Sunday 23 April 2017

2017 #7 Found Objects {Challenge}

 2017 Topic 7: Found Objects

Ali Clifford
Well hello everyone, Darcy here with the latest topic, this time we are scavenging, recycling, treasure hunting and re-purposing. Our new challenge is all about 'found objects' and using them in art. This means not not using things that are intended for art, but instead looking around you and creating art with what you can find. 

Interest in found objects is not new, but instead can be traced back to the 16th century. Items were displayed in private 'curiosity cabinets' these items were not used in art though until the 19th century. The name is a literal translation from the French, objet trouvé, this referred to objects that had non art functions that were then transferred into an art context. 

This led to a small art movement known as 'the readymade' Picasso used bits of a woven chair on his canvas, Degas used real tutu fabric on his ballerinas. 
Scour your attics, old toy boxes, sheds and garages, keep an eye out when walking in the park or the beach. You would not believe how many lost shoe buckles I have picked up in car parks!

Fantastic papers can be made by stamping with found objects, we will look at a few examples, but I wonder, what have you got in your cupboards and drawers that you could try stamping or painting with? As for painting, why use brushes? what could you use instead. 

Embellishments too can be found, broken jewellery, disassembled clocks, ornaments, clothing. Pretty soon  your eye will be caught by any little object left behind by others, looking at it in a new light, wondering what you can make. 

So much fun can be had trying to make things fit, so who is up for a bit of Wombling?

Before we start, let's see who won the Topic 6: Resin and UTEE Challenge...

The winner of Resin and UTEE is: Claire from Claire's Crafty Makes 

Email Darcy to claim your prize.

So, to begin any project we need to create a base, with paper crafts we generally start with painted or patterned papers. So let's see some fabulous examples of how those can be created with all kinds of weird and wonderful objects

Just look at these beautiful delicate flower prints, made with real flowers!

Robin Clement
There are lots of packaging elements that can be used with ink and paint, bubblewrap is a great one but I adore these hearts, who knew the humble loo roll tube could print so well. 

Have you tried bubble art? washing up liquid and inks and a straw  can all be 'found' in your house, blow some bubbles and create gorgeous paper. 

What about food printing, the thought of this always makes me smile, and takes me back to childhood potato prints. 

This corn on the cob makes a great repeating pattern. 

This next one is stunning, I can't believe it is a vegetable print. BTW I have no idea what Treviso radicchio is but I feel the need to find one!

Martha Stewart
Watch how this painting comes to life just using cotton buds. 

Now you have your painted backgrounds, time for some embellishments. A really effective and inexpensive way to make embellishments is to use clay, specifically paper clay. However you usually need a mould, but what about instead of pressing the clay into a mould, you just press something into the clay?

Glue buttons to the end of corks and you have ready made stamping tools, they are really effective in clay. 

Martha Stewart
Now you can cover your cards or canvasses, wrap boxes and begin to build. use your embellishments and found treasures, what amazing creations can you come up with?

Remember that walk to the beach, look at this lovely arrangement of seaside memories. 

Are you ever lucky to find sea glass, the prettiest things can be made from those little pieces of tumbled glass. 

Crafting timeout
I adore these hanging pieces, found glass,, pieces of driftwood and twine, simple and effective. 

Eliza Martinez
A quick trip to your garage can yield some special trinkets, combine these with your hand made embellishments, perhaps paper beads made with your printed papers and create jewellery.

Joan W
For something a little smaller how about a mixed media playing card, paint it with found objects and then arrange more 'treasures' on top. You will never see a paper clip in the same way again!

Claudia Neubacher
Perhaps you wish to just display your found objects, printers trays are perfect for this, but on a smaller scale a box frame works really well. 

Julia Mckenzie
How about something a little fishy? how cool do those reclaimed, rusty washer look!

Or go all out and create a masterpiece by recreating a classic painting. You really need to open this image up, when you see what is there you will be amazed. 

Jane Perkins
I have to end with this one, it really made me chuckle. From a distance it looks great, really detailed, colourful and intriguing.. and obviously a coral reef. until you get closer...

Lynn Aldrich

...and you see it is made from kitchen scrubbies! Follow the link in her name to see lots more. 

So much fun don't you think? so many ways to use found objects from colouring your paper and fabric to making embellishments right through to creating full pieces of art. I can't wait to see how you transform your carefully hoarded rubbish treasure into works of art.

Don't forget to follow Darcy and Leandra's Pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!

~ Darcy

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