Saturday 21 March 2015

2015 #5 Deconstructed Dolly {by Darcy Wilkinson, PA Signature Designer}

2015 Theme 5: Deconstruction

Hi everyone, Darcy here with what can only be described as a 'weird creation' having said that I totally love her. When I first saw the theme, my mind was racing.. ooo creation out of destruction, now what could I destroy? 

Meet Lupica!

I started out with a cheap (50p) doll from a charity shop. I removed the head and part of one arm. Then I drilled a space into the bit of arm that was left. 

I wound strong wire around the neck, creating a ball shape. I stuffed this with waste paper and then added more wire for the beak. This is known as a wire armature. 

I wrapped masking tape tightly around the head and beak. This gives a good solid base for the clay. I use an air drying clay, you could buy some or you could make your own. I use this recipe. While the clay was still wet I inserted beads for the eyes and some cardboard for the teeth. This was left to dry for a couple of days. 

Now to give her some hair/feathers.. I rolled out the clay and used the triangle leaf from EDY14, pressing it lightly into the clay and cutting out with a knife. 


As the clay does start to dry quickly I added each leaf/feather as it was made. I attached them with a little white glue, leaving some flat and others with a little dimension. 

I painted some tissue paper with Bougainvillea and flicked on a little Caribbean Sea

Onto the tissue I stamped the grasses from EDY11

The tissue was then glued to the throat area. the insides of the tiny leaves had more Caribbean Sea added, and the surrounding area was blending into the face using Blueberry. More Bougainvillea was added to the beak, and some rings of Caribbean Sea were added around the eyes. 

The hair/feathers were painted in a selection of bright colours, each one edged with a darker shade of that colour. 

I sanded the remaining 'skin' on the doll and then painted her with French roast, before adding a little Treasure gold. I then took a toy bicycle and deconstructed that.. saving just the wheels. I cut off Dolly's feet, and added the wheels. I rubbed a little Treasure gold over the rims. 

At this point it was getting difficult to hold her up and work on her, so I bought a doll stand. When it arrived it was stark white, so I coloured it with alcohol inks. 

Now for some more destruction.. I found a cheap corkscrew. Don't be fooled by the word cheap, whilst only 50p this thing was so well made it took me almost 2hrs to take it apart! A saw and a drill were involved, this was deconstruction on an epic scale!

I popped the metal parts of the corkscrew, some jewellery and some strips of ripped cotton fabric(painted with Frescos) into a tray. I dabbed everything with Versamark and then added Rusting powder. I left this for a little while and then sprayed everything with diluted white vinegar. I kept spraying everything every 30mins or so until it all rusted beautifully. 

I wired part of the corkscrew into the drilled out arm, then I covered the join with a little more clay, and left it to dry. 

I thought it was about time she got some clothes on. I took a large piece of Tyvek, and blended Fresco paints over it, using the same colours as the hair. Onto this I stamped images from EDY13 and the border from EDY12

I turned over the top and stitched in some gathers.. quite a lot, she is super skinny! I also did some free machine embroidery around the stamped images. Then I put the skirt on her and tightened it at the waist. 

Tyvek is flammable, and as such it melts and bubbles and warps in a really cool way. I used a heatgun holding it over one area at a time. The longer you heat the more it will melt, hold too long and you will get holes... which of course you might want. The emboidery makes the melting tyvek pucker up around the stitches. 

I wrapped some of the rusted fabric strips around her bodice, and then hand stitched some strips of music paper to the waistline. 

This is how she looks now.. I love all the loose threads. 

I felt she needed more feathers, but they in turn needed to be attached to something.. looking for a new substrate to work on I came across an old leather coat.. which I then deconstructed..

and reconstructed into a much,much smaller coat. 

I painted more leather, first with Snowflake and then with Caribbean Sea, Tangerine Twist, Bougainvillea, Buff ,Prawn and Blueberry. Then I stamped the leaf from EDY12, I also stamped the smaller leaf from EDY13.

Using a hot glue gun I attached them to the coat, smaller ones at the top. I felt they were a little bright so flicked some more Blueberry over them all. 

I felt she was sort of mystical, and so needed a staff. I painted some fabric with Bougainvillea, then crackle glaze then Nougat. over this I stamped the large flower from EDY12

I then painted a second piece the same and used a mirror stamping method to achieve a reverse image. I then layered one piece of fabric, music paper some crunchy wax paper, some tissue paper, more waxy, more music paper and the reverse image fabric piece. 

These were all stitched together leaving a small gap at the bottom, I pushed in some polyester wadding, and also a length of wooden dowel. I then ripped back all the layers, closer to the stitching. 

I found some old beads, more deconstructed tyvek, it makes great beads. I also used the hand that was cut off at the start. I threaded more homemade beads onto wire and then added rusting powder to make a rusty tiara. 

Here is the staff all finished. The dowel was painted with Blueberry and Bougainvillea, I wrapped some more of the rusty fabric strips around the stick. I then added the tyvek beads and the hand. 

