Sunday, 25 August 2013

A {VERY special} Sunday Video ...

Yes you are being spoiled this bank Holiday weekend, not only have we got extra videos, but we have got an extra designer post for you too coming up later today from another special Guest!! Don't say we're not keeping you entertained this long weekend!!

So first up, I have another video for you. It's all about matching the gorgeous PaperArtsy Flower stamps to their dies. Once you know the system it is easy, but it does help to know the system, and we have been a bit slack and not got around to putting instructions on the packets, so now we can do QR codes to link to this video. 

It is also the same system for the Eclectica Lin Brown Bloom die.

So first up I'm talking about these stamps:

Which match these dies:
GrungeFlower 1 (with leaf - that doubles up as a bird)

And this eclectica stamp set (flower top right):

Matches this bloom die:
Bloom 1

I also have used my metallic background paper I made after filming yesterday's post, which I made from mixing Old Gold and Pewter metallic paints tinted with our deep shades of translucent Fresco Finish Acrylics. See the method in yesterday's video here.

So here is today's video: how to match PaperArtsy Flower stamps with their dies. It's about 20 mins so grab a cuppa !


Anonymous said...

Another excellent video, thank you Leandra. I know these only add to your already hectic workload, but I really appreciate them. It's such a help to see what the steps are, rather than just read instructions.

Lin said...

great addition to all the other videos Leandra!! thank you :D

Helen said...

Brilliant video, Leandra thanks for taking the time to make this one. I know what I'll be doing after lunch...

Kezzy said...

I'm off to watch now as I never get it right. If I can suss it out with your video then I'm definitely getting lin browns dies lol. We are being so spoilt lol :-) Kezzy xxx

craftimamma said...

Argh, will have to wait till grand children in bed tonight then maybe DD wont mind if I desert her for a while to catch up on what I know is going to be a fab video .... they always are!

Lesley Xx

Francesca said...

Great to be reminded what you need to do, I had fogotten to mark my stamps, will go and do now. Great video. xx Francesca

Trish said...

A bonus video for Bank Holiday Monday - thank you so much! That was great, very useful (as all your videos are)

Lucy Edmondson said...

Great video! Great idea to use the fact that the metal card is black on the back!! Also love the cut n dry cut into a little circle to dab on the centre of the flowers. Thank you so much again,

Lucy x

ria gall said...

that was a great video tutorial thank you for sharing I have not used those stamps or dies in a while so will be digging them back out

Yvonne Garner said...

Fabulous video! Have been eyeing up these dies and stamps!

craftimamma said...

Another fabulous and oh so useful video! Thanks Leandra. Off to mark up my stamps now (have 3 of the 4 HP sets shown) and like Ria I haven't used them in a while. Need to rectify that very soon!

Lesley Xx

Alison said...

Thanks for 2 more fab vids Leandra!
Alison xxx

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