Monday 9 December 2019

2019 #20 A Bit of Sparkle: Shaker Ornament with Ink & the Dog {by Etsuko Noguchi}

2019 Topic 20: A Bit of Sparkle

Etsuko's experimentation with printing onto shrink plastic is a wonderful example of combining digital technology with a simple product. Her end result is really stunning with some gorgeous details!      

Hi everyone, it's Etsuko My favorite things with you today, and I'd like to share with you Shaker Ornaments using Ink the dog stamps.

Nearly a year ago, Stephanie Jones Rubiano's online workshop for printing shrink plastic and making a diorama at the shrine was very interesting, so I wanted to share it on this project. How to make this shrine is explained in detail on Stephanie's site.

I have prepared three types of shrines made of MDF; a scalloped circle, scalloped oval and heart. Although I've not shown them here, I used two other shapes and they contain a piece acrylic of the same shape for the windows. I used Ink the dog WW4, WW5,

 Hot Picks-HP1506, HP1604 and LPC007.


First I stamped each image on the Smoothy A4 White Card, coloured then scanned it onto my PC. Next print the images on a white matte A4 shrink plastic. Baking shrink plastic in a oven will make it darker, so set the PC opacity to 75-50% and make the images colour a little lighter before printing. The shrinkage of the plastic is about 50%, so adjust the original image accordingly. Wait until the printed image dries well, cut it with scissors, put it in a oven toaster, and when the shape has shrunk, take it out and apply a little pressure with a tile on a flat surface.



These Papers are used for the background and the back of the shrine. The colours used are Caribbean Sea, Granny Smith and Eggplant Frescos and some Distress Oxide and white embossing powder on the Smoothy regular A4 white card. I also stamped EM48, MN61 and HP1006.

The side and inner layers are seen at the completion of the scalloped circle shrine. The boy's hat and clothes were drawn with coloured pencils on the shrink plastic after printing. The MDF in the middle is slightly protruding to receive the acrylic window and I painted it so that the blue colour was visible. The outer burnt colour remains the same as when purchased, I added silver Dresden Trim. The top scallop circle was painted silver and added with rhinestones. I prepared various materials for the shaker; mica, glass glitter, sequins, beads, etc., and I was happy that the beads did not stick on the acrylic window. This ornament size is 2.75"(7cm) circle, 0.6"(1.5cm) depth.

I painted a silver colour on the top of the scalloped circle and added rhinestones. The shaker element is silver beads.

I used EM48, WW4 EAB14. stamps for the background and the boy.  

On the back of the shrine, I used the same paper as the background, stamped the WW4 script by Distress Oxide Vintage Photo, and embossed Alison's new EAB14 quote on the black paper.

I used Glass Blue and Caribbean Sea for the scalloped oval at the top and golden Dresden Trim on the side. The MDF in the middle part is painted gold. Size is 3.14"(8cm) height, 2.55"(6.5cm) width, 0.6"(1.5cm) depth.

Inside the shaker is holographic colour beads.

Stamps used for shrink plastic- HP1604 and HP1506.

On the back, I used Alison's new quote stamp 'Happiness' EAB14.

With the heart-shaped ornament. I've used gold leaf on part of  the sides. Size is 2.55(6.5cm) height, 2.75"(7cm) width, 0.6"(1.5cm) depth.

Stamped with MN75 by Jet Black Archival on the Smoothy white card, cut into a heart shape and stuck it on top MDF with shrink plastic gold stars added to it.

Stamps used for these plastic- WW5, HP1506 and the crown LPC007.

On the back of the shrine I added a quote from Alison's new set EAB14.

A cord was added so that each ornament could be hung on a wall or tree.

This is the last topic this year, and I've had a good time this year. I'm always happy to be able to do what I want by crafting every day although I'm constantly struggling with things that don't go well.
Huge thanks to Stephanie for these great fun ideas.
Thanks to PaperArtsy too for giving me a great opportunity to create these projects.
Have a great week. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you so much for visiting.

Etsuko xxx

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Miriam said...

Wow - these are amazing Etsuko.

Words and Pictures said...

Wow, Etsuko - each one of these is like a little jewel. I love your shrunken characters - tiny and colourful inside their sparkling frames, and I really love that each one has their own hidden quote around the back. As they're hanging on a tree rotating, you'll get words and pictures alternating! Lovely post, thank you.
Alison x

Connie said...

These sweet creations wake up the whimsy in my soul, thanks!

Kristy Tyra said...

Wow! I love this idea! Guess what I'll be making for ornaments next year...

Artifice said...

Your shaker ornaments are spectacular! Linda

Julie Lee said...

Such a beautiful project, Etsuko. I love these! xx

Etsuko said...

Thank you so much wonderful comment, Miriam, Alison, Connie, Kristy, Artifice and Julie. Hope you have Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2020!! xxx

A Pink said...

Gorgeous , Etsuko . Each of your three shrines is so wonderfully created. and I bet there look fabulous hung on the tree with he fairy lights catching the sparkles. Such a great way to show of the products you have used . Tfs. xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Absolutely amazing, Etsuko! X