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Darcy Wilkinson Project #3 Patchwork Storage ....

"In the past I had stored my stamps in clear CD cases, this worked well, I had them indexed and could find what I needed quickly. Plus they were all small. Then the lovely Leandra sent me lots of new stamps to use in my GD semester. Some were tiny, and some were huge. My CD storage system no longer worked. So I had the idea of stamp storage mulling over in my mind as I made all the other projects. After using the goodies in my GD box and after moving it out of the way a few times I suddenly realized that I could make it into storage"!

So I sat down , with a cuppa, and the box in front of me. I cut off the lid sections. I really love the giant image on the box, so I carefully trimmed it and peeled it away to use sometime in the future...hahaha waste not want not! 

I then marked out the sides into 3 sections.. and added a diagonal line, going down from the back to the front. I based the height of the diagonal on the 3 different sizes of PaperArtsy stamps.

Once cut this is how the sides look.

And the view from the front...

Next I used the bits of card that had been cut off, and the lid pieces to create dividers. I taped them in place, then used tape to cover all the raw edges. Finally I painted all the edges with a mix of Very Berry and Eggplant Fresco Paints. This is the basic storage finished, now we get to play and decorate.

Next I used the patchwork paper technique from yesterday to cover the box.
Firstly I cut sections of cartridge paper that would fit onto all the sections of the box. I made them slightly smaller so the painted edges of the box would show. Once I had all my blank backing shapes, I started to cover them. I took my stencilled sheets and RIPPED them into sections. Do not cut them, they look much better with rough edges. I added just a dab of glue stick to keep them in place.

Keep filling in all the sections, overlapping the panels slightly.

I started stamping a focal image into each panel, and added the 'extras' here and there.
The next stage involves a sewing machine. Stitch around the whole shape, and then zig zag over all the joins.

I carried on, stitching, stamping, adding bits.

Once my pieces were all stencilled, stamped, and stitched... I then added details with a black and white pen.

Here are some more sections finished.

I edged each one with an ink pad and then glued them into the box.

Until the whole box is covered. I made a large piece for the back, the only bit I left uncovered was the base which was just painted.

I felt it needed a little extra. So I cut these from PaperArtsy Die Hardware #1

I sponged on Cinnamon,Blood Orange and French Roast..using a sponge instead of a brush gives a little texture.

I then used a stencil in the same way as an embossing folder and ran them all through my Big Shot.

This is a great way to add texture.

I then highlighted them with Treasure Gold Onyxite and White Fire.

 Finally I added a faux brad to each end. 

I made 8 in total, and wrapped them around the corners of the box, gluing them into place. One at each front corner, and 3 on each back corner.


Here is the finished box. The front looked a little bare, so I cut the lock from the same die and coloured it in the same way as the hinges.

To keep all my stamps in similar packaging, I bought some A5 plastic wallets, and then made some C6 and mini wallets.

See how I made them HERE...http://art-and-sole.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/plastic-stamp-wallets.html 

Here is my stamp storage all finished and the stamps in place. The graduated sections are perfect for the 3 sizes of PaperArtsy stamps.

I hope you keep your PaperArtsy delivery boxes from now on and use them to make cool storage.

Join me again tomorrow.

Leandra Says: Anyone would think our shipping boxes were actually designed to fit our stamps in them. LOL Well of course they were, but perhaps not this way! Can I order 12 please Darcy??? Well even one would be handy, and oh so pretty!!

Gillian Says: Don't the stamps just look perfect in your arty storage box, love the addition of the faux hinges. Another FAB project Darcy.

If you are inspired by Darcy's post tonight, and want to jump in and have a go, then you should do just that, and blog, Pinterest, or Flickr link your web page showing what you made to our InLinkz tool at the foot of Sunday night's blog post here

You need to link by noon (London time) on Sunday Sept 1st. We will do 2 prize draws, one for every single entry (including multiple entries), and a second draw with just one entry per name. Successful winners will get to choose an A5 PaperArtsy stamp of their choice. Good luck!


Unknown said...

Fab idea, and I have a box or 2 to play with.

Steven said...

I'll be!! Darcy you transmit you're thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only thinking about that last night!
Looking for special paper for my "cartonnage stuff, and thinking of making organisers!

love it to bits!

Helen said...

Wow, another fabulous project, I love this - what a great idea... I could fill one.. or two.. or maybe 3 soon! I think this is just brilliant.

Carol Q said...

I want one!!! Absolutely brill Darcy. You put so much work onto your projects right from the word go

Dana said...

Oh WOW!!! Perfect! Great job AND inspiration Darcy =0)

Kathi said...

Gosh! That's a thing of beauty and it's useful too.

You should take consignments and make them for show displays...

JoFY said...

so so useful!! love it!

Jay said...

All I need now are the stamps..what a sweet idea, looks like a candy display

Julie Lee said...

This is not only useful and beautiful, but you can sort through the stamps in it so easily too and see what you have! Julie Ann xx

Miriam said...

I love your storage idea - gorgeous! I also love the little zip wallets you are storing them in - love it! Need to get some of those!!

Unknown said...

Wow, gorgeous box! I can't believe how perfectly they all fit too.

Emma x

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea & it looks fab-u-lous!!!

Alexandra said...

This plain old box turned out fab, so colourful, I love your patchwork ideas too. I may use the card idea for this years Christmas cards, my stiching's not so clever though, need to treat myself to a sewing machine as my faux stitchings not quite as good but may need to do meantime. I love this wonderful stamp storage idea Darcy.

Alison said...

Brilliant! Looks great Darcy! x

ionabunny said...

Fantastic box. It's almost a pity to cover u those gorgeous panels with all those fab stamps. Love this patchwork technique.

maria's knutselplezier said...

What an amazing , great box, I really love it!!!I love all the different elements!!


Dianne said...

Darcy this is outstanding work I looooove it, amazing out of that box, You inspire my magpie cousin Julie Ann I can see why, love your work too, thanks for sharing your inspiration, I had to face book this:O). Have a wonderful week..

krcmasterpiece said...

Darcy-your altered box turned out wonderful! How smart!! I love it!

Minxy said...

Absolutely brilliant, looks stunning and certainly is the perfect for the stamps.

Trish said...

Brilliant! What a fantastic idea, and it's looks so stunning. You are The Master!

Renske said...

really awesome idea just NEED to try this, it would be so handy, great work!!!

Debbie said...

Who would have believed this simple box (that I squash for the recycling box!, not any more'!)
could look so Stunning, I totally love it and MUST have a go. Thank you for sharing this idea. Debbiex

Michelle Webb said...

Coooooeeel Darcy! Love this lots and lots! Michelle x

Unknown said...

I can't believe this just a cardboard box it's a thing of beauty and I just threw a load away at the weekend :(

Maryjo McGraw said...

So Cute....I love a good recycling project!

Unknown said...

I really love this! Great idea. X

SusanLotus said...

Stunning creation!
I love the idea.


Anonymous said...

Stunning! You've done beautiful work and made something practical to boot. Well done.

Vicki Dutcher said...

What a fabulous recycled project! Very clever~ I adore the hinges also! Well done~

Unknown said...

This a perfect idea! I've already got hubby searching for the right sized box! Thank you!!!

Gabby said...

Fantastic way to re-purpose the shipping box. Like your design and techniques. Found your link on Stef's Ingenious Inkling blog. :)

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