Monday 27 February 2017

2017 #3 Bleached Infusions {by Helen Chilton}

2017 Topic 3:  Infusions

It's very fitting that Helen kicks off this Topic using infusions in all kinds of ways. Behind the scenes in recent months she has been my infusions go-to assistant as we were preparing to release new colours. Helen seems to have a knack at finding out something new and interesting as she works, so I think this partnering is a match made in Helen-Heaven!
Hi everyone Helen here.

Great to be here on the PA blog tonight. I've chosen to share with you a project using some of the new Infusions, Lynne Perrella stamps ELP036 and bleach.

I have to admit I'd got the bleach out for a class I was doing and decided to see what it did to Infusions. Being made up of a pigment and walnut crystals I wasn't sure if it would all bleach out, if some walnut would be left behind or what was going to happen. Probably why I just had to have a go - I like the unpredictable. Sometimes these things work, sometimes they don't. Combined with that I wanted to try the Infusions on glossy, non porous cardstock to see how they 'took'.

What I've always loved about the Lynne Perrella stamps is the wealth of detail. If I want a particular part of a larger stamp, I mark it up on the back and then just go for it without a block..

I like being able to use the images in exactly the way I want - it makes you realize their enormous versatility.

Next I went for the Infusions - yes under there is my collage. My courage almost failed me at this point.

Even more so when I blotted it as it all seemed a bit murky. The funny thing was though that when I heat dried it the colours faded quite a bit, probably because it's on glossy cardstock so the colour sits on top.  I ended up putting on three Infusion layers.

I had no idea how the bleach would work so it was a great relief (no, I wouldn't have to start again!) when it created a beautiful, almost sepia effect that I loved.

Then I rejuvenated some of the colour with a bit of water - you could always add more Infusions at this point if you want.

After that the background was very quick, just sprinkle and spritz and let it all run together.

Then I thought I'd have a spritz with the bleach - you need to be very careful with this. Again a slightly surprising effect - it's left behind some of the walnut crystals, particularly where the Violetta is. Love it!

Bleach is a great way for picking out and highlighting tiny details - I especially like the waves and the lace in this close-up.

I really enjoyed my bleach experiments and plan to try it out with some of the other Infusion colours to see what happens with those. 
Don't despair if it looks a bit dodgy on the way - it seems to work out all right in the end. I think the walnut crystals in the Infusions add a surprise element to your art work and the Lynne Perrella stamps are just perfect for this technique as the bleach allows you to highlight some of the many tiny details in the drawings.

Bleach works with all kinds of other designs as well -  if you look on my blog you can see some other samples made with some of the new Zinski stamps as well.

Oh wow, I haven't tried them on glossy card either yet! It's one of those types of card I tend to stay away from! What a revelation! The bleach worked a treat! Helen strikes again!!

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Sunday 26 February 2017

2017 Topic #3: Paints with Infusions {Challenge}

 2017 Topic 3: Paint with Infusions

Well hello everyone, Darcy here with a new topic, this one leads on from one of our new releases, speaking of which, did you see all the wonderful new products that we showcased last week? if not pop back and see all the new yummy goodies. 

Our latest topic is Infusions, and we have 12 brand new colours available now from your favourite PaperArtsy stockists. As the first 12 colours have been out for a while now you have all been having fun, experimenting with them. We would love to see what else you can come up with, and our guests over the next 2 weeks have lots of ideas to inspire you. 

We would especially like you to combine using Infusions with PaperArtsy Fresco Chalk acrylics, glazes and grunge paste they make great companions on projects, and we are excited to see how you can work with them together. This can be anything from using the paints as a base with Infusions on top to creating mottled backgrounds with Infusions and using paints for your accents or embellishments. 

Kay Carley
Before we start, let's see who won the Topic 2: Masks Challenge. Because of launch week, you had extra time for this challenge and wow did you put that time to good use. I have been checking them out, so much creativity on cards, tags, journal pages. It is exciting to see just how many different techniques were used. 

The winner of Masks  is: Asia from Lemon Creation

Email Darcy to claim your prize.

