Monday 21 October 2019

2019 #16 Stamp Carving: NEW Frescos!! {by Lotte Kristensen}

2019 Topic 16: Stamp Carving

Lotte's hand carved image looks amazing with the stencilled gel plate pulled image. Her sore hands as a result of creating the carving were definitely worth the effort. She's waxing lyrical about some of the lovely new Fresco Finish Acrylic 
colours, but why not?- they are pretty delicious!

Hey everyone, Lotte here - I've had THE best time playing with the new Fresco Finish Acrylic Paints - all those new blues and blue-greens, coupled with some neutral shades - they are just a joy to work with!  Because Frescos are such a brilliant quality, they can be used for actual painting, as well as stamping, but I also love using them for gelli printing because of the chalky finish, as this is much less sticky than normal acrylic paints.  So for this project, I've used them for all of these methods!  To aid transparency, I used a couple of drops of paint retarder mixed in with the Frescos when gelli printing, this also gives you a little bit more time to pull the prints before the paint dries.  I also tried my hand at both stamp carving and stencil cutting - I liked making up the pattern, but soon realised why it's so much easier buying these - it took me a good half day each for both, and my hand was really sore afterwards - poor me, right??!  

As these paints are all so new, go to your usual PaperArtsy retailer to get them:


So, I started off with a piece of Regular Smoothy A4 Cardstock and first added a stencilled layer of paint in Sand (mixed with a bit of Fresco Finish Paint Drying Retarder), then in Truffle.  My gelli plate was a bit 'dirty' with some previously used blue paints, which just all adds to the scrumptious effect:

Then I stamped my carving in Fresco Finish Aquamarine - this is definitely my new favourite colour!  This time, I didn't thin the colour, just brayered it out and put stamp on top:

Then I got the stencil out again, and added some dabs through it randomly using Fresco Finish Cerulean - apologies for having a pic of Aquamarine, the rubber gremlins clearly got into my kit!!

Then back to my carving which I stamped in Versafine Onyx Black ink pad:

The pattern is based on the inside of a mushroom, and I added some Truffle along the lines to give more shading and detail:

And a wee close up to show those beautiful Fresco shades:

So, Fresco Finish Paints - yeah, I'm just a total fangirl, and could wax lyrical for a looooong time about all the reasons why I adore them so much!! - the quality, the range of colours, the lack of stickiness (which is particularly good when you use the paints in art journals) - and they last SO long as well!   They are definitely among my most favourite supplies, a really great investment for all the reasons mentioned above.  Okay...…... I'll stop now before I embarrass myself any further.... :D

Until next time!

Lotte x

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Miriam said...

This is wonderful Lotte. And I love the colour scheme.

Lucy said...

Well i think it's you we should be praising not just the delicious paints! Your hand carved stamp is amazing, Lotte! Clever lady!

Lucy x

A Pink said...

OO Im loving your stamp carved pattern , Lotte . it has a wonderful sense of free flowing movement . Looks fab in black . Tfs x