Monday 18 April 2011

ArtsyCrafts in Spring is only 6 weeks away !!!

Lin and I spent most of last week together planning the 2 Spring ArtsyCrafts weekend events which are only just around the corner you know! Usually we would have this info ready a lot earlier in the year, but we have both been a tad busy to say the least!

So the good news is this time we have delightful snippetty pics of the actual projects for you to  decipher and interpret. The theme is Fresco Lifestyle, and that is  big clue that we could possibly be using our new Fresco Chalk Acrylic paint line........well..... quite a bit!
We are thrilled with this line of paints, they are totally unique, unlike any other paint out there. A chalk finish means they are perfect to stamp on with all inks because they are extremely matte. They do not need a primer or undercoat on any surface (including usually hard to paint surfaces like glass, ceramic, metal and wood etc), and they are good for indoor and outdoor use. So Lin and I really can't wait to show you some of the cool stuff we have been up to with them for Spring AC!

To find out all you need to about the events, go to the homepage of our retail website here and in the 'events' section down the Left hand side of the page, you will find links to the Newport Pagnell (May 28/29, 2011) booking form, and also to the Warrnington (June 18/19, 2011) Booking Form.

The DeVere harben House Venue at Newport Pagnell is close to Luton International Airport, and the DeVere Daresbury Park, near Warrington is the same distance from either Manchester airport,  or John Lennon Airport in Liverpool. So both have access for international crafters, and of course both are not far from major motorways either.

So I guess you would love to see some sneaky peekys of the projects.

Working with texture is going to be quite a big theme this Spring. Colour will be more subdued than we have done in the past, but of course there is always the opportunity to boost it up if you prefer. It's going to look stunning either way!

You will also figure out how easy it is to paint glass!
And we will even be working with a completely new product which can be great experimental fun  along the way....we think its going to be an awesome result.

So we are really looking forward to seeing you at one of the 2 venues, for yet another fabulous round of ArtsyCrafts creativity, and of course it will be a great time to spend with your old and new ArtsyCrafty friends.

This year we are also including in the price an evening meal on the Saturday night (in addition to lunches both days) so you can relax and enjoy getting to know each other over a bite to eat.

Remember if you are staying in the venue, you will need to book your accommodation direct with them. Details are on the forms.

Looking forward to seeing you there!