Sunday 31 July 2016

2016 #14 Colour Mixing Part 2 {by Liz Borer}

Topic 14: Colour Mixing

Isn't it nice to have a blog post with dessert, so here's a little bit extra on the side for your Sunday evening! Liz takes her theory from the previous post to the next stage with an extra notebook for you....

Here's Liz again...

Hi again Everyone!

So having shown you ideas about colour mixing, here's what you can do with all the little puddles of colour that you've made. 

Here's a couple of ideas....

Firstly mix the colours with a little water so that they blend together and tap them down randomly with the brush almost flat to the card to create teardrop shapes (1). Start adding a darker colour (2). and keep adding more darker colours

Keep tapping the brush to blend the colours together. 

I used this idea with blues on one side and then did the same with pinks on the other side to create a background. 

Then I added some stamped images, some onto the background and some on separate card (and then cut out) to decorate the card.

I've then used this as a cover for a book to keep all my colour swatches together.

Another idea is to just tap the colours onto card. In this example I have created elongated triangles randomly on the card. I kept adding colours, using brighter and lighter colours in the front until I liked the effect. 

I used this piece of card to make some tags.

Same stamps were used as before. 

I hope that these examples have given you some ideas about colour mixing. 

If you make colour charts like mine why not create a book to keep them in for future reference. 

Bye for now, I'll be back soon. 


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2016 #14 Mixing Ideas {by Liz Borer}

 2016 Topic 14: Colour Mixing

Hi everyone Liz here with some thoughts on colour mixing...

You may have noticed in some of my posts that I often mix colours to achieve other colours that I want. I am never fully satisfied with the range of colours in any range of paints, pencils or inks that I have and I always want more! However for some of you out there I know that mixing colours can be confusing. I hope this post will help you understand how to mix colours in an easy method.

What you might not realise is that you probably already mix colours without realising it! Every time that you apply another colour over the base colour the base colour has been changed. For example using distress inks or transparent paint over paint or paper changes the base colour, in effect mixing them to create another colour.
So, I am going to give you some ideas to start things off. If you start mixing colours why not keep a chart of the colours you mix, rather like the charts below, so you remember what you did, and how you did it.

When I am trying to get to the colour I want I start with two colours and slowly add one to the other. I recommend adding the darker colour to the lighter colour, especially if you want a pale shade, if you mix the other way round you will end up with a huge puddle of colour! 
I start with a small puddle of the paler colour and add the darker a little at a time. The real problem is that it's not possible to say exactly how much to add. The picture below shows why.

I have used Nougat instead of white so it shows up better, it's a very pale colour that I often use because it warms up the other colours I'm mixing with it. I added a drop of the darker paint at a time (pick up a blob on the end of the paintbrush) and recorded the result.
As you can see, for each colour I had to add different amounts of colour to get similar results. 
Obviously the blue is darker but even so, it's difficult to predict the proportions needed and the only way to find out is to play with colours and find out.

Here are some ideas about mixing pastel colours. In all the mixes, in all these samples, I have added a little of the darker colour at a time and recorded the result. In this picture I have used not just white but also different pale colours mixed with the same dark colour. They all create pastel colours but are all slightly different.
Notice how Nougat creates warm pinks and Hint of Mint creates almost purple pinks.

More pastels, but the last two I have used Captain Peacock with Cheesecake and Nougat. Captain Peacock is a blue-green so by adding Cheesecake the colour gets more yellow producing a warmer green.
Adding Nougat, a very slightly pink colour, has created a cooler green.

Another idea here. 

Some of the PaperArtsy paints are opaque and some transparent, so what happens when they are mixed?
This time I added the paler, more opaque colour to the transparent colour. In fact the paler the colour the more opaque it is because the more white is in the paint. It is possible to get pale colours with transparent paints by adding water to them. This is because the White of the paper shows through the paint. This creates rich glowing effects similar to Watercolour paints.

The first thing that happens if you add opaque colour to transparent is that the paint gets more opaque and sometimes looks slightly darker. After that, the paint gets more opaque and paler.

So I've looked at making colours lighter, what about darker?
Here's some ideas, the most obvious colour to add is black but this can make the new colour rather dull. Try other dark colours as shown all of which create darker colours which are often very interesting.

