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2019 #16 Stamp Carving: Stamping on a Gel Plate with EGL {by Nikki Acton}

2019 Topic 16: Stamp Carving

PaperArtsy EGL01 - Stamping on Gel Plate

Using her gel plate and some inspired 'stamp-carved'-like images from Gwen Lafleur's wonderful new stamps, Nikki has created some art with depth that doesn't look like its just a monoprint. Lovely subtractive techniques make the pieces look like they've got real carvings incorporated.

Hi everyone, it's Nikki with you today from Addicted to Art. I am excited to be using stamps from PaperArtsy's newest designer today, Gwen Lafleur. I have been a huge fan of her work for a while and love these stamps.

I am using set 1 today, EGL01 which Gwen calls her 'Medallions' set. These hand drawn stamps have a hand carved vibe about them (not surprising, Gwen also carves her own stamps). Still being a little obsessed with gel printing currently I decided to combine her images with some mono printing.

PaperArtsy EGL01 - Stamping on Gel Plate

There are three layers to these cards which all feature the repeated motifs of the medallions on EGL01.

PaperArtsy EGL01 - Stamping on Gel Plate

The background, mostly hidden, is a gel print where the paint has been removed. I have brayered paint over the plate and then repeatedly stamped onto the plate, removing the paint off the stamp each time.

For the cut out medallions I have stamped over the same background - in this case in Cobalt Archival ink. 

On the middle layer I stamped the same image a couple of times onto my Smoothy cardstock - in Majestic Violet Archival.

PaperArtsy EGL01 - Stamping on Gel Plate

I love how the removed paint gives this wonderful subtle effect of the stamped image. My current favourite colours on this one; Byzantium, Midnight and Professor Plum.

PaperArtsy EGL01 - Stamping on Gel Plate plus EAB14

The wonderful words are from Alison Bomber's new stamp set - EAB14 - The Happiness Editon.

PaperArtsy EGL01 - Stamping on Gel Plate

I repeated the process using a different set of colours - Professor Plum, Autumn Fire and Red Lipstick. This time instead of taking my print as soon as I had finished stamping off the plate, I waited until the paint was dry. I then added a thin layer of Butter Fresco Acrylic and took my print. The wet layer brings most of the dry paint with it - but gives a slightly different effect to the first card. (The darker colour you might see is some Midnight left on the plate from the first print - but this just adds to the background.)

PaperArtsy EGL01 - Stamping on Gel Plate

The medallions were stamped in Black Archival and Orange Blossom. The birthday greeting is PaperArtsy Eclectica³ Mini 18.

Do get your gel plate out and have a go! These images stamp so beautifully they are wonderful for this technique. (Do clean your stamps quickly afterwards though - it's a lot easier to do this while the paint is wet.) I am looking forward to collaging lots of these medallions stamped on different coloured gel prints possibly onto a canvas or board. I also have several stamped which are providing wonderful colouring in playtime!

Thanks for joining me today, I hope you have a creative week.

Nikki x

Instagram: @Nikki_Act
Pinterest: nikacton


Miriam said...

These are gorgeous Nikki. Amazing projects.

Etsuko said...

Fantastic project and beautiful cards.xx

butterfly said...

Fabulous colour combinations, Nikki - and lovely work with Gwen's new stamps. Two great cards.
Alison x

Gwen Lafleur said...

Absolutely love these! Such a great look with the subtractive printing, and I really like the layers of texture - so much depth and complexity! Awesome :)

Lucy said...


Lucy x

Jennie Atkinson said...

Such a lovely combination of colours and techniques Nikki. I love the background printing and then how you pulled all the layers together. Two fabulous cards x

craftytrog said...

Great techniques and beautiful cards Nikki! x

A Pink said...

Super fab as always , Nikki . Love how you have used Gwen's stamps n the colour palettes you've used to create a balanced design and composition. x

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