Thursday 14 March 2013

Helen Chilton #4 Fantastic Plastic

"A fun little project to finish using up one of the credit cards you've been painting with.
The cards I'm using are blank ones - I've long since used up my supply of old cards - but if you are using an old printed card, just layer on the paint more thickly".

I'm using Vintage Collection ID03 and Hot Pick 1214.

Paint the card with a basecoat of Snowflake.

Stamp the "thread card" from HP1214 in StazOn Ink black.

Stamp some little buttons in the middle from the button corner stamp and cut out.

Paint with the translucent Fresco colours Limelight and Beach Hut.

Turn over and stamp and paint the back (this is an asymmetrical image so it fits perfectly)

Stand your heat gun on the table, switch it on and then heat up the corner of the image. As it heats the plastic softens and you can curl and bend it to add a bit of dimension. Repeat on the lower corner.

Cover with a thick layer of Gloss Glaze and add buttons.

Finish with last embellishments and a brooch back.

Leandra Says: Ohhh, that is sooo cool!!! Love shrink plastic.
Thanks once gain for another awesome week Helen, it's been fabulous!

Gillian Says:Thanks so much Helen for sharing all your fabulous/explorative projects with us over the last few months, it's been great to see how you create your projects. It is Fantastic Plastic indeed!


Helen said...

What a great way to use up old cards. I love how you've moulded and curled it. Thanks for some fab projects Helen.

Anonymous said...

Love your thread card with buttons as a gift. And so nicely presented. A beautiful brooch which you should proudly wear.

Words and Pictures said...

Love the dimension you get from the curling - such a cool embellishment!
Alison x

Glennis F said...

That is so lovely Helen.
BTW the blog reader link to the blog posts is still not working correctly.

Craftyfield said...

I still have plenty of cards that I could use in this way, what a great upcycling idea !

Alison said...

This is beautiful Helen! Thanks for all your fab inspiration this week!
Alison xxx