Sunday 22 December 2019

PaperArtsy Blog 2019: Year in Review Topics 1-5

Hello and a very Merry Christmas from PaperArtsy HQ,

Leandra here for the next few days as we look back on the year that was...2019 on thre PA Blog!

Do you know we started this blog in November 2006, that is 13 years ago! Sadly it seems some of the images from the original blog posts have mysteriously disappeared, but have no fear, the last 10 years are all intact and still provide plenty of ideas and inspiration for you I'm sure. Quite often I find myself using the search button to hunt out a post from the depths!

Well, yet another year of economic and political turmoil it has been for the UK. A situation of deep uncertainty and indecisiveness as our government wrestled with Brexit - the idea of it in theory and how to execute it in practise are perhaps still 2 parallel worlds, but we still watch on as the government tries to reconcile and bring together on paper over the next year their ideas of new trading relationships with Europe and by proxy, the rest of the world for the UK. No doubt the end result will be more, not less red tape, and I'm sure it will take some adjustments for small businesses like us to grapple with the regulations that will ensue. Fingers Crossed the implementation period will be smooth, and not a last minute scramble.

We had a respite from it all late October when as a family we travelled to new Zealand for  a family wedding. Made me realise how we really do need to go back more often! And wistfully wonder if we actually will, although with 2 more NZ weddings on the horizon, it might happen sooner than later we all hope!

As we head into Christmas over the next few days, I hope you too get to be with your family, be it a digital connection or face to face! And of course, we all think often and fondly of those family and friends who may not be with us to share this period this year.

Tonight I'm sharing my picks from Topics 1-5: Mustard (the colour), Brayers, Mail Art, Tick Tock and Maps.

Remember you can revisit any of these themes on my Pinterest page, or if you prefer to see posts organised by Stamp series, then the PAHQ pinterest page is the place for you.


Topic 1: Mustard (the colour, not the condiment!)

We do like a colour palette to play around with, I think next year we will make this much more specific with some funky colour combinations! Mustard has been a strong interior decor colour for a few years now, and can be teams with all manner of shades quite well. Interesting how 'yellow' makes you cringe as an awkward shade, but as 'mustard' is rustically softer it seems more easily mastered.

My first pick is this amazing beauty by Josefine. A simple spot of brayering directly onto her journal page with some contrasting colours and voila! Amazing. A stencil brought to life!

And I hope you didn't miss Kate Yetter's Egyptian spread. What a stunner! Her clever use of infusions with snatched shards of gold-embossed script was astonishing.

I adored how Corrie sponged on colour and layered so effectively directly onto her journal spread of ochre and teal, the stamping bridges from one zone to the next so perfectly! You know, its a wonderful reminder of how effective stamping does not need to occupy every space on the page. Tied together with delicious white splatters.

Additionally we butterfly goodness from Ellie, this was one of several wonderful, gel-press masterclasses she offered us.

Topic 2: Brayers

We sourced a new brayer. And not only is it a bit fatter, but it cleans up like a dream!!! There is a trick though, you need to have quite a few dry layers of paint on it, you know, when it gets to the lumpy stage, well just pick at the edge and peel, then the whole lot peels off in one go - this is ridiculously satisfying! And oh so much easier than scrubbing and soaking, and scrubbing and soaking.....

My first pick is this delectably delicate spread by Jennie Atkinson. What stunning colours. She always has that perfect knack of composition executed so skilfully.

Here you can see the brayer and the colours she chose to use alongside our new brayer. I would never put them together, and I absolutely adore the result!

Etsuko wowwed us all with her tag booklet packed with explorative techniques on top of her series of brayered tags.

And yes, a rare post from me, but I taught a class at the trade show designed by Lauren using Efilumps...this is a spinning carousel, ans we kicked it off with a brayered background mastercard.

Topic 3 : Mail Art

You never know how a topic like this might play out, and every blog-post certainly followed a different path; a bit like posties weaving their way across a neighbourhood - our topic meandered along beautifully too.

