Saturday 30 March 2019

2019 #4 Tick Tock: Time is Golden with Ink & Dog {by Miriam Grazier}

2019 Topic 4: Tick Tock

There's nothing more satisfying than a bunch of layered clock parts, and Miriam has done that beautifully within an MDF clock frame. Love how the texture is highlighted by Treasure Gold so perfectly too! ~Leandra.

Hi everyone, it's Miriam with you today, and I'd like to share with you a MDF pocket watch that  I have altered using the Ink and Dog Clocks series of stamps.

I chose to use these stamps as they remain one of my favourite sets since I clapped eyes on them when they were released.  I've always had a fascination with clocks and time stamps and so they have always be perfect for me, in fact they are timeless (ok, ok, I know you are all groaning at that!).  I love the variety of clock heads and they layer up beautifully.  In fact, they are so versatile that I since I started to plan my project a few months ago I have changed my design several times.  Teaming these stamps with newer products such as the Fresco acrylic paints, Grunge paste and infusions was wonderful to work with.

Every time I use these stamps I remember just how much I love them.  From the Ink and the Dog series of stamps, these are from the 'Clocks' Family: Clocks 1 (C1), Clocks 4 (C4), Clocks 6 (C6).

They never age in my stash and I always spot something I had forgotten, for example, the small text stamp which I used to stamp into the wet Grunge Paste.

I love stamping into Grunge Paste.  I love the texture that it creates.  A warning for those of you who have not tried this before..... make sure you clean your stamp immediately.  Once the Grunge Paste dries it could prevent a clear stamped image.  I also spray the stamp with water before I stamp into the Grunge Paste.  This ensures an easier release from the paste, and you only need a very thin layer of paste, then the detail will be really sharp.  

I loved how the Rusty Car Infusions dried on top of the Grunge Paste. 

I did pat the Infusions with a paper towel before I dried it.  This gave a softer look.  The first time I did this it was too pale so I repeated this step.  I often prefer to do this and build up the layers than create a heavier background first time.  It makes me feel more in control.

The MDF was painted with layers and layers of watered down Fresco Paint which I dried in between each layer.  I stopped counting the layers but think it was about 15 in the end. 

I loved how the paint dripped into the stamped Grunge Paste.  Once fully dry I added a very small amount of Treasure Gold to my finger and highlighted the script texture.  I also added Gloss Glaze to the clocks so that they stood out from the rest of the project.

I had so much fun creating this project.  It took me back to the excitement i felt when I first got these stamps at the Artisan Show.  The project brought together everything that I love about crafting and mixed media.  It also showcases how everything works so well - Fresco acrylic paints are perfect to stamp on, emboss, and really layer up.  Just perfect!

I think if I was creating this project again I would add Grunge Paste and stamping on the top of the watch.  I did consider going back and re-doing this but I didn't want to do anything that could potentially ruin my project if I made a mistake.

If you haven't got these stamps I really encourage you to get them - they can be used for so many projects.  And if, like me, you haven't used them for a while, dust them off an have a play.  I really hope that I have encouraged you to have a play.  It was so wonderful to just not think and paint and stamp and really enjoy myself and get lost in my project.  I had so much fun.

Thanks for joining me this evening.  

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Helen said...

That's fantastic, Miriam! Always loved those stamps.

Craftyfield said...

Oh... gorgeous make, Miriam! I love the build-up in 3D of the time pieces.

geezercrafter said...

Love those stamps Miriam. Fab project, love the layers and colours.

Lauren Hatwell said...

Love it!

Jennie Atkinson said...

Fabulous use of those timeless stamps Miriam x

Corrie Herriman said...

Fabulous project Miriam ! xx

Etsuko said...

Brillant project Miriam!! Love how the Hot-Picks new stamps and great tchniques of the background.xx

Keren Baker said...

Very cool. Love how you’ve stamped into the grunge paste (I’ll have to remember that one!) love the patina you’ve created and fab project! x