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NEW PaperArtsy Products: JoFY Collection {January 2020}

JoFY Collection
January 2020 New Product Announcement

Jo brings us another beautiful series of stamps and stencils, and no doubt you will also see within her samples a sneak peek of a trio of gorgeous embossing powders she is releasing at the Creativation trade show in January with WOW embossing. 

She's continuing with the 'big blooms' theme, and to go with that we have a super useful huge text stamp too which I am super excited about! The first ever stamp I bought about 25 years ago was a huge hand-written font. I find a stamp like that can be used in so many gorgeous ways. 

Anyway, I'll leave Jo to explain to you her newest products, and I'm sure you will adore every detail.

~ Leandra

Hi everyone, Jo here to show you my latest PaperArtsy products - 3 stamp sets and coordinating stencils.

This release has more flowers (can we ever have enough flower stamps?!) - and though my recent flowers were big I didn't feel they were quite big enough! lol  I wanted to create a flower that was BIG & could be assembled in different combinations.

I love to sketch flowers and leaves and so we have more of those that are going to work really nicely with previous releases.
There are also some nice background images, the handwritten text block Leandra spoke about and also a few mushrooms - gotta love a mushroom (or two....) and as with flower stamps - can you ever have too many mushroom stamps can you!

Let's check them out!

  New Stamps
Price: RRP £18.74 +VAT
Size:5" x 6" (13 x16.5cm)
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam, presented in a clear hanging bag
with a laminated storage/index sheet.

Jo Firth-Young set 89 (JOFY89)

The hand-written stamp block in this set is full of positive sentences - not all are immediately legible which was intentional - its a background stamp so its nice just to get glimpses of the words. Great for journals and for cards too...

Jo Firth-Young Set 90 (JoFY90)

Oh my goodness I am so excited about this set of stamps!!  It might look like a plate of fish (please, feel free to add googly eyes & create fish with them!) but they are individual petals that assemble to create a big flower measuring just under 25cm (10inches) wide!  Fabulous!

I've included the photo above to give you an idea of the scale of the new flower when it is place with an existing JOFY flower - don't they look great together!!  (and look at those circles filled with sparkle and gold!!  Love, love, love!

The plan is that a full set of 5 petals can be laid out in a stamping platform and stamped all at once - allowing multiple sets to be printed quickly and easily.

These can then be assembled in lots of configurations...

Here are just a few basic ideas for creating flowers - I'm sure there are many more!!
Flowers can be created using one layer of petals but a different look can be achieved by changing the size of the centre as in the photos above.... (a MEGA flower could be created with an even bigger centre and lots of petals - like a sunflower!!!) - and the petal edges are smooth so nice and easy to cut out!  No fussy cutting here!
The stamp set has 5 petals - the flowers in the photos above have 10 flowers in each - the left flower has the petals arranged like a fan (each one overlaying the next all the way around), while the flower on the right has 2 layers of 5 petals - giving 2 different looks - and these could be changed again by swapping out centre.
I've stamped out these petals and left them plain so the pattern and configurations are more obvious but of course you can easily embellish them with a bit of white pen doodles and shading with coloured pencils or paint.

The petals can also be trimmed to make smaller petals for variety (or how I'm holding them in the photo above reminds me of a tulip!.. you see, there are so many options!)

The samples above were made using printed papers - below is a sample created with Fresco Paints and detailed with coloured pencils and white pen.

The sample below is created on printed papers and is stamped with WOW embossing inks and powders - just look at all that sparkle - I just love how the flower looks when embossed like this....gorgeous!

Jo Firth-Young set 91 (JoFY91)

I love Peonies and if could have a garden full of these gorgeous shrubs then I would be very happy gardener. The next best thing I can have is a stamp of my version of this flower (I especially like the big blousy types!).  A full bloom and a side view flower are going to make creating colourful (& dimensional) bouquets easy... and there's also a cute little flower cluster to add interest to backgrounds.

The flowers are lovely as a complete bloom but also work when the layers are separated as you can see in the photo above.

The card in the photo above shows the main flower on a background of the coordinating stencil and embossed mini flower clusters.

New Stencils
Regular Size: 6.5" x 7" (16 x 18cm) Price: RRP £4.60 + VAT
PaperArtsy Stencil by Jo Firth-Young (PS164)

I really like the combination of solid and line leaf stems on this stencil - its going to work really well as a background (see project 2 later in this blog post) and as a feature on a page as shown on the junk journal pages below.

How fab does the stencil look against the patterned background! 