PaperArtsy Infusions are a water-reactive powder with 2 ingredients; colour dye and walnut dye. The 2 particles dissolve at different rates allowing you to increase or decrease the vintage vibe depending on how much water you add, and when you dry the results. Increase permanence by adding gum arabic, glazes, mediums and pastes.
Rusty Car
So as we know, working direct onto most paper and card can result in your paint or ink being sucked into the substrate, what can reduce this firstly is using good quality, smooth card. I haven't found anything as good as PaperArtsy smoothy card. This is a great base layer, but to make it even less 'sucky' you can use a 'sealing' layer. 

PaperArtsy Fresco Chalk acrylics glide onto the card and blend beautifully. Even though they contain chalk which means they dry really quickly they still give you plenty of time to move them around. We have other 'sealants' such as Matte glaze, Satin Glaze, Gloss glaze, Pearl glaze and Metallic glaze, all of these once dried will prevent the subsequent layer from getting sucked into the card. 

So why not start with a paint layer before adding your Infusions, they will react slightly differently than if they were added direct to the card. They won't get sucked in when you add water, they will puddle more and drying times will be slower, this raises lots more possibilities and these are all things you can experiment with. 

Try them out over our newest paint colours from the Seth Apter Collection. 

You can also get your 'mixology' hat on and play around with mixing Infusions with paint, tint some snowflake to create your own colours, or tint one of the other lighter colours.. how exciting to come up with brand new colours! This technique has the added advantage of sealing in your infusions and making them permanent. 

Ellie Knol made these gorgeous cards by combining paint and Infusions on her gelli plate. 

You can also do this with the grunge paste, here Leandra is tinting grunge paste with Infusions. 

Another great combination here from Wanda, here she has cleverly used her Infusions with fabric, but also added in paint and embossing powder.  

Another great fabric project comes from Helen Chilton, she loves t experiment and on this piece she not only dyed the fabric using Infusions but also stamped the images with Infusions. 

Two stunning pieces next from Lin Brown, the first uses a glaze to hold the Infusions in place so that subsequent layers can be added. This technique creates a really muted, blended background, ideal for creating depth. 

This next piece also from Lin uses a combination of Infusions and Crayola slick Stix.  A little experimentation with different mediums can often yield some fun results. 

Another video for you now showing how Shari Carroll uses a glazing medium with her Infusions. 

Infusions can be sprinkled really effectively through stencils, though you do get a watery spreading effect, for a tighter version try adding using a texture paste or heavy gel through the stencil and then add the Infusions like in this gorgeous card. 

Nikki Acton
This next card shows one of the most simple combinations, just Infusions and a die cut. I think you will agree the black silhouette looks stunning, and really pops over the Infusions. As for the technique, this is a 'mop up' from leftover infusions on a stencil, nothing wasted here!

Clare Mesenger

Please don't shoot me, I know it is early.. or is that too late.. for Christmas, but I simply could not resist showing you these cards. 


How about these colourful strips of Infusion magic, don't they look like strips of fabric?

Keren Baker
These cards combines several very cool techniques, starting with an infusion masterboard, then clear embossing and finally blacking out the background. Click through to see how Emma Godfrey created these.  

A final video today from Kim Dellow, here she talks you through how she using her Infusions with embossing ink, it's a magical technique. 

Here is a recap of our Infusions:
  • 24 Water soluble, non permanent dye stains mixed with walnut crystals.
  • Easy to apply from the bottle.
  • The colour dye and the walnut dissolve at different speeds. That opens all kinds of doors for FUN!
  • Permanent when spritzed with gum arabic dissolved in water or when applied with a glaze (matte, satin, gloss).
  • Use lots or a little of the powder for totally different effects.
  • Use lots or a little water for totally different effects.
  • Differing results on both sealed or sucky surfaces (smoothy/ gesso/ fresco/ watercolour paper, Yupo, Grunge paste).
  • Amazing on/ into textured surfaces or on/ into gels and mediums.
  • Superb on fabric.
  • Fabulous with stencils, applied direct or sprinkled into mediums/ textures.
This final card shows a great contrast between the paler background and the bolder flowers, both done with Infusions. You can achieve so many different looks by just playing and varying the amount of powder, amount of water and the drying time. 

Mandys Card
Summary.... So what will you experiment with? Infusions and paint or glazes, or tinting grunge paste? Watch out for some truly fabulous inspiration over the next 2 weeks, have a go at the techniques that our guests share or try out something new! However you play with your Infusions, we want to see! 

