Sunday 8 December 2019

2019 #20 Topic Introduction: A Bit of Sparkle

 2019 Topic 20: A Bit of Sparkle

Hello everyone, Keren here with some seasonal sparkle. If we can't add a little glamour now, well there's no hope for the rest of the year! I have tried to be restrained; as the title does suggest a smidgen of sparkle rather than full blown glitz!
Starting off close to home, I've chosen something subtle, subdued but still sparkly! I remember these stars from Raquel Burillo a few years back, so thought they deserved a second outing.

There are many ways of tackling this topic, but I thought I'd show examples that gave a nod to a product that we could use to incorporate sparkle in our own creations. Firstly- real glitter. As we are becoming increasingly conscious of the way that our lives affect the world we live in, the makeup of glitter is changing. Whilst many glitters are plastic based (and causing problems of pollution and damage), it's encouraging to see more widely available eco-glitter which can be a mix of all sorts; one creator uses a eucalyptus extract and aluminium.
This first project is a super simple idea, but a great way of adding sparkle in a fun way. Apart from the ensuing mess everywhere, it would certainly be a beautiful introduction to a gorgeous greeting.

If glitter is simply too much, how about mica? They're tiny flakes of silica minerals with a real sparkle and luminescence. Mica is found in crafting sprays, glitters, rubs and more. It's a little more pared back for those glitter avoiders amongst us! This picture reminded me of mica.

There are times when abandoning caution is appropriate. How about finding natural elements and dosing them in shimmer like these wonderful leaves?

To go down another level on the subtlety scale, we could visit gold leaf. Granted, it's verging on sheen rather than sparkle but this stunning piece of art is reminscent of flaked gold.

Looking at a more familiar idea, we can see chunky glitter that's extravagant without seeming too blingy. This is a beautiful example with hints of glimmer everywhere you look!

Sparkle is everywhere at Christmas. This beautiful chandelier and glassware are catching the light with so many different angles. Imagine this table lit by candles with the flicker of flames bouncing off the surfaces.

This resin geode design with striations of gold, blue and teal is simply stunning. The sparkle is provided by real crystals encased in the resin. What a piece

Artistic sparkle is courtesy of this incredible installation using hand cut Fresnel lenses interspersed with glass beads and strung onto stainless steel. They catch the light of the sun as it moves.

Sparkle can come in the form of glitter dust and this vintage-styled tag is pared back with a gentle shimmer.

For the ultimate in sparkle- how about bedecking your toilet roll...only the most valuable in the world. You'd only need $1.3 million to glamorise your life as you visit the littlest room! I'm sure you could get a similar effect with gold leaf!!

You might recognise these beauties from a previous topic, but I've bought them back because of the gentle glitter and shimmer. Perfect for a Christmas tablescape too!

You can get a nod to sparkle using embossing powder or white splatter. Using water reactive inks and sprays would give a great effect too!

For some true sparkle, vintage jewellery will always wow. These look incredible as a group.

A bit of sparkle is the perfect way to finish off the year! If you want to create along with us and this topic, please share on our social feeds so we can see what you get up to. The best places are Instagram @paperartsy or post in PaperArtsy People Group on Facebook. Make sure you tag us in your contributions, we love to see what you get up to in your creative world! 


Helen said...

Got to love a bit of bling!

Miriam said...

Ooh I love a bit of sparkle!

Etsuko said...

The fantastic topic for this festive season, beautiful samples!! xx

Dortesjs said...

love glitter and sparkle

A Pink said...

Perfectly timed topic for this of year! Sure everyone gets out the sparkle at some point for Christmas - even me !!
Fabulous selection of inspiration , Keren . Thanks for sourcing and sharing ! x