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NEW PaperArtsy Products: January 2020 {Fresco Paints} with Leandra Franich

Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics
January 2020 New Product Announcement

Hi everyone, Leandra here to kick off a week of new product announcements for January 2020. These are linked to the Creativation Trade show we head out to in a couple of weeks time in Arizona.

We'll be there with several of our designers who are all teaching classes, doing Make and takes on the booth and demos of course! We have been planning this for months!

So It's my joy to share with you 8 new Frescos. As you probably know, since mid 2019, we have been undergoing a massive revamp of the way we group the Fresco colours, from sets of 4's into sets of 6's. In the process by mid 2020, we will have 22 colour families of 6. 

At this point we have 19 complete families, and in March, June and August we will release a new family of 6 each of those months. If you look at the summary of each family further down this post, you can figure out where the new families we release over the next 6 months will eventually fit in.

A bit about the key features of Fresco FInish Chalk Acrylic Paints...

If you are already a fan of these paints, you will know how suitable they are for any surface. As a chalk paint, it's like having multiple shades of gesso (gesso is a chalk base), so this means you do not need to use gesso as an undercoat, because every colour serves that purpose inherently.

Second, chalk is a moisture absorbing material, so it follows that the paint not only dries fast, but it also dries smooth too, no paint brush marks. And of course, being chalky, it is also perfect for sanding back layers with ease.

Third, frescos come in a variety of opacities. See the hand painted label on the front of the bottle, if the chevron is not visible, then your paint is opaque, ie it has full coverage. If you can kind of see the chevron, then it is a semi-opaque, or medium coverage, and, if you can easily see the chevron, then is is a translucent, or low coverage paint. 

If you are a beginner to painty stuff, then we suggest you initially buy the opaques; you can layer up with abandon and you will not make mud! Great for gel-printing, stencilling and other layering exploits, or covering over stuff, like patterned papers you not longer like, and useful for knocking back by dry-brushing (see the project below).  

The lower coverage colours are perfect for colouring in; stamp an image, colour and build your translucents for shading and depth, and the black stamped outline will still be visible. These shades are also perfect for colour mixing to tweak other tones (eg a drop of Yellow Submarine into Toad Hall will made a gorgeous bespoke shade of olive green), and translucents are ideal if you like a bright colour palette as these tend to be really zingy, vivid colours.

Many people do not realise Frescos are an indoor-outdoor paint, why does this matter? Well it means you paints will not fade when put in direct UV sunlight. This is handy!

Lastly, you can easily alter the gloss or opacity by mixing paints with a glaze or applying glazes on top of paint. Say you want a tint of white, then mix a small amount of snowflake into matte, satin, or gloss glaze and apply. If you prefer a sheen to your finished piece, apply satin glaze in thin layers until you get the desired level of gloss. Or what about protecting your work invisibly? Apply matte glaze, as many coats as you like, you will never know it is there.

January 2020
 8 new paints to complete the following 3 families are:

Family #3 Grey-Green Blues 
NEW COLOURS: Blue Moon, Marbles, Paua Shell

Family #8 Purples
NEW COLOURS: Mauve, Globe Thistle, Grape

Family #18 Khaki Greens 
NEW COLOURS: Lichen, Khaki

 grey-green blues...



Khaki Greens...

Project: Building Textured Layers Easily

Intro: It's fun to use Grunge Paste, a super thin layer of it, and then build shades of paint on top, and at the end you can sand back to the GP underneath. Why? Well, its like a hidden surprise, but it also makes it look like you have worked on the piece for about 20 layers more than you actually did, so its a bit of a cheat too. As added interest, you can also tint the Grunge Paste with any colour of paint and stamp into it for texture.

1. Mix a small amount of Grunge Paste with only a couple of drops of paint. Grunge Paste has no colour, so the dried product will end up pretty close to the original paint colour. 

2. Spread the paste thinly onto Heavy Smoothy card with your spatula, apply any excess to the white areas at the edges if you like, but keep it thin. Then lightly mist a stamp with water and press your stamp into the GP. If you get the stamp sucking onto and lifting up the GP, then scrape it thinner and repeat. It is easy to get  sharp image well defined as GPis a bit like loose runnyish putty in consistency.

Fine detail stamps work well as they do not displace too much of the paste. I love to use geometric patterns, fine script etc. This should dry naturally in about 5 minutes depending on how warm it is in your room. You can use a heat tool if you wish, GP will not blister or bubble as it is not a plastic product.

3. I decided to work dark to light, so I applied Grape and Paua Shell to the khaki-tinted GP. This is the first coat, so you can see when we say 'opaque' we mean it. No trace of the khaki. Taking photos of purples is hard in winter, and my phone really went a bit extra on the depth, but if you consult the swatches above, you will see both Grape and Paua are quite dark and deep shades of gorgeousness! Paua mised with the Grape is reating a new blue-purple colour too!

4. Next I started to add the lighter shades of Marbles and Globe Thistle. I use a rough 1 inch bristle brush (its a cheapie from Ikea) and the smallest amount of paint, and dry brush, tickling the surface very gently. You do not want lots of wet paint. Just take it easy with a few drops of paint well-worked into your brush.

