterly hilarious for Gillian, Mr PA and me (Leandra) at least!

So, after a week or so of people not knowing why they were using this hash-tag, we sent out to selected 3UP-sters 3 random items; players received a substrate and a couple of embellishments, with a PaperArtsy card labelled #3UP. No instructions, we just knew that people would PaperArtsy-fy their items and bring them together somehow in their preferred crafting style into a contribution to share with you on the blog this coming week.

So coming up each evening this week, we will have 3 random players from the #PAtwit (ter) family who are featured 'UP' on the blog to share what they created with their 3 mystery items.
We can't wait to see what you have all pulled together with the stash we gave you, and no doubt using additional bits and bobs and stamps from your personal craft stash too. There is no right or wrong, up or down, its all just for the fun of joining in something completely random, and sharing it with the larger PaperArtsy family. So thank you to all our #3Up-sters who have been real good sports the last 2 weeks, and agreed to jump in, boots and all. Each player has a provided a piccie or two, and an explanation of what they did and how.

First up, a lady who single-handedly used the #3UP hash-tag probably 10 times more than any other single tweeter! And who has, most appropriately, used the word 'secrets' on her piece which sums up #3UP perfectly really doesn't it!

Helen Lindfield

I started by painting the box frame with Eggplant Fresco on all sides.  

Tore some pieces of Crackly Tissue Paper to fit the sides, top and front. Painted them with Beach Hut Fresco, and then dry brushed a little Eggplant sparingly over the tissue, wiping back with a baby wipe. Dry the tissue.

Stamped the PaperArtsy Mini 28 (numbers - Ink and the Dog range) in Black Archival Ink on all the pieces of tissue. 

Paint the leaf with Limelight Fresco, and the numerals with Little Black Dress, before applying Treasure Gold (White Fire and Indigo).  Take 'a secret' from the Eclectica plate ESN06 and ink, omitting the word 'a', stamp on a scrap of card. Then mask the 's' and stamp this again at the end of the word 'secret'. Trim and fix this inside the zero numeral, turned on it's side.

Glue the tissue to the sides, top and front of the painted frame.  I used Matte Multi Medium, and sealed with Fresco Satin Glaze. I used Glossy Accents to adhere the numerals on the sides and front as shown.  Glue the branch to the front.

Next up is ....

I received 3 flowers,a box frame and wooden tag to make into a project using all the items...

I painted the frame with Little Black Dress Fresco, when dry I applied a thin layer of Crackle Glaze. Next I painted a thick layer of Snowflake as I wanted big cracks. When it was dry I sanded it back a bit more to look distressed

I cut a piece of card from an old box to fit inside the frame. I tore away parts of it to reveal the corrugated bits inside. I painted it all with Snowflake and then started adding layers using Grunge Paste with a knife and through some Crafters Workshop Stencils, some masking tape and mesh. I started painting with Very Berry, Guacamole and a little bit of Hey Pesto.  I then stamped the "text" using Mini 61 with Black Archival Ink.

Next I die cut a Tim Holtz birdcage die and the PaperArtsy Song Bird die using Grunge Board. I painted the cage black and distressed it using the Pewter Treasure Gold, I then sanded it a bit and cut some of the bars away. Next I stamped the "Music" from ESN07 behind the bird cage and added chain.

I painted and stenciled the wooden tag to match the background, added 'song bird fly' in newsprint alphas and lightly rubbed Pewter Treasure Gold over the top. Added the tag to the background and put it all into the frame. I added pink scrim to some of the edges, some leaves cut out from ELB01 and the flowers to finish off...There is a tiny bit of black "shcizzle" foil on the edge of the frame .... Well you have to don't you lol...also a filigree wrap and some pearls to finish off.

(I made some tiny rosebuds from the pink flower that fell in the black paint..well the bits I could save)

And last but not least tonight we have ....

Carol Quance

I was sent 2 pieces of Grey Board plus 2 Vintaj Metal Tags and the metal embellishment on the front.                        
This was a real experiment with Embossing Paste, Stencils, Fresco Paints and Beeswax . 
The back and front were stencilled with Golden Fibre Paste and painted up with Fresco Paints. The hinge was made from a piece of Grunge Board, painted up to match. Two brads attached through the grey board also painted to match.  Embellishment on the front the same, layered up on black card and edged with gold leafing pen. I used the feather stamp underneath the stencil on the front cover.

