Saturday 10 March 2012

ArtsyCrafts {June 2012}

So much has happened already here this year with shows, trade shows, and now it's time to look forward to ArtsyCrafts already! Ohhh how exciting

We have got 2 classes done and dusted, the 3rd is still a work in progress...but the description gives you a pretty clear idea about where it is heading. Lin and I are both so excited about all of these classes.

They are 3 entirely different projects, and to suit all budgets and interests, you can book, 1, 2 or all 3 days. If it were me I would want to do them all, but then i always say that! That's not very helpful is it!

So before you book anything make sure you read all the info here about cancellation policies, accommodation, facilities, what to bring, class times, venue etc etc

Then if you click here, you can see each of the 3 classes and you can add them to your 'shopping basket' to book for them. If you click on the picture then you will see the class description. Here is a summary of each class: 

FRIDAY: A fabric meandering book, although you could easily do this as a wall hanging if you prefer. Layers of fabric, lace, ribbon, and some wicked image transfer ideas, how about some soldered holes into gauze, and we have found all sorts of cool stuff to work with. We adored creating this class, quite a new medium for us but so easy to adapt to, and a clean tidy class! You don't need to be a machine sewer by the way!!! In fact it's an advantage NOT to be good on the machine! 

SATURDAY: A double hinged niche for the altered, painty people who like to fiddle and faff and arrange - this class has a sewing theme with lots of fun elements that will surprise you along the way. We have some gorgeous fun elements to put into these niches, new PaperArtsy products, and its very painty, but there will be the opportunity to work with fabric and metal - don't panic... nothing too difficult! We also have metal, clay, threads, mica sheets, metal charms and more in this class!!! 
SUNDAY: The rusty relic. You will have to book this class based on the description for now, but pictures will be available at the start of April. Think stamps and images transferred onto clay, gilding flakes, rust, distressed metal, mica sheets, wire, mesh and much much more! I am really looking forward to this. We have so many great ideas for this class, and I think its going to emerge into a little beauty of a relic!

I know people are always amazed at how we provide everything for you to use, and healthy quantities of everything too! We do it this way so you don't have to wait to use supplies, you can just get on with it. It also means for those flying in from overseas that they don't have to bring a load of stuff with them. When I teach elsewhere, people are often given a massive supply list of things to bring to class, and the teachers generally provide the bare minimum. We generally want you to bring as little as possible so you can kick back and enjoy.

As we have not got the massive expense of international guest teachers this time round, we have been able to drop the class fee considerably. We try to organise the event so that the fee covers room hire, your meals, tea break and snacks, class kits/supplies, and that is about it. In other words, what you pay to us is what we pay out in expenses to run the event. So I think you will be happy to know the classes are £100 ea (incl VAT) for Friday and Saturday. Sunday, which finishes at 6pm instead of 9.00pm is £75 (incl VAT)

Booking opens Monday evening, March 12th. Just go here, and add the class(es) you wish to book for to your shopping basket. You will get paperwork confirmation sent out by return.

But before you pay, just one small request....

Because we have a tight operational budget, please can we ask when you pay, don't use paypal. The fees are so high compared to worldpay or secureform, which are both alternative and equally safe ways to communicate your credit card details to us. For example, we can pay up to 8% of the transaction value or more to paypal (£22 per person if they book all 3 classes), and only 1.7% (£4.67) with worldpay, or even better, if you use a debit card, it might be as little as 30 pence fee per transaction. With paypal it's frustrating for us to pay £20 or more in fees per person, plus don't forget another 20% goes to the government for vat (£75 if you booked all 3 classes). So if we can remove paypal out of the equation, it means we don't have to find that 'lost' money from other aspects of the budget (class supplies!) I normally don't explain this to you guys, but if you understand why we ask you not to use paypal, we hope you will be more than happy to use worldpay or secureform instead. Ultimately it means we have more funds to spend on YOU for use in class kits or class supplies. 

As a long time merchant with paypal we do have some of the better rates with them, but this can change from month to month depending on the volume of funds going through our paypal account. If you are not a merchant with paypal yourself, you are probably blissfully unaware of the cost of receiving funds. We only offer it because it is an easy way for international customers to pay for their orders.  But obviously we would rather all our regular customers used one of the other methods we offer instead.

Thanks we do appreciate your understanding with this.

So roll on June, and we hope to see you all there with buttons, lace and all your rusty bits! 

If you can't make it to Warrington, then you are going to have to wait a whole year for ArtsyCrafts 2013, which will probably be in Newport Pagnell, unless general feedback demands it stays at Warrington.

Have a great week