Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Special Saturday {video}

Its time for another technique video. This is an idea I have been meaning to explore since we first released Grunge Paste, but have never found the right moment. So last week, when I was demoing at Stevenage I remembered, and it worked even better than I expected.

Basically we use a stencil, grunge paste, fine detailed stamps and then paint it. lastly we sand it back to reveal the fine detail of paint trapped in the stamped texture.

I made a background exactly like this, only onto a tag. This stencil is called Circle Grid, by Crafters' Workshop, you can see from the picture how sharp each circle is when you use grunge paste. It's such an easy texture to apply to stencils (be they  ultra-fine detail or bold like below), and will not seep under your stencil, as its not a particularly wet formulation, and has good 'body'. It's almost clay-like in it's formulation.

And then I turned it into a sample for Helen.  Aka stamping by H, @stampingbyH , who has stood and watched me demo at shows every year for the last 10 years. I remember her coming to Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace, The Great Stamping and Scrapbooking Show, North London) when we got our first  6 metre stand; we were opposite Rob and Gord from Once Upon a Stamp, we would laugh all show long with those two opposite!

Since those early days I have go on to demo on various other stands (when we did not exhibit) and she would track me down, and Helen still comes to watch at all kinds of local to London events that I go to! So she must be our longest and most loyal groupie. So it's nice to give her something when she visits the stand. I'm not sure if fish was what she was expecting, but that is what it ended up being!

I went on to stamp the fantastic fish from Hot Picks 1201EZ onto and altered book background that was painted green, and then used translucent shades of Fresco paints to add depth to the fish. I also added a touch of Treasure Gold (Brass) - you can see how the light has caught it on a couple of spots at the front.

For today's video, I have made the sample below in shades of blues and purple, and gave it a bit of oomph with Pumpkin Soup and Claret. The stencil is the mosaic squares. For this technique you need a stencil with decent open areas.

The stamps I used were fine detail stamps that will fit in the small stencil spaces. The Japanese writing and postmarks are ideal from Hot Picks XT01EZ and the fine script from Sara Naumann ESN03.

So check out the video below to see the nitty gritty on how to achieve this effect, and you still have time to have a go yourself, and upload it to this week's challenge draw here too. That closes Sunday (tomorrow) at noon London time.

Oh an update on the #MonsterMonday boxes ...they are flying out like hotcakes. At 60% off retail, they are full of embellishments, stamps, surfaces to work on, and all kinds of weird and wonderful things. Comments coming back to me on twitter are that people are really, really pleased with them. We do  try to give you a wide variety of stuff that you would use for card, scrapbooking, altered art and so on.

Read the T&C's before ordering, and once you have one in your basket, you need to proceed to checkout as fast as possible, otherwise the box you have in your basket will get nabbed by someone already paying in the 'queue' ahead of you. Crazy I know, but it happens when there are lots of people online trying to buy the same item at the same time. 

I release the product online here at 6pm Monday evening, both weeks so far they have sold within 30 mins, so you need to be quick! I keep adding more each week, but you guys are scoffers! Good luck!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Helen said...

I have to comment even before watching the video, because it has been an absolute delight to stalk - sorry track you down - and watch your amazing demo's. I remember some of your earlier smaller stands too, with fondness (still have some of the stash too.....!!!! I treasure my fishy tag, he is gorgeous. (and I will glaze his eye soon too....!) Off to watch the video now, I know it will be amazing.
Thanks to you and Mark for 10 wonderful years.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant video Leandra, thank you so much. And I know Helen was thrilled with her fishy tag.

sam21ski said...

Great effect with the GP and I love how your background came out. Something else to add to the list to definitely try out.

Great to see it in action though.

Thank you

Sam xxx

Gillian .... said...

Loved tonights video really showed how awesome GP is. A real pleasure to use, excellent consistency & can withstand sanding... cool!
Thanks for sharing x

Craftyfield said...

Enjoyed today's video, love how you mix your colours, layer, layer and layer... Think I need to get myself some of that lovely Aubergine paint too!

ionabunny said...

Got to walk the neighbors dog before it rains/gets dark. Will be back to watch the video. Your talk through was great and love Helens tag. What a great fish.

Unknown said...

Great video! Love the colour choices too! Will be trying this out. xxx

Lin said...

Great video Leandra...loving all these techniques you are doing!! Always a pleasure to watch you demoing and that tag is gorgeous whether you like fiskies or not lol!!!

Carol Q said...

I thought Helen's fishy tag looked fab last week.. This is a great technique demo Leandra.

Trish said...

Fantastic video Leandra, thank you!
Okay, okay, I need to buy grunge paste lol!

Kezzy said...

WOW another fantastic video and I so loved the grunge paste technique. I really am loving everything you are doing with the paints and paste, truly inspirational. Kezzy xxx

crealinedance said...

Hallo Thank you for a nice video.Gr.Nel

Unknown said...

Lovely!! Thnaks for the tutorial!

Julie Lee said...

Great video! Took me ages to get the time to view it, but so glad I did! I am dying to try this out now! Julie Ann xx

ionabunny said...

Hi Leandra, I had a go at this but wasn't happy enough with the colours to link it in. Too late now. I see some other people weren't 100% happy with their attempts this week but still brave enough to get it out there. Note to self, be bold. Lots of fabulous and new techniques this week. You make it look so easy but then you have had a bit more time to play. I shall give it another go as I think this is a fab technique. I love the texture the stamps give. I was very pleased with that. Definitely will be doing this again. Maybe once I have a few more fresco colours it will be easier not to end up with something looking like a stormy sky with a upset stomach. Probably not a good name for a new paint.......

craftimamma said...

Looking forward to trying this Leandra. It looks like a fab technique. Brilliant video as always, thank you.

Lesley Xx

Jacqui Chimes said...

Great video and technique as usual - I have loved Paperartsy since you started - it was so lovely to find some 'alternative' style stamps. Best wishes for the next 10 years Jacqui xx

Alison said...

Thanks Leandra! That technique is so cool, had to have a go today, as I watched! :D
Alison xxx

butterfly said...

Finally had time to watch the video - fabulous technique! And the makes are totally gorgeous...
Alison x

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