PaperArtsy Stencil by Jo Firth-Young (PS165)

I designed this stencil as a border to accompany the flower stamps - the lines on the petals echo the lines on the border. It works brilliantly as a feature panel as shown on the kraft card above (using the large border) or as a repeat pattern shown on the right (using the small border).

It also looks great on different coloured backgrounds as you can see in the photo below.

Top sample:  Ochre, Cerise & Taro Milk Tea Frescos have been sponged through the stencil onto a white substrate.

Middle sample:  Cloud 9 as a base and then the same colours as above stencilled onto a black substrate.

Bottom sample:  White substrate painted with the above colours, then black paint was applied through the stencil - this give the 'reverse' stencil pattern.

PaperArtsy Stencil by Jo Firth-Young (PS166)

This is going to be a really useful stencil.  Initially I really like to use my finished stencils by themselves - its a great way to help visualise how they can be repeated on a page, how other images can be laid in the spaces created or simply as a reference... which is how I've used the stencil on a junk journal page shown above.

Project One: Floral Harlequin

This panel illustrates how versatile one stamp can be - all the flowers are 'within' the big stamp but the bloom in the bottom left corner was created by painting and stamping the image twice, cutting/separating the layers and assembling with 3D foam.  The top two flowers look dimensional but this is created by shading not by adding layers (except for the yellow centre flower).

I painted all of these flowers using my 'colour puddle' technique - great (and quick) way to create shading, and stamped them using the stamping platform.

I used the stencil PS166 randomly across the surface of the kraft card panel with Pearl Glaze (NB without the flowers in place) and when dry added Cloud9 over the top of some areas.  This gives a really nice subtle effect - the harlequin pattern is only visible some of the time - as shown in the photos above where I've tilted the project.

Leaves were created by painting a die cut stem in Zucchini and then shaded with Tinned Peas.  Details were added with white gel pen and a black fine liner pen - I find using the black fine-liner ties the die-cut in with the design on the stamps. 

I assembled all the elements, sewed around the panels- using black thread which ties in with the black drawn lines on the stamp designs.

Project Two: Flowers, hopes and dreams panel.
I've made a relatively simple panel using most of the stamps on JOFY89 and the coordinating stencil PS164. I've kept the background nice and white to emphasise the stencilling and stamping and make them pop.

First I applied Khaki Fresco paint through the stencil onto the Heavy Smoothy substrate.

Next came the first layer of stamping (the text block) - I used Archival Shadow Grey for this as I didn't want it to clash/become messy with the next layer....

I stamped the leaf stems next using Archival Jet Black - you can see from the photo above how they are distinguished from the text layer because of the change in ink colour (as opposed to stamping in 1st/2nd generation..)

Oops - I was totally in the creating zone and forgot to take photos of the next stage - so sorry!  But you can see in the photo above that I've stamped the leaf stems onto book text and matched them with the original image on the background.  I also stamped the mushroom onto the substrate and onto a separate piece of card, painted it (Paua Shell - lush colour!), cut it out and attached it with 3d foam.

Lots of pieces for you to stamp and create with, and to work with your existing stamps - have fun!

Thanks for joining me and I look forward to seeing what you create


Website: www.jofy.co.uk
Pinterest: @jofyjo
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JoFY.JoFirthYoung
Twitter: @jofyjo
Instagram: @jofyjo

Teaching Schedule...

Thur 16 January, 2020, Creativation Trade Show - Phoenix, AZ
Class W108 Blooming Beautiful, 15:00 - 17:30, Registration

Sat 18 January, 2020, Creativation Trade Show - Phoenix, AZ
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Sun 19 January, 2020, Creativation Trade Show - Phoenix, AZ
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Sun 19 January, 2020, Creativation Trade Show - Phoenix, AZ
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Here is the full education programme for all the PaperArtsy Designers at Creativation:

 Here is the full booth Make 'n' Take and Demo programme for all the PaperArtsy Designers at Creativation

Teaching at the Creativation Trade Show... 

Sat 25 January, 2020, Creativeworld Trade show - Frankfurt, Germany
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Sun 26 January, 2020, Creativeworld Trade show - Frankfurt, Germany
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Auzz Trinkets and Crafts, Calamvale, Queensland https://atcraft.com.au/
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Bev's Cross Crafts, Spreyton, Tasmania https://www.bevscrosscrafts.com.au/
Crafters Cupboard, Berwick, Victoria www.crafterscupboard.com.au
Scrap Matrix, Port Elliot, South Australia http://scrapmatrix.com/
Scrapbook Superstore & More South Penrith, NSW https://www.scrapbooksuperstore.com.au/
The Thread Studio, 6 Smith Street, Perth http://www.thethreadstudio.com/
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