Friday 3 August 2018

2018 #13 Mint, Sage, Claret & Gold with ELB {by Ellie Knol}

2018 Topic 13: Mint, Sage, Claret & Gold (Colour Topic)

I love how Ellie has explained the process so well in creating her layers for this piece. Painting on the cotton adds a lovely texture, and I really like how she heat embossed the leaf stamps too! You can see the detail in one of the pictures below!. ~ Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Ellie Knol with you today, and I'm happy to share this home decor project I created in the above mentioned color theme; including a brand new Fresco Finish Paint color: Pine Grove, to add some variation to the Sage and Mint Fresco Paints I've used

Because of the colors Mint, Sage, Claret and Gold, and the stamp set ELB29 from Lin Brown, I chose to make a background with all colors, and use the red for the delicate leaf stamp from Lin to make it pop. I started doing the background with just the sage and mint, and decided to add more color to it. I really had to find a balance between the bright and more muted colors. You'll see it in the process!!

I am so happy with all the stencilling in the background! This is a recycled wooden frame that I sanded, and painted with Snowflake Fresco Finish Paint, then added some very light stencilling with the reds and greens; then added a thin layer of Snowflake again, so the stencilling is still there, but very light.

The middle area is cotton (with a layer of gesso on top) that has been glued to sturdy cardboard after I finished the background.

The Fresco Finish Claret and contrast of the Fresco Finish Gold paint (which is metallic) look so beautiful together. I've used  the swirls part from stencil PS074 here.

One layer stencilled paints over the other make that certain areas pop more than others. I've used the following stencils in addition to the earlier mentioned one: PS074, PS092, PS021

It's always a pleasure to try and get the whole in balance.
It's a bit much here ...

That's why I decided to soften down the centre and right hand side with some Snowflake Fresco Finish Paint sponged over the beautiful  Paper Artsy Mini mask flower PM002 from Emma Godfrey. 

I stamped the leaves from ELB29 onto gesso'd cotton fabric with Claret Fresco Paint, mixed with some PaperArtsy Drying Retarder because it's really hot in our part of the world today.


Here you can see the shimmery Gold Fresco Finish Paint real well ... dabbed through stencil PS074 with a piece of Cut 'n Dry.

Some detail I really like... the leaf after stamping and heat embossing it with clear embossing powder  right away.

Also: look at the beautiful mix of greens of the Fresco Finish Paints: Sage, Hint of Mint and Pine Grove.

I LOVE this color combination!!
I must admit that I don't normally use those very light colors like the Hint Of Mint and Sage colors, but I realize now that they give such depth to the whole project.
Go have fun with our color theme challenge; there's only a day left to enter !!
Play with your stencils and Fresco paints, they are fun.
I learned that drying retarder is real handy when the paints dry partially on your stamp because of warm weather; it gives the paint some more open time. 

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Helen said...

what a fabulous project, the background is beautiful, and the leaves really pop.

Lucy said...

Some beautiful ideas here, such a lovely soft colour combination, Ellie,

Lucy x

Art By Wanda said...

This is really beautiful, Ellie!!!

Corrie Herriman said...

Beautiful, love the soft colours !

Etsuko said...

Beautiful project Ellie, love the background with the theme colours comb and fab red leaves. xx

Ellie Knol said...

Thanks to all of you!