Don't forget to follow Darcy and Leandra's Pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!

~ Darcy

We hope that you  learn something interesting from our blog. Our bloggers deeply appreciate your comments so much, so please take time to let them know you've been inspired! Why not join our challenge by blogging your interpretation of the current topic and link it here?

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Good Luck! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Saturday 25 February 2017

ALL 2017 Jan & Feb New products from PaperArtsy - a summary of links

I thought it would be super useful to have one post where you can find all the low down on our 2017 product releases which took place late January and February, 2017. 

Below you will find all the info on products, videos, links back to the blog announcement where you can find pictures of more samples. There is also stockist info listed below too.

A great reference tool I am sure you will be happy to save or pin!

Jan 15: Zinski Art {Part 1} PA Blog announcement here

Jan 16: Everything Art PA Blog announcement here

Jan 17: Tracy Scott PA Blog announcement here

Jan 18: Lin Brown PA Blog announcement here

Jan 19: Seth Apter PA Blog announcement here

Jan 20: LPC PA Blog announcement here
(sorry, no LPC video yet)

Jan 21: JoFY PA Blog announcement here

Feb 19 : Kim Dellow PA Blog announcement here 

Feb 20:  Kay Carley PA Blog announcement here

Feb 21: Emma Godfrey PA Blog announcement here

Feb 22: Scrapcosy PA Blog announcement here

Feb 23: Infusions PA Blog announcement here

Feb 24: ZinskiArt {Part 2} PA Blog announcement here

Here at PA we will not be selling new products from the PaperArtsy website until the end of April, 2017. We prefer our stockists have an exclusive scoop on these items. So the only place you can buy our newest products is to support one of these retailers listed below, either in their physical shop, or in their online shop. We are just doing out bit to ensure your independent retailer is in business to offer you choice, and education with our brand.

PaperArtsy Product Educational Links

Scrapbook Centrale, Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec
(Zinski, JoFY, ESC, EKC, EKD, EEG, ETS, LPC, Infusions, Frescos)

Treasured Memories Scrapbooking, Duncan,BC
(Frescos, Infusions, EKC, EEG, ESC)

Artistic Studio Creations, Fayetteville, Georgia
(ETS, Infusions)

Artistree Workshops, Fulton, New York,

(Zinski, EKD, EKC, EEG, ELB, ETS, ESC, Ink and the Dog)

Clay with Me, Colorado
(ELB, LPC, ESA, JOFY, Infusions, Frescos, EKD, EKC, ESC, EEG)

Creek Bank Creations, Indiana
(MN, Zinski, Jofy)

Ephemera Paducah, Paducah, Kentucky 

(Fresco Chalks, Lynne Perrella, Seth Apter)

Frantic Stamper, Oregon
(Zinski, LPC, JoFY, ELB, EEA, EEG, ESC, EKD, EKC, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps, Roswell, New Mexico
( Frescos, Infusions, LPC, ESA, EEA, Zinski, MN, ETS, HP, Treasure Gold)

Simon Says Stamp, columbus, Ohio www.
(Zinski, JoFY, ETS, EEA, EEG, EKC, ELB, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Stamplistic, Cleveland, Ohio
(Hot Picks, LPC, JoFY, ELB, Squiggly Ink)

The Queen's Ink Savage, Maryland
(Infusions, ESA, LPC)

Seth Apter, New York
(ESA, Frescos)

Stamp Fever, Orange, California
(Frescos, Jofy, Infusions)

Aldridge Crafts, Attleborough, Norfolk
(Zinski, Jofy, EEA, EKD, EKC, EEG, ESA, Frescos)

Art from the Heart, Harrogate, Yorkshire

(EEA, ETS, ESA,Infusions)

Birds in the Barn, Marks Tey, Essex
(Zinski, Jofy, EEG, EKC, EKD, ESC, ETS, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Blade Rubber Stamps, London
(JoFY, LPC, Frescos)

Countryview Crafts, Potton, Bedfordshire
(Zinski, Jofy, ELB, EEA, EEG, EKC, EKD, ESC, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Craft World Scotland, Glasgow
(EKD, EKC, JoFY, ETS, Zinski, ESA, ELB)