The top seemed too clean, I wiped it over with French Roast, and then flicked some Blueberry so it matches the flicks on the coat. 

Here is the back all finished.. 

The rusty tiara in place.. 

Watching you with her beady,birdie eye..

and if you were wondering what happened to the original head...

I had a blast making this, does it show? I was really pleased how the clay stuck to the doll body so well, I love how the clay leaves turned out. painting on leather was new for me, but that turned out great too and I will be doing that again. This was also the first time I had used the rusting powder.. seriously you  have to give that stuff a try. 

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PaperArtsy said...

Wow the details in this are astonishing Darcy. DEFFO Don't want to meet her in a dark alley!!!! ~Leandra

Helen said...

Incredible... I think it must be really really weird in your head Darcy but somehow I love her too!

Julie Lee said...

Wow! She is amazing!!! I think you are brilliant, Darcy! Love the final shot. As the mother of a daughter corrupted at playgroup by Barbie-lovers, you don't know how good that final shot makes me feel! Ha ha! Seriously though the detail and skill involved in this project just knocked me out! Clever, clever you! If only I hadn't gleefully taken all my daughter's Barbies to the charity shop years ago! xxx

pennylopes54 said...

Now THAT's creepy :) !

Unknown said...

That's creepy cool! Like a female Gonzo! Love the mix of colour and detail. Great project Darcy:).

Miriam said...

Barbie has turned out fabulous..... I thought she was going to be very scary, but I love her. Great creation.

Unknown said...

Completely AMAZING deconstruction, Darcy! I smiled the entire time I read through your minutely detailed steps and I can't even count how many times I said 'Oh WOW'!! This is just amazing and creepy and HILARIOUS where the original doll head wound up!! LOL!! Thank You sooo much for sharing such a Fantastically deconstructed doll!! XOXO-Shari

Carol Rigby said...

Wow! What an imagination you have. I love the tyvek dress and the barbie head just finishes it off.

Claire said...

Weird doesn't even begin to describe her! She is amazing tho, so incredibly detailed! I especially like her hair and the back of her coat - those bright leaves are stunning. Creepy beautiful :-)

Jane said...

Oh Darcy this really made me smile...what a great but weird girl she is and her clothes are fab. I am glad I was not standing near you as I think you might have decontructed me! This is just brilliant and I can feel how much you loved creating her. Does she have a name? X

Artmadnana said...

Gosh Darcy. I'm speechless! This is phenomenal! You truly are an incredible mixed media artist. This is really outstanding. The attention to detail is so impressive. You've hit this concept head on with so many examples of deconstruction. I stand here amazed, awe struck and truly inspired.

Craftyfield said...

Amazing Darcy, all of it! Creative, original and "Arty" it's full of beautifully made details. What skills you have!

Lauren Hatwell said...

OMG! Toy Story meets Dr Who in The Twilight Zone. Genius project. I love it! Lx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Totally mad and awesome! Love it, especially her coat!

Lucy x

Etsuko said...

AMAZING!! Wonderful creation. Now she is strongest character, Level198, skills--Laser drill, special magic wand and beautiful Medusa head. I need her for RPG. xxx

STARA said...

Je suis épatée par cette transformation qui est incroyable!
Un grand bravo pour cette imagination....elle serai parfaite pour un personnage dans un film fantastique

Deborah Wainwright said...

Wow Darcy, this decon/ recon is fantastic. Is there no end to your wonderful talent. Thank you so much for sharing as I'm inspired to get out the Modroc when I get home. Xx

craftimamma said...

OMG! Darcy your imagination must be a mixed blessing, lol! This is totally awesome but a tad scary too. Love all the minute details and what happened to Barbie's head at the end is very fitting, lololol! Can't help but love this amazing project!

Lesley Xx

Gemma Hynes said...

So amazing, and different. an absolutely amazing creation.

Elly said...

Uber cool :o)

Ruth said...

Fabulous colours and textures which I love..and all the fab clay work on the head is awesome but definitely 'freaky'! x

Gabrielle said...

Wow! Simply wow! I'm in awe...

Becky said...

Okay, that is amazing. Love her!

Gina said...

And it's this kind of behaviour that makes me proud to call you friend...I love her!!! :D XXX

Kirsten said...

I gasped when I saw the first picture & when I saw the very last one I actually shrieked with delight. I LOVE Lupica!!!! She is completely wonderful & Darcy, you are a genius!!!!

Sarah B said...

WOW in a slightly scary way - your imagination has surpassed itself this time. Love the detail on the head and coat - wonderful xx

Cocofolies said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING piece Darcy, up to bits, I'm speechless!!! I'm going to show that to my twins of 7 who love playing with their barbie dolls hahaha, but I'm sure they will adore your fun creation!! Coco xx

Hazel Agnew said...

She is strangely compelling Darcy! I love how you made her hair and her crown! The clothes are diane! Not keen on the repositioned head though! Gives a great contrast but step too far for me! Brilliant piece of are the master! Xx