5. Next I came in with the 2 lightest colours: Blue Moon and Lichen. On top of those dark shades, the first coat of Lichen looks more like  a shade of Cream, but when you re-apply a second thin coat, the colour starts to show itself. I love how the tickling of the paint starts to catch on the texture.

6. And I keep getting lighter and lighter. But also I add in other shades too. Go easy with the paint also allows the grape and Paua Shell in the lower layers still to be seen - this gives a wonderful sense of depth to the piece. And look at the random lump of GP at the top there, that is why you want to have thin dabs of GP on the base, so that your dry-brushing catches and highlights the lumps perfectly.

7. At this point I go back and forth with colours. We have 8 new shades, and I am trying to use them all, but not allowing any one to dominate, also, I have in the back of my mind that when/ if I sand back, it will be khaki revealed in the texture, so I tend to stay away from that colour. You can see it is going a bit purple now, so the Mauve and Globe Thistle got their turn again.

8. And back to the blue with some Marbles and you can see a tickle of khaki in there too.

9. Now I am pretty happy with the balance of colours, so I turn to stamps. I used a large Script stamp, coming soon from JoFY! Had to test that out!! 

On my craft sheet I had drying almost-gone patches of paint. I spritzed them and mixed the water into the remains, then tapped the stamp into each of these reconstituted paint patches. In doing so, I collected differning shades of paint across the entire stamp. Blues merging into greens and purples beautifully, much more interesting than one solid colour.

10. Next I chose a new Seth Mini, yes it is a smaller version of a fave stamp he created on one of his larger sets. Again, using up the last of the paint patches. I try not to use an acrylic block so I can bend the stamp and not get a solid patchof design, I also try to pattern match the design too. And yup, I keep things horizontal and vertical, becasue that is how I try to keep a bit of structure among the randomness

So you are probably thinking 'Whoaaaa, why on earth did she do that?!!? .... it's now way too bold - she just blew it!!' ...well don't forget I intend to sand back this background quite heavily, and so I can use the sanding block as a tool to soften back the design, but before that I had one more step to do, and this is a common place for me to end up...

11. ....I added more of my lightest shade. In this case a mix of Blue Moon (yes let's all hum the tune) and Lichen. Remember, they are opaques, so they will obliterate if you are not careful, so keep a light touch - I wiped my brush onto a paper towel before tickling the card starting at the edges and working gently inwards to the centre. 

Now that looks perfect to me, and I could quite happily leave it there...but I want to show you the sanding....

12. And here it is. Two magical things about sanding back is that (a) the first colour I applied (Grape) pops in the dips of the texture highlighting the pattern beautifully. And (b) the shades of paint often tend to brighten up slightly as you sand back with layers melting into each other. 

Wait, there's a third magical thing...yes the background looks flatter than the step prior, and there is one big advantage to this, (c) you can stamp focal images directly onto this layer as you have now got a beautifully smooth stamping surface to work on, which would allow you to stamp super detailed images, like those from Lynne Perrella to stamp up perfectly. Wow! Kind of cool because it looks lumpy and textured, but when you touch, it feels incredibly smooth reminds me of ivory, but it still has a beautiful chalk-infused receiving surface. Not slippy!!

I tend to create a bunch of these backgrounds in one go, so session one I will mix up GP into a few colours, get a stack of about 10 cards, journal spreads etc and start spreading and stamping into them. By the time I get to the end,  my first one will be dry, or I clean up and come back the following day. Here is one just in purples and blues, not sanded back.

I tend to work on several pages at once gradually building the layers up using different colour combos and stamps. The day I did these samples I made 8 in an hour from scratch. sometimes if you work on lots at once, then you don't get too precious about it and as you move from one to the next, it is easier to identify what is missing, where to sand, shifting colour choices from light to dark and so on. 

So there you have it, a super-fun thing to try yourself. And I guarantee you will end up with loads of scrummy pages or backgrounds to use.

I kind of wanted this to be a good post to refer back to, so below you will find the comprehensive list of ALL the new Frescos until we release more in March-April. Plus I have got Tracy and Seths further down the post too, so make sure to bookmark this.

Don't forget, our stockists have been getting ready for tonight, so go to our facebook group PaperArtsy People (link at the bottom) to find out who is ready with these in stock today!