Anneke opened my eyes to the inside of envelopes. Who knew they came is such cool patterns! (apart from JoFY - she knew!) but I have never really noticed, and now I'm addicted. Her scribbled tracy flowers looked so cool!

Alison layered and layered like a loon to arrive at the gorgeous place! When anything like this turns up in the post here even our postman gets super excited! The only thing that will eclipse that might be a gin delivery! A gin delivery WITH mail art - mind blown!

I adored how Nikki used actual envelopes as the base for her piece below! Look at how the shape is caught by the paint so perfectly.

  Envelope Art featuring PaperArtsy stamps (ECF04, EAB07, ESN24) and paints - with Tim Holtz Large Stems Bigz die.

Look at the fabulous attention to detail here from Etusko.....

Topic 4 : Tick Tock

Clocks have been one of the themes I have long collected as a stamper, and in my head, this topic HAS to be vintage. Thankfully our bloggers have their own heads to dig into! I was particularly chuffed that they dug much deeper to create new, old, bright and cheerful for us all to enjoy!

My first pick is Kate, not only did she create a clock, but it was her tribute to her own wedding anniversary! How cool is that!!

Miriam used Ink and the Dog 'clock' themed stamps for this time piece.Very olde worlde.

Looking a tad more modern, although still a tribute to a steampunk era, Keren meticulously cut our cogs, gears, and more from Seth Apter stamps to create this clock with all its gubbins on display! Totally fabulously done of course!

Helen rounded off the topic with a riot of colour and Jo's newest stamps, perfect as we were by now well into Spring weather and sunshine days!

Topic 5 : Maps and Plans

I wonder if our kids will ever own a map? They follow such a digital life. I have so many fond memories of school days stamping and colouring maps as we studied life in India, or Samoa. I also remember using our huge spiral-bound compulsory London A-Z to navigate when we first arrived in the UK. Trips to France we'd pull out a monster size map that took us for hours and hours from North to Southern areas. And here we are, happily using them as backgrounds and more in our blog posts!

Claire mixed old maps stamped with Jo's flowers, and postal elements to create 2 coasters in a weather-worn vintage colour palette.

Keren joined the dots on her map, in somewhat of an abstract manner to create a fabulous journal cover with Courtney's stamps. 

Jennie conjured up this very interactive Vintage Spool. Layers were sewn with precision and thought.

And doesn't this lad look perfectly perched atop his map! 

I hope you've enjoyed reminiscing with me the first quarter of the year. I'll be back tomorrow with some more memories to appreciate.

A huge thanks to our blogging team who never fail to please! See you on Christmas Eve for the second instalment of this trip down memory lane!!!



Helen said...

Always love your reviews! A lot of my early post pics have gone too. Hope you all have a very happy and festive Christmas (how long will the tree stay up this year?!) xx Helen

Miriam said...

Love the end of year reviews.... Some amazing memories too. It has been a very inspirational year!

Nikki Acton said...

Love these posts!Thanks Leandra x

Cocofolies said...

A wonderful array of makes and memories! Thank you Leandra. Have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2020, Coco xx

Jennie Atkinson said...

I always love these posts Leandra and thank you for sharing some of my work. So many amazing inspirational projects by everyone. Have a wonderful Christmas and here's to another year of amazing topics and projects x

Words and Pictures said...

Great to see the review of the early part of the year - particularly since I seem to have missed a lot at that point! So many amazing projects... I'll definitely be bookmarking this post to come back and visit these at more leisure soon.
Alison x

Etsuko said...

Fabulous review 2019 so many stunning project, thank you Leandra and Happy Holidays,
I hope this card finds you well, and that you have a fantastic 2020. xxx

Skylark said...

Thanks for taking the time to write such an inspirational review Leandra! And a special thanks for unearthing the poem at the top of the post. I think it is beautiful and has such a special significance for me right now. It will stay with me long after Christmas has come and gone. Happy Christmas to you and all the team at PaperArtsy! Stef xx

A Pink said...

A fantastic review of some great topics and fabulous projects . Love these end of year review posts . Thanks for reminding us of the some of the brill PA topics of 2019 and the amazing creativity from so many talented designers .