Crafty Snippets, Billingshurst West Sussex

Craftylicious, Mildenhall, Suffolk
(Zinski, Jofy, EEG, ETS, ESA, ELB)

Dandie Crafts, Caerphilly,

(Fresco Chalks, Kay Carley, Tracy Scott)

Everything Art, Powys, Wales
(EEA, Frescos, Infusions)

Keep on Crafting, Burt St Edmunds, Suffolk
(Zinski, Jofy, ELB, ESC, ELB, EKD, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Loobie Crafts, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire,
(Zinski, JoFY, ETS, ESA, ELB, Frescos)

LouLouPurple, Gwynedd, Wales

Papermaze, Ipswich, Suffolk
(JoFY, EKC, ESA, ELB, Zinski, Infusions)

Paper Story, Norfolk

(Infusions, Treasure Gold)

Rowan Tree Crafts, Carnforth, Lancashire

(Zinski, stencils, ETS)

Fave Rave, Stourbridge, West Midlands
(Jofy, EEA, Zinski, ELB, Frescos)

Simply Crafts, Cardiff,

(EEG, ETS, ESA, JoFY, Frescos, Infusions)

Snazzy's, Swindon, Wiltshire.

(Zinski, EKD, EKC, JoFY)

Stampers Grove, Edinburgh, Scotland 
(Zinski, JOFY, ELB, EEA, EEG, EKD, EKC, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Swanstitch, Deal, Kent


That's Crafty, Romford, essex 
(Zinski, Jofy, LPC, EEG, EKD, EKC, ELB, EEA, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

The Artistic Stamper Craft Store, Faversham, Kent 
(Zinski, EKD, EKC, ESC, ETS, Frescos, Infusions)

The Craft Barn, Merstham, Surrey 
(Zinski, Jofy, ETS, EKC, EKD, EEA, ESA, ELB, Fresco Chalks, Infusions)

The Craft Box, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
(Zinski, Jofy, ELB, ETS, ESA, Fresco Chalks)

The Craft Den, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
(Zinski, EKC, EEG, EKD Jofy, ETS, Frescos)

The Forget me not Kraft Kabin
(Zinski, JoFY, ELB, ETS, EEG, EKD, Fresco Chalks)

Whichcraft, Wallasey, Merseyside 
(Zinski, JoFY, Fresos, ELB)

Expression Hobby, Marcinelle
(Frecos, Infusions, Zinskis, EDY, EEG, Jofy)

Hobbyboden Scrapworld Samso
(ESA, Fresco Chalks)

Kerudoc Creation, St Yvi
(Zinski, JoFY, ELB, EEA, EEG, EKD, ETS, ESA)

Toutencolle, Dun sur Avon
(JoFY, Infusions)

Stempeloase Munich
(Zinski, JoFY, ELB, ETS, ESA, ESC, EKD, EKC, LPC Frescos)

Stempelfee Shop
(Zinski, EEA, EEG, EKC, EKD, ETS, ESA, Infusions, Frescos)

Creafine, Papendrecht
(JoFY, ETS, Infusions)

Hobbycompleet de Duif, Leeuwarden
(Zinski, EKD, EEG, EKC, JoFY, ELB, ETS, ESA, Infusions)

Papillon Hobby, Hendrik Ido Ambacht
(Zinski, Jofy, ELB, EEA, ETS, Infusions)

Scrap & Co, Klarenbeek


Stampingcorner, Capelle Aan Den Ijssel
(Zinski, Jofy, ETS, ESA, Lynne Perrella, Frescos)

The Stamping Cottage, Schaijk

(Fresco Chalks, LPC, ESA,  Zinski, Hot Picks, ETS, JoFY, ELB, Infusions)

Art and Soul Studio, Burrum Heads, Queensland
(Zinski, Jofy, LPC, EKD, EEG,  ELB, EEA, ETS, ESA)

Crafters Cupboard, Berwick, Victoria
(JoFY, ELB, ETS, ESA, Frescos, Infusions)

Time To Create, Modanville, NSW
(Zinski, ESA, ETS, EKD, EEG, ELB, ESA, Infusions, Frescos)

Mandy's Card, Taipei
(Zinski, JoFY, ETS, ESA, ELB, EEA, Frescos, Infusions)

TIny Dots, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
(JoFY, Frescos, Infusion)