Thanks for joining me

~ Leandra

Let me remind you what the entire rainbow of Fresco Colours now looks like:

1. Bright Turquoise Blues
New: Aquamarine

2. Grey Turquoise Blues
New: Waterfall, Calypso

3. Grey-Green Blues
New: Blue Moon, Marbles, Paua Shell - Jan 2020
Tweaked: Lake Wanaka (barely)

 4. Grey Blues
New: Ice Berg, Wolf Eye, Blue Smoke, Blue Jeans
Tweaked: Surf's Up

5. Bright Clean Blues
New: Summer Sky
Tweaked: Blue Oyster, Smurf, China (Barely), Twilight (noticeably)

6. Purple Blues
(June 2020)

7. Blue Purples
New: Periwinkle, Forget-me-Not
Tweaked: Wisteria, Purple Rain (not much)

8. Purples
New: Mauve, Globe Thistle, Grape - Jan 2020
Tweaked: Moonlight (barely)

9.Pink Purples
New: Taro Milk Tea, Byzantium
Tweaked: Sugar Plum, Sour Grapes

10. Bright Pinks
New: Professor Plum (returned colour)
Tweaked: Orchid

11. Soft Pinks
New: Sorbet
Tweaked: Blush, Cherry Blossom, Rose (barely)

12. Coral Pinks
New: Peachy Keen, Scottish Salmon, Blood Orange (returned colour)

13. Bright Warms
New: Cayenne, Red Lipstick

14. Rustic Warms

15. Browns
New: Cloud 9, Sand

16. Neutrals
New: Truffle

17. Greys
New: Elephant (returned colour)

18. Khaki Greens 
New: Lichen, Khaki - Jan 2020

19. Mint Greens
(August 2020)

20. Clean Greens
(March 2020)

21. Fresh Greens
New: Lawn
Tweaked: Teresa Green, Hyde Park (barely), Guacamole, Granny Smith (a bit)

22. Yellow Greens
Tweaked: Chartreuse, Hey Pesto (noticeably), Tinned Peas (barely) 

Seth Apter Paints
In addition to the core Fresco Paint line we have the following paints in Seth's line, he will be adding 4 new shades to this in January...samples with these newbies you will see in his new product announcement tomorrow.

Here are the rest of Seth's 20 colours as they stand, let's put them in a rainbow.


Tracy Scott Paints
Meanwhile, Tracy now has 16 colours with 4 NEW more to be announced later this week...
Here is the sneak of the newbies ...

And of course the existing 16 shades in Tracy's line are...


All of the new paints are available to purchase now from our approved stockists. We do not put these items on our wesbite, so if you need to find them, the fastest way is to do a shout out on our FB group, PaperArtsy people (link at the foot).

PaperArtsy Stockist List

Due to the high proliferation of counterfeit products affecting the craft sector globally, we want to help you identify our brand with ease.

1. We ONLY manufacture RED RUBBER STAMPS (not clear, polymer, silicone).  
2. We manufacture ALL our red rubber stamps and stencils on site in Essex, UK. 
3. We do not outsource any of our stamp or stencil manufacturing to China.
4. If you purchase from a supplier on the list below, then you ARE buying authentic PA products.
5. We daily check sites like AliExpress, Wish etc and if we see any unbranded PaperArtsy pirated products, we report them for immediate removal. 

Any PaperArtsy stamps or stencils listed for sale on websites not listed below (eg AliExpress/Wish) are counterfeit products manufactured illegally without our consent in direct breach of our Copyright and Intellectual Property protections. To purchase counterfeit products from such sites directly undermines our brand, our retailers and our product designers.

We EXCLUSIVELY supply the stockists below. If you purchase from these approved PaperArtsy retailers, you can be confident you are buying authentic, PaperArtsy made products.

Art and Soul Studio, Burrum Heads, Queensland
Arts and Craft Supply, Frenchs Forest, NSW  
Auzz Trinkets and Crafts, Calamvale, Queensland
Bella Paperie, 
Brendale, Queensland,
Bev's Cross Crafts, Spreyton, Tasmania
Crafters Cupboard, Berwick, Victoria
Scrap Matrix, Port Elliot, South Australia
Scrapbook Superstore & More South Penrith, NSW
The Thread Studio, 6 Smith Street, Perth
The Scrapbook Store, North Perth,WA
Time To Create, Modanville, NSW

CP Marketingservices Gmbh, Wilhering, Upper Austria,

Cart N Scrap Art, Antwerp,
Cotrain, Kontich,
Expression Hobby, Marcinelle

Clipper Street Scrapbook Company, Langley, BC.
Scrapbook Centrale, Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec
Treasured Memories, Duncan,BC
Simply Scrapbooking, Prince George, BC
Scrap Addicts, Edmonton, Alberta
Scrap and Bean, Edmonton, Alberta 
Scrapbooking Fairies, Drayton Valley, Alberta
The Paper & ink Boutique, Calgary, Alberta

Czech Republic
Hurapapir, Brno

Hobbyboden Scrapworld Samso
Papir Ulven, Lejre
Three Scoops Design, Frederiksberg,

Käsitellen, Lempäälä,
Piia Takalo, Kittila,

Eirl Bancon Cartoscrap, Midi Pyrenees,
Horizon Creatif, Ste Jalle
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Scrap by Nini,  Uzerche, Limousin 
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Toutencolle, Dun sur Avon

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Stempelbar, Berlin,
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Stempelfee Shop, Hilden
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South Africa
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Our brand is only available from established stockists who are VAT/ GST/ sales tax registered and for whom product education is a core principle. We would rather supply a few hand selected stockists, than the greater masses. If you would like to apply to be a stockist, you can find our more about our supply criteria here

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