Inners covered with book pages, stencilled covered with beeswax.  Images stamped, and coloured with pens.  The two metal disks stamped with shell stamp, coloured and layered onto black card and placed over the pointy ends of the brads to cover them up

All Grey Board and hinges edged with Black acrylic paint.

Soooooooo what do you think LOL! Thank you for being such good sports and playing along. More "3UP" goings on tomorrow night.

Winners ....

Phew it's been a busy old week here on the PaperArtsy blog what with Suzz's finale project then "spesh sleb" visits from Jo, Lin and Sara .... hope you've all managed to catch your breath or even found time to join in.

Alas do not fear it's not over yet lol, it's all about to change again!! As many of you will know, Leandra and myself have been busy causing havoc on Twitter with the 'hashtag' 3UP (#3UP)...which was a series of mysteriously vague tweets on twitter over the last 2 weeks

We put out the call for #3UP-sters to register interest for a top-secret crafting mission. There are a few people out there who have been suitably challenged, and are no doubt waiting with baited breath to see what happens next....

 ..... so any clearer about #3UP ??? LOL 

Well you will have to check back the blog in just a bit as this is just the first of two posts tonight on the PaperArtsy blog mwahhhh!!

NOW, of course,  it's time to see who our winners are from the challenge of the last 7 days ....

 Random winner #1 from last week's first draw (every single linked entry) is: Helen

 Random winner #2 (selected from one entry per person linked) is: Jo

See you all in 15 minutes when the big 3UP mystery will finally be revealed!

Saturday 27 April 2013

To Write A Secret Into A Memory By Sara Naumann ....

In the last of our 'spesh sleb' appearances this week, its the lovely Sara Naumann.

You may have seen Sara's work in various UK magazines, she features regularly in Craft Stamper, and Crafts Beautiful. She has a very versatile style, and today we are going to see just one of the many possible ways you could use stamps from her Eclectica³ series of eight A5 stamps plates. Check out Sara's blog here, she is one international girl who travels quite a lot, and yet still juggles family life too. She is teaching classes online too these days, so there is no excuse not to hook up with her somehow!

Let's hear from Sara herself: 

I like stashing my journaling in small pockets and envelopes—and this coin envie is the perfect place to store notes, ephemera and other treasures, ideal for “hidden” journaling. You can easily add it to an art journal, gluing it to your page so the charm dangles out from the bottom of the book.

(A coin envelope is also a fun way to give small presents, like gift cards or money—or to tuck in a favorite recipe or message for a friend.)

I love this stamp set for the collection of small words, which can be used as fragments and backgrounds, or stamped, cut apart and re-arranged to create found poetry.

Eclectica Stamps: ESN06
Patterned paper: My Mind’s Eye Honey 6”x6” paper pack
Coin envelope (9cm x 16.5cm)
Card: Red, cream
White acrylic paint
Ink: Adirondack Espresso, Black StazOn
Diamond Glaze
Watch face pendant bezel
Brown ribbon, twine
Clear glitter
1 3/8” circle punch

1) Cover the coin envelope with flower paper. Add a narrow strip of grey/white flower paper at the bottom. Cover the envelope flap with grey/white flower paper and add a button.

2) Paint a white square on the patterned paper. When dry, stamp your words in brown. 

3) Stamp “today” from ESN06 with brown ink onto cream card, tear the bottom edge and mount on red. Glue across the envelope.

4) For the watch face pendant: Stamp “today” in brown on cream card. Punch into a circle and glue inside the pendant. Fill the pendant bezel halfway with Diamond Glaze, then sprinkle in glitter. Fill the pendant bezel the rest of the way with Diamond Glaze. 

5) When dry, sand the Diamond Glaze lightly and apply white acrylic paint. Let dry, then stamp “be visible” with StazOn

6) Tie the bezel through the hole in the coin envelope to attach as an embellishment.

Want to see more of how Sara's creative mind works then watch this space .... From the 15th of May, Sara will be launching her own weeky show on YouTube called Studio SN.  

A little snippet of what's to come ....
"I have yet to decide which segment I’ll air first, but so far topics include alcohol ink resist, packing tape transfers, oil pastel crayons, stamping with Distress Paint, punchinella, washi tape, Gelatos, Shimmer Sheetz and a 3-part series on stenciling. Each segment is 5-10 minutes long, so it’s a quick way to get a weekly dose of inspiration".

You can follow Sara HERE 

There's still time to join in with our GD challenges, be inspired by any of our GD this week, click HERE to upload/share your creativity.