Wednesday 22 August 2018

2018 #14: Baked Texture with ETS {by Wanda Hentges}

2018 Topic 13: Baked Texture

Seth Apter seems to have created a whole world of excitement and interest with his embossing powders called 'Baked Texture'. Yes, this is the topic of the current blog focus, but have you realised how Seth's powders are different? For example, some have elements within that do not melt, so they have a variety of textures, for example: fluffy. I hope you get to have a play with them. In this post, Wanda gives you a sense of how different they can be.

Hi everyone, it's Wanda Hentges with you today, and I'd like to share with you a panel created on an 8" square Heavy Grey/White Board.

I LOVE the Seth Apter Baked Texture Embossing Powders made by Emerald Creek.  I've used them all on several things since their release.  No, I don't have a favorite.  ALL the flavors are wonderful and I hope the line expands so we have even more choices.  Today's project uses 4 of the flavors and I've used them in a few different ways. 

The powders work great in so many ways!!!  For my project with the powders I've used images from the Tracy Scott stamp set ETS16 

and the Tracy Scott stencil PS052.

Some of the powders can be used just like regular embossing powder.  I embossed the flower and leaves using embossing ink and Ancient Amber powder onto Smoothy Cardstock that was first painted with Eggshell (a new color).  I then used Magic Moss and Brown Shed Fresco paints with plenty of water to add color.

Ancient Amber Powder is translucent.  To give more color to the bud images, I stamped them with Magic Moss and embossed them with the Ancient Amber Powder.  Because the Fresco Finish Paints dry quickly you need to be ready with the powder to immediately add it to the stamped image and then heat.

You can also use the powders without actually heating them.  For the center of the flower I put on Heavy Gel Medium, covered it with Chunky Rust Powder and let it dry, no heating.  

All those wonderful, fuzzy pieces and granules stay stuck and look fantastic.

*TIP --  Before working on the front of the board, paint the back of the board.  Painting the back first creates tension on the back of the board.  Now when you work on the front of the board, creating tension, the board is less likely to warp.    

On the front of the board I started with a complete layer of the Ancient Amber Powder.  I did about half at a time so that I could hold onto the board.  I coated half with Ranger's Emboss It Dabber, added the powder and heated it.  Repeated for the other half.

Over the layer of Ancient Amber I added stenciling with Embossing Paste.  I used the same image four times, once on each edge, but each one needs to be done and dried before doing the next one.  To line them up, I used a centering ruler.  I placed some artists tape over part of the other images to make it easier to stencil and the tape also helped to hold the stencil in place.  I used White Embossing for two of the images and Black for the other two putting the same colors opposite each other.  Over the paste I used Chunky Rust powder.  The Process I Used --  Stencil image, remove stencil, immediately cover image with Chunky Rust powder, immediately heat with a heat tool.  Yes, the paste under the powder will puff a bit but then it goes back down.  I love the effect and now it's melted and dry and you can go right on to the next image.

This picture shows 3 of the images done.  The one at the top is Chunky Rust on White Embossing Paste.  The left and right are Chunky Rust on Black Embossing Paste.  Isn't the contrast wonderful!!!!

Here is a closer view - white paste on the left, black on the right.

For the strips of music paper under the flower I started with a piece torn from an old music book and embossed it with Vintage Beeswax Powder.  You can see in the picture the difference between an embossed piece and how it looks straight from the old book.

After embossing I tore strips using a metal ruler.

A piece of cheesecloth was colored using Magic Moss paint.  I placed some paint on my craft sheet, added water, spread the paint out and laid the cheesecloth in the paint, lifted it out of the paint and let it dry.  I did not try to make sure there was paint everywhere but left some areas without.

The metal piece with words is an Idea-ology Quote Token.  I painted Little Black Dress Fresco Finish over the token getting it into all the letters and then gently wiped it off the surface with my finger leaving paint down in the letters. 

The piece under the Quote Token is a cheap, gold metal filigree .......

... coated in Ancient Amber Powder.  I inked the filigree with Embossing Ink, added the Ancient Amber Powder and melted.  Be careful, the metal gets hot.  You can do just half at a time to make it easier to hold and I would hold it with a clip or tweezers. 

I was originally thinking it would look good in a black frame - and it would.  But I also decided to add black around the edges using Rocky Road Baked Texture.  I inked the edges with the Emboss It Dabber, added the Rocky Road and heated it.  It made the perfect edge for this!!!

Before gluing the flower pieces over the other elements I added splatters with both Little Black Dress and Snowflake.  While layering up the cheesecloth and torn music paper I also added black sewing thread and a rust colored craft thread.  The finishing touch was drops of Carnation Red Enamel Accents (Ranger). 

I had fun playing with the powders as I created this piece.  There is much more that can be done with these powders - multiple layers, sprinkling one or more colors into another color as you are heating, and many more ideas.  If you have these powders, I hope you have a play and share your results.  I'd love to see them.  If you don't have them, you just might need them :-)  

Thanks so much for following along!!!!  

Hugs, Wanda


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Helen said...

wow, Wanda!! I love this project - especially impressed with the powders on the paste, what a great idea.

Miriam said...
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Miriam said...

This is amazing Wanda... I love how you've shown the textures so well. Brilliant

Miriam said...

Sorry! Deleted because I didn't check spelling! Lol!

Words and Pictures said...

Gorgeous dimensional layering and wonderful use of the powders.
Alison x

geezercrafter said...

Fab creation Wanda. Thanks for sharing your tip on painting the reverse, will try that. Also must try the powders without heating them, love the texture you have created.

SewPaperPaint said...

Oh Wanda! This is totally amazing, so fantastic! I love the bohemian vibe and gorgeous use of pattern and texture throughout. What an amazing creation.

World of Animals, Inc said...

These designs and textures are absolutely amazing. I love the colors that you used for this card. Thanks for the share, hope you had a fantastic weekend. Keep up the posts.

World of Animals

Etsuko said...

The creation is ingenious fantastic Wanda!! I love how you have used Tracy's stamps with Baked Textures.
This has really inspired me to make your project. xx

Lucy said...

This is amazing, Wanda, so much texture!

Lucy x

Corrie Herriman said...

Lovely !

Anneke said...

More than beautiful Wanda, love this!

Chris said...

Fabulous project Wanda, I love what you did with the elements and the gorgeous background! x