Thursday 21 March 2013

Linda Cain #4 .... The Voices Talk Only To Me TheatreShrine

"I’ve been lucky enough to find 2 products that work so well together that you just are amazed! The Shrines I use are from Retro CafĂ© Art and they are perfect substrates for the Fresco Finish Acrylic Paints. Once the shrines are base coated, you can stamp on them and get perfect images".

This Shrine comes in a flat piece of Masonite that’s laser cut, so you just punch them out and you’re ready to go. 

 I lay them out and base coat them with Snowflake or any other Opaque Fresco color. 

 Then I took the inside pieces and added some Nougat in the center, Irish Cream to the edges, followed by Claret. The French Roast is added just to the very edge to make the other colors pop. 

Then I worked on the outside colors. Since these would receive more light than the inside panels, I used a bit darker selection of colors. I started with IrishCream all over and added Cinnamon, Chocolate Pudding and the edging of FrenchRoast

When everything is dry, I like to put it together to see how I like the colors. Now is the time to paint the little joints. Since all of your pieces are edged with French Roast, you can take a small brush and paint those sections. It’s hard to know what color these pieces will be until this point.

Next step is the stamps! My favorite part!!!

I started by stamping the Numbers stamp Mini 22 with Nougat across the front section 3 times. I add the paint to the stamp with Cut-n-Dry Foam for a really even application and perfect stamp. Don’t forget to clean the paint from your stamps a soon as possible with a spritz of water and a soft cloth.

Mini 22
TIP:  for re-using the Cut-n-Dry Foam, I keep a jar lid sitting on my table with a little water in it, so when I’m done with a piece of foam, I just set it in there where it soaks up enough water to keep it from getting hard. Then when I have several, or I’m done with a project, I can go in and use a mild soap on them to wash out and reuse. Works for me!!!

Now for the side panels I used Mini 59 and Black Onyx Versafine Ink. I stamp it in the middle first, and then fill in the top and bottom with the same stamp. This ink dries slowly, so I always hit it with the heat tool. 

Mini 59
Then I stamped the border stamp from Ink and the Dog 10 on both sides of the top section with Black Versafine Ink

On the inside floor section I stamped the saying from Ink and the Dog 10 and the Clock Hand on both ends from Hot Pick 1107

Using the Hot Pick Set 1007 I stamped the large square collage stamp in the center and added the flourish around the sides with Black Versafine Ink

Now we need to embellish our little Altered Art piece. I painted the Banner and 4 wooden knobs, aka feet, with Snowflake. I also added the Snowflake into the lettering on a Word Band and let it dry for a few seconds before I wipe the paint off. Buff the Band and bend it slightly over a rounded counter edge to fit the curve of the Shrine. I also base coated some gears and added Claret.  A white dot is added to the Stars. I didn’t end up using the white gear. 

 After the base coat on the feet dried, I painted them with Cinnamon and a glaze of French Roast. Since the French Roast is Translucent it is a perfect glaze!

Next I used the Box Corners and 2 brads in 2 and 3 in the set. I bend them at an angle so they don’t show and then squish with needle nose pliers to keep them tightly in place. 

 The Birdcage is optional, you can add anything in the corners as you like. You use a Screw Hook and make a tiny hole with an awl or pointed tool to start it and then add the Hook until you feel it starting to lift the Masonite on the top. I added a picture from Graphic 45 on the back and a lightbulb to mine. Then hang with a couple of small jump rings or chain. 
 The Watch Face is sanded with the Vintaj Detailing Block (or very light sandpaper) to reveal more contrast. See the difference on the left watch that’s only sanded on one side. 
Now I’ve gathered all the pieces of ephemera to add, and we can start gluing this puppy together! Finally! Glue the 2 sides on first with a tiny amount of glue and stand it up. Now add the top. Then I turn it over and add glue to all the lower cutout sections and add the bottom. This is the easiest way for me to see where you add the glue.

I added some black Glaze Pen dots to the edges of the front, and then I glued it on. 
I base painted part of the Clock Key with Irish Cream and added Claret, then glued the Gears and Stars together. I used a Drill Punch to make the hole in the Spinner bigger so I could create the clock piece. Use foam tape to attach the assemblage to the Medium Cameo Frame and glue to the peak.

 The Gears and Stars assemblage goes on either side of the clock, and the Banner goes under the Gears. Glue the Box Corners on with a heavy-duty glue as well as the Word Band. The little feet are added last.

I have to say this was a lot of fun, and a challenge to get the colors to contrast all around, but I love the way it turned out!

Leandra Says:Oh la la Linda. Looks absolutely superb, every single detail is just purrrrfect! You rock these warm brown tones. Absolutely brilliant. ;)

Gillian Says:  Utterly amazeballs Linda, what a great partnership these products make. Love the deep tones of Claret to warm things up.

Have you been inspired by Linda's creativity this week then share/upload your work HERE to be in with a chance of winning some paints! 


Helen said...

Total Wowza!! what a gorgeous project, Linda. I love the strong colours you chose, and the stamping and little embellishments are just fabulous. What a fun week we've had, thanks so much!

Gillian .... said...

I LOVE THIS LINDA!!! (and yes I'm shouting lol).

Anonymous said...

WOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!! That's gorgeous, I completely love it!

Lori said...

Gorgeous, as always! Love the brown colors!

jude said...

Just absolutely stunning hunni .Your creative inspiration is AWESOME!!

JoFY said...

i love this! its a really superb project!! & the substrate is a winner!
Jo F-Y

Words and Pictures said...

So scrumptious - amazing blended paint colours and fabulous stamping!
Alison x

Anonymous said...

Wow Linda, gorgeous project! I love the colour combo you've used and the little shrine is fab ! Sue C x

Artyjen said...

Wowzers!! xoxo Sioux

Sandra said...

Fantastic project

Suze said...

Losing my mind over yr incredible work Linda.. I can't say it enuf times. I am always in awe!!!❤

yoursartfully said...

Wow Mrs Linda, this is truly beautiful. The colours are right up my street and your attention to detail always amazes me. That little shrine substrate is fabulous, I think I need to track me down one of those.


Trish said...

Oh wow! A-MA-ZING!!!!
Love, love, love it!

Inkypinkycraft said...

I love it! Trace x

Craftyfield said...

Stunning ! Absolutely love it.

Sue said...

Fabulous piece with great step by step instructions:-)

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is just amazing! I am off to track down this shrine kit. Maybe Mrs Paper Artsy can help us. Your work is wonderful, Linda, I am so inspired by you,

Lucy x

Sue said...

This is brilliant Linda!! xx

Kelly said...

I love every inch of this project, thank you for making the directions so complete.
Hugs Kelly

ionabunny said...

Linda, what a fantastic project. I love the details, the stars on the cogs, the key in the clock, the colours and of course the stamps. A fantastic project.

sam21ski said...

WOWSER Linda, this is fabulous. I agree, you did save the best til last.

The colours are stunning and work perfect together.

Sam xx

Linda M. Cain said...

Thanks everyone, especially Leandra and Gillian. I'll see you next month.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful shrine. Love the colours.

mamablitger said...

Oh this is gorgeous.What a fantastic work of art you created. Lots of exciting details. Enjoyed your tutorial so much !! Thanks a lot for sharing your creativity !!
Hugs from SPAIN

Kezzy said...

Wow this is gorgeous, not sure you can get them in theuUK, but what you have done with the theatre is amazing :-) Kezzy xxx