Friday 4 October 2019

2019 #15 Coral and eh.... *Beans!* with EEA02 {By Lotte Kristensen}

2019 Topic 15: Coral

It's fun to work onto a surface with a difference, and on this occasion, Lotte has repurposed a tin ready to receive her stamps and paint! ~ Leandra

Hey, it's Lotte here - in an up-cycling mood!  Not only have I used an empty bean tin for my project, but also some of that wonderful tissue paper your PaperArtsy Fresco paints often come wrapped in.  I really like re-using 'rubbish', and the ribbed texture of the can which shows through the layer of paper is particularly cool, IMHO.  So, let's get started!

Have you seen all the new Fresco Finish Acrylic Paints which are newly out?  They are just scrumptious (yes, there *really* isn't any other word to describe them!!) and of the new coral-y colours, I was particularly taken with 'Scottish Salmon', which is what I used here...

 ... together with the Eclectica Everything Art 002 stamp set, one of my faves ;D

So, to begin with, I used a tin opener to remove the bottom of the empty, clean tin.  Then used a pair of tin snips to carefully cut down the middle, and shortened to about 15 cm. I used a rolling pin to flatten the tin as much as possible.  The edges are VERY sharp, so DO be careful!!

Next, I painted the sheet of tin with some white, high viscosity acrylic paint, and when that was dry, a coat of the delicious Scottish Salmon Fresco Finish:

Next, I finger-stamped the large and small blob stamps in Orange Blossom Ranger Archival Ink:

Using Versafine Onyx Black ink pad, I stamped out my chosen images onto tissue paper, and let it dry very thoroughly:

Some people Netflix and chill...  I Netflix and fussy-cut!  😂😂

Then I used gel medium to stick the images onto the tin, using the tip of the brush to really get into the ribs of the surface:

A little tip: I always buy heavy gel medium, and then thin it if I need a lighter coating, like here.  Just place a blob of gel medium on your craft sheet or palette and mix with water.

Lastly, I gouged some holes at the top of the tin, added some eyelets and stuck some hemp cord through:

I used a black permanent fineliner to add some scribbles to the edges of the images, including the antennae of the moths:

So, that is it!  I really liked making this plaque, the urban grunge vibe you get from upcycled materials always gets my vote :D  I decided against adding any embellishments - I tried a couple, but really just loved the simplicity of the black and white image on the vibrant background.   I would love to see what *you* come up with, so don't forget to share your makes on the PaperArtsy Facebook group page!

Until next time :)

Lotte x

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Miriam said...

This is gorgeous Lotte

Lucy Edmondson said...

Very clever, Lotte, love it! X

A Pink said...

A great creative transformation of a tin can , Lotte. Terrific c way to showcase the stamps and the new Scottish salmon FF