The bottom three mixtures show what happens when opposite colours on the colour wheel are mixed (orange / blue , red / green and yellow/ purple).
This is a very good way of darkening colours but keeping them fresh.

Here I've mixed transparent colours only. The variation in the colours is lovely, bright and clear. The variation in colours just using two colours is often amazing.

Here's another selection of transparent colour mixes.
I think the obvious lesson here is that if you want clear, bright colours, these are the mixes needed.
If you want softer, more pastel or muted colours use at least one opaque colour.

These collection of colour mixes show the wide range of colours that can be obtained when mixing colours together. 

It also shows that it's possible to create a design with only a few colours. For example, Orchid, Granny Smith and Caribbean Sea create a wide range of pinks, purples greens and browns!

This is just fantastic to see the process you use, but also the combinations are so unusual. Who would think to mix coral and limelight!! I love this system, and I can see making reference cards can be ever so useful as a reference tool! Thanks Liz, this is a brilliant! ~Leandra

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All of our bloggers love to see your twist on their ideas,  particularly if you were inspired directly by their post.

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Saturday 30 July 2016


 ...NEW Stamps from Kim Dellow...

Hi Everyone, Leandra here with some amazing new stamps by {Kim Dellow}...

Tonight we have a lovely new stamp set from Kim Dellow which compliments perfectly her first 2 stamp sets designed earlier in the year. Let me show you those first, then introduce you to the new kid on the block.

These are the 2 we released in February

And here is their new sibling...EKD03

I'll hand over now to Kim who will introduce her new products, and share with you a few ideas. Enjoy and don't forget to leave us your comments!

Hey all, Kim Dellow here with my latest stamp release for PaperArtsy. For this little release I have come up with a set that matches the first two, good things come in threes, right?

In this new set there is another texture stamp, because I LOVE texture stamps. Some interesting flowers that some (Leandra!) might call retro, but I think I might go with vaguely alien. What do you think?

I've also included another little creature, a little lion this time. But slightly different for this set is a long pattern stamp that I am really excited to see all the different ways you think of to use!

Shall we get on with some samples then?

Project One: {Lion Shine Card}

My first sample tonight is a little greeting card. This is a very clean and simple make and if you have the time to do some masking you could easily make it a single layer card.

Step 1: 
I've used the texture stamp from the new set to stamp the rounded rectangle bubble background. I inked it up with Ranger Archival Chrome Yellow in the centre and Ranger Archival Viridian around the outside before stamping. 

Step 2: 
I then stamped the word with Ranger Archival Jet Black vertically next to the right-hand side of the rounded rectangle bubble background.

Step 3: 
The lion was stamped and then coloured with PrismaColor pencils then I cut him out and stuck him to the card with 3D foam.

Project Two: {All Awash Card}

For project two I thought I would play with a resist and the PaperArtsy Infusions to add the colour.

Step 1: 
I used white embossing powder and heat embossed the long pattern stamp along the left-had side of the card front.

Step 2:
I placed a couple of drops of the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Paint Drying Retarder on a plastic surface and sprinkled a very small amount of the Royal Blood Infusions into the drops. I repeated this process to make another wash of the Golden Sands Infusions.

You can use water to make the infusions wash instead but I found the Drying Retarder slowed the brown of the Walnut crystals coming through so that you have more time to work with the colour for the wash.

Step 3: 
I then used the two pools of colour like a watercolour wash, first adding the Royal Blood over the embossed image with a brush. Then adding a couple of dabs of the Golden sands before the blue wash was dry and letting it drip and move through the blue wash.

You get a whole range of colours with these infusion washes, the blue of the Royal Blood mixing green with the Golden Sands, but also you can see some of the yellow of the Golden Sands peeking through. Then of course you have the intense brown of the walnut crystals adding a vintage feel to the overall effect.

Project Three: {Shine Tag}

For my last sample I've made a tag and built up a bit of dimension using the heart circle stamp and one of the alien flower stalks on a gesso resist background.

Step 1: 
For this tag I started by stamping the texture stamp with gesso and once dry I then made a wash with Fresco Finish paints and the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Paint Drying Retarder to colour the background. I used Teresa Green, Granny Smith and Blueberry.

