Sunday 15 March 2020

2020 #5 Mark Making: Into Africa with Hot Picks {by Carol Fox}

2020 Topic 5: Mark Making

Mark making on fabric requires different techniques and Carol has some great tips. I love her experimentation with clay in a Melt Pot and the finished bag has a fantastic safari vibe!

Hi everyone, it's Carol with you today, and I'd like to share with you a project bag I have made for my knitting. I added a little tab on the side to hold a couple of stitch markers. I chose my fabric and zip to match the paints I would be using and the Cayenne which I matched my zip and tab to give it all nice pop of colour against the shades of green.

I treated my blank fabric panel just as I would a journal page,just remembering that the very edge would be lost in the sewing up, so I took this into account when placing the Giraffe.

Using bIack Archival in I stamped and masked the Giraffe from HP2002 onto my fabric.

I found the Shades Guacamole, Zucchini and Granny Smith were a near perfect match for my printed fabric so I used these as a base for the background.


I used Guacamole, Zucchini, Granny Smith, Cayenne and Caramel with stencils PS124 and PS036 to add marks and detail to my background. I then used PS136 and Snowflake to knock it back and to blend it all together.


I used the bug stamp from the new HP2002  to add detail on my background.

I used a die cut, that I cut from funky foam with paints Zucchini and Guacamole mixed on my mat to bring the green background to the front a little bit more.

My quote is from stamp set ESN28.

I followed on the theme of circles on the quote and used an old lid and Little Black Dress paint to add them to my background.

I coloured the Giraffe with pencils. I used Caran d'Ache and I have found a blunter pencil works better on fabric.

I used Stencil PS036 again here with a blue pencil to draw in between the lines to just add a light pop of blue.

Using a sewing machine I added stitching to the fabric panel.

I stamped the elephant from HP2002 onto an acrylic circle to add to my zipper pull and two of the bugs I stamped onto clay, I pressed quite hard and it made a nice imprint into the clay.I added jewellery findings to the top to use as stitch Markers.

I like making little bags like this. I find them handy to keep odd knitting projects together or this size (which is just under A4 sized) is a nice size to take a smaller journal and odd pens and bits out in if going to a class or to journal with friends. 
I have used an unbleached calico fabric but I also used odd scraps or a pillowcase for my main stamped part; a pair of plain white pillowcases are very cheap and work fine. I also baked my clay in my Melt pot for the first time. I did get a little discoloration on the back where it sat on the pan, but apart from that it worked great. Next time I will find something heatproof to sit it on to allow the heat to pass under it. I think a bit of metal mesh or similar will work fine.

Thank you for reading and I can be found at the places below.

Carol xx


Miriam said...

This is fabulous Carol - so clever!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Lx

Melodyscraps, mixed media goddess said...

So cool! Where can I get the HP2020 stamp set?

PaperArtsy said...

This is such a fabulous idea!! I could use that bag for all sorts!!

Etsuko said...

Fabulous project Carol. xx

Keren Baker said...

Hi Melodyscraps!! All the PaperArtsy stockists are listed at the bottom of this post. HTH x

A Pink said...

Such a fab , functional project! Carol Love it x

Lucy Edmondson said...

Brilliant, so clever!x