Step 2: 
I then stamped the flower stem in paint on a paint wash background. I also did the same with the round stamp, first stamping with Ranger Archival Jet Black ink on a Cheesecake covered cardstock then with Coral paint on a Bubble gum covered cardstock.

Step 3: 
To finish I cut out each element and built it up on the flower stamped in paint on the background and added the sentiment stamped with the Jet Black ink on Cheesecake covered cardstock. The final touches where added with a pen.


Here is a video for you by Kim with her new stamps showing how she made the final tag...

I am really looking forward to seeing what you make with these new stamps, don't forget to let me know as I have a Pinterest board dedicated to sharing the amazing ideas that people come up with using the PaperArtsy Eclectica³ {Kim Dellow} Stamps and I would just LOVE to see your work included there too!

If you want to get your work, using my stamps, up on this board then you can get in touch with me via any of the links below:


Ohhhhh, it's lovely to see such fantastic ideas from Kim with these new images I'm sure you'll agree. Retailers have been stocking up on these ready for tonight, so take a look below to see who is on the ball and has got in early to order!

We do encourage you to buy from your favourite PaperArtsy stockist, as you know,  if you support your local independent retailer you will get quality advice, product education, and a wide range of choice from many small craft brands (like us) who do not deal with chains.

Oh and if you get your hands on these, you might like to use them in the current blog challenge: Colour Mixing which closes 7pm Sunday, August  7th!

I'll be back next week for another release!!

~ Leandra

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Artworks, Nottingham.
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Friday 29 July 2016

2016 #14 Gelli Colours {by Ellie Knol}

2016 Topic 14: Colour Mixing 

Hi everyone! Ellie Knol here, joining you this evening with a post about colourmixing, specifically a warm scheme and a cool colour scheme.  

That can be very messy, but oh SO fun! I have done a tutorial on mixing colors; not just different colors but also different mediums; Fresco Acrylic Paints and Infusions. To be precise: I mixed every color Fresco Acrylic Paint (2 of 5 at a time) with every Infusions (1 of 4 at a time) I own. Yes, that gave me a whole bunch of backgrounds, as I’ve brayered all the painty goodness from the brayer onto cardstock as well! I have also used the gorgeous Hot Picks stamp collection! 

First I’ll show a step-by-step on the backgrounds, then 3 of the cards. I’ve made six in total; you can admire all 6 on my own blog: PAPER- STAMPS - COLOR

Let’s go! 

Step One: Add two tiny dots of Fresco Acrylic Paint Snowflake and Beach Hut onto a round 8” gelliplate. Mist with a tiny bit of water. Brayer it over the entire plate. I chose to not mix the colors that well. 

Step Two: Sprinkle a tiny bit of Royal Blood Infusions onto the plate; additionally mist with a tiny bit of water. Brayer over it in one direction until you are satisfied with the mixing of it. 

Step Three: Now for the fun part: pull a print. Additionally brayer all the inky goodness from your brayer onto cardstock. This gives a lovely mix of 'cool' colours

Step Four: Add some stamping to it, and assemble to a card. 


Now for a 'warm' palette, here is an example of mixing Snowflake and Yellow Submarine Fresco Acrylic Paints, plus Sunset Beach Infusions 


An example of mixing Snowflake and Glass Blue Fresco Acrylic Paints, plus Sunset Beach Infusions 

As I said - I've made six cards with the same technique. To see all of them go to my blog HERE.

It's so easy to do! 

TIP - To get a crisp stamped image on surfaces with acrylic on it, is difficult sometimes. When stamping on these backgrounds see to it that you are able to stamp multiple times with a MISTI, or any other stamping tool. I’ve made my own. 

The sky is the limit here, right?! 
Hope you can use this as inspiration to create your own unique projects!
I am also on Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook 
See you! 

Thanks Ellie, fabulous colour mixing. Two very clear schemes going on here, a cool colour scheme and a warm one. I love how you added just tiny touches of the warm clours to the cool palette, this really brings it to life. ~Darcy 

We would love to see how you interpret this Colour Mixing topic by linking what you make to our 2016 Challenge #14: Colour Mixing, on this